DFS dollarflowsystem.com as I have predicted also turned scam well for a several months already

Just recently, as more and more people are being scammed by dollarflowsystem, many of these folks are actually from coingeneration.com whom scammed hundreds thousand of dollars from people and always ahead of the game, started new scam with the money they previously scammed.

It’s funny that there was a couple people actually email me and say it’s not a scam, it’s legitimate. LOL look at it now. Sorry to say that people whom felt for get rich quick scam tied to HYIP high yield investment programs don’t have a good life than folks that make $1 a day legitimate earning by working, not by playing online investments programs think they can beat the programs.

Don’t get me wrong, I know some people profit a little bit not much, but sooner or later they will put that money somewhere they will loose it all, and the cycle continue. Only the scammers whom operates these programs such as coingeneration.com dollarflowsystem.com made money, and they don’t mind if they get sued or required to pay back by the payment processors because not everybody can report or know how, so these are the victims that loss money and the scammer made money from these victims. On top of that the victims got messages from another scammer said he she could recover the money, but commission payment required first, and guess what? after you paid commission, you will never hear from that person again, and yeah you got scammed more than one time.

Stay away from these online scam fraud activities, spread the words, the authority can’t do much, because sorry to say, you’re a fool, you got scammed, you made a bet at the casino, you loss the money and you call the police to get it back? well it doesn’t work that way.