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A good way to closed down the operation is to blame it to someone else. Could it because DigitalGeneration DG CG did not make public announcement about the merger because it never happened? Just a way for to end their operation so they can focus on new scam? You betcha! that is what I’m thinking.

Remember that TheBoss or whoever operates IPUS mentioned that they clearly know what are doing, and IPUS are completely legitimate and transparent, what a joke huh? by now many people being betrayed, tricked, feeling being “donkey”, an “ass”, “idiot”, well it’s too late to feel that way now. Nothing anyone can do get the money back, since the money was send by EGOPAY, and other payment processors don’t accept dispute or reverse. You can file to but most likely it will not get resolve because many less of you afraid to file to because you’re afraid or belief in the program still and maybe one day they will pay you. Therefore the result everyone gave away free money loss.

Like I said many times before, let it be a lesson for you. If you have to give it out for free, then use it to go party with your friends or love one, treat them to nice meal, you will feel happier and gain respect from them. Don’t spend any of your money to any of these online scam business, ponzi scam, being tricks, lure, fake promise, “The Wolf of Wall Street” remember how the guy making the phone call to the investors what he sounds like on the phone but what he really doing is mocking investors as an idiot stupid falling for my tricks. That is exactly what happening here. I hope that god is fair, these scammers one day will see their life being scammed the same or worst way, if not then love one or people who they care will get scammed the same way. Karma, what goes around comes around!

Below is an example email got from one of the investor loss money with due to the scam that just finished and IPUS ran away with everyone’s money closed to $1 millions dollars if not hundreds of thousands dollars in about 6 months is how much money this IPUS scam business ran and pocket. Not much you can do buddy, just let it be a lesson for you and many others, to never ever invest in scam business.

Name: Rag
Message: Dear Sir,

Really i don\’t Know happens Like this i lost $150 in IPUS i am suffering from it now. But Still they Playing Game with Innocent People there is no why to STOP this Scamers???


Thank YOU 🙁