scam yet? or are they just having issues upgrading updating?

OK folks, it’s been a while and I’ve watching many of the HYIP actitivies. One of the most famous appears to be and still operating, although its website appears to have problem. The SSL https no longer there, so the site is basically unsecure, a portion of it at least. If any website is not secure then chances are the data you enter and submit and can be intercepted by a hacker such as your login account passowrd. So be careful.

A new site currently being work on, according to some members and the accouncements. As of this point, a lot of people still have faith but reframed from adding anymore funds, invest or reinvest. As known for all HYIP, before any HYIP shutting down, although they don’t call themselves HYIP, they would spread good news just to have that final wave of new investors and then start publishing problems and trying fix, but really what they’re doing is kill time. Kill time to  withdraw money from payment processors, and then to their bank account. They will keep repeating this process. When the community complaint too much, too long, the HYIP will payout small amount, very small, just to keep faith and motivation going. Again, to kill time, 1 month to 2 months and even 6 months and beyong just like scam. website still up and running for example as a big SCAM HYIP.

You can read news and updates from active thread here, click on the last page to read the latest news. However I recommend that you DO NOT believe in positive news that easily, do your homework, lots of scammers out there, especially these HYIP, and people whom referrals you just want your money they don’t care about the programs SCAMMING you! although they already knew it’s a scam.