Does want to become a scam also? do they know is scam that now run

It appears that ran by a one man band, by one person, Eric Calouro, or so we thought based on the posts on that website blog, appears to be something like wordpress. Blog mostly about Bitcoin which tied to the domain.

For one post alone, which is this one here  Hello Mr. Eric Calouro! hello! anyone home!? did you do your homework? did you your research? did or paid you to post this? or let me guess, you are the person behind has been providing the news released, very professional writings on members homepage, was it you?

Let be clear. You are writing about a Bitcoin ATM machine installed at some no name, no traffic, no customer, no one appear to be using it, it’s sitting at a corner of no where, and you said manufactured by Let me ask you something Mr. Eric Calouro, did you know that tied to ah I forgot, that website was a scam from redirect to! OK how about you go do some research on scam. Do you see a link from to don’t tell me that you don’t see a link. Why don’t you do some additional research and read about the scam and how linked to huh?

Let me tell you, had been scamming members since April 2013. Before this time, began its scam by tricking members to invest and get paid instantly and consistently until months later (probably 3-4 months the most) then things start falling apart, with good news coming soon written in professional intelligent manner just like your blog of Since April 2013 to today, continue to scam, but their operation of scamming has been exposed everywhere on the internet, do you see this scam? did you know they’re a scam and tied to Mr. Eric Calouro I feel sorry for you if you don’t know about scam and they’re linked to but perhaps you are the scammer that run

There were so many opportunities that could have fixed the situation from going exposing to biggest scam online using advance HYIP methodologies. did not care and took all the members money and give fake promises and news that never happened, go back and read my blgo maybe it will help you out, sorry about the grammar and incomplete sentences. One thing I can assure you is I’m real, I’m not fake, I don’t make up stories, I don’t get paid to blog like you! You will be hearing a lot from me starting now don’t worry, I will only respond to your post in regard to btc-o-matic scam ran by whom stole money from all their members and ran However if talks about the truth, then don’t worry, your reputation will not get ruin! I urged you to to do your research on they are scammer that ran scam exposed stealing hundreds of thousand dollars from its members, just ask any of the members or visit the facebook fanpage and see what people are saying about CoinGeneration, you’re smart so ensure you can distinguish real post from fake post.

The real owner of exposed unintentional

The real owner of exposed unintentional