Fraud activities DigitalGeneration new SCAM

As many Founders Stock Holders puts it, DG can afford to pay new members but the old members where they relied on to keep running. Another person added, the delayed payments reasons turns out to be a SCAM just to kill time and play games for not Paying!

8:01:00 AM RudDig: Investor_Galgan2, lol you are wrong
8:02:29 AM HoChiMinh: lol the dgstock copy this website
8:02:50 AM HoChiMinh: i wonder how many people still believing in dg? 🙂 what a joke
8:03:38 AM Investor_Galgan2: RudDig, I am not wrong. NEVER TRUST ANYTHING DG HAS SAID. That is the only rule
8:03:57 AM HoChiMinh: Investor_Galgan2, +100000000000000000000
8:03:58 AM Thor001: Luke_Riga_SUPERFOUNDER_2014, sei qui?
8:04:33 AM Thor001: pork spero non ti abbiano bannato
8:06:05 AM Martyf: a
8:08:21 AM Agentw4b37: I do not believe what dg say, but i want my money back.
8:12:37 AM Agentw4b37: HoChiMinh, is not same as
8:13:38 AM Agentw4b37: HoChiMinh, do not spam your site
8:14:30 AM HoChiMinh: 🙂 dg should pay me $50 i can design their website like mine in 10 minutes 🙂
8:15:44 AM HoChiMinh: or less 🙂
8:16:02 AM HoChiMinh: hec! i’ll do it for free
8:18:27 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: hello
8:18:57 AM Gallardo: geia
8:19:02 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: what was the blog means
8:19:53 AM Agentw4b37: it means: DG management steal money
8:20:17 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: ahh…what are they going to do
8:20:46 AM RipDG: GO Shoping :DDD
8:20:48 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: but DG won’t stop right..
8:21:23 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: i’m just a starter here
8:21:28 AM Agentw4b37: they going to steal money quickly
8:22:33 AM HoChiMinh: Jul23_82yahoocom, blog is crap their server crashed they recovered the blog but the date got messed up those blogs were from July 2013
8:22:53 AM Constanthread: alguem sabe alguma coisa sobre o k se está a passar na
8:22:54 AM Nauticus: in we have our money. We need to promote this site and we will all win!!!
8:23:46 AM Investor_Galgan2: Jul23_82yahoocom, DG already collapsed
8:23:52 AM Constanthread: Nauticus, do you know something about whats happening in dgstocks?
8:24:00 AM Investor_Galgan2: Nauticus, do not be childish
8:24:31 AM Ale9149: how works?
8:24:58 AM Investor_Galgan2: Ale9149, doesnot work
8:25:00 AM HoChiMinh: lol how is dgstocks helping founder stock holder? 🙂
8:25:03 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: this mean the coin generation will stop
8:25:18 AM Investor_Galgan2: Jul23_82yahoocom, technically already stopped
8:25:30 AM HoChiMinh: I thought us sotck holder founder can trade our stock? why is dgstock selling bitcoins litecoins LOL what a joke! 🙂
8:25:33 AM Oldfeather: Nauticus, poor naive)
8:25:38 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: what’s gonna be happen
8:25:41 AM Investor_Galgan2: HoChiMinh, no help. just nothing
8:26:03 AM Constanthread: does anyone know’s how to register in dgstocks?
8:26:15 AM Investor_Galgan2: Constanthread, there is no way how to register
8:26:16 AM HoChiMinh: maybe dg still gives us founder bitcoins to trade on there LOL HAHAHAAHA
8:26:25 AM Investor_Galgan2: HoChiMinh, hahahahahahaha
8:26:36 AM HoChiMinh: Investor_Galgan2, it’s not even https secure
8:26:53 AM Investor_Galgan2: HoChiMinh, of course. I know. It is just another fake
8:26:56 AM Constanthread: Investor_Galgan2, but there is already trades going on there
8:27:08 AM HoChiMinh: obvious broken promises lied and lies
8:27:09 AM Investor_Galgan2: Constanthread, no. no trades. just a demop
8:27:13 AM Investor_Galgan2: *demo
8:27:37 AM Constanthread: hmm ok
8:27:50 AM Constanthread: thnks
8:27:58 AM Investor_Galgan2: Constanthread, no prob
8:28:10 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: this means where not going to earn anreymo
8:28:18 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: anymore
8:28:28 AM Investor_Galgan2: Jul23_82yahoocom, right. it is over
8:28:45 AM HoChiMinh: Jul23_82yahoocom, bro keep your money spend it on nice dinner with your love ones like family or girl friend don’t spend it here
8:28:49 AM Alexmensa12345: Everyday a new lie
8:29:49 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: i still dont even earn..
8:29:50 AM Investor_Galgan2: Alexmensa12345, yes. as usual
8:30:04 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: gosh…
8:30:12 AM HoChiMinh: everyone should post “ is a scam the same people running” so people knows not to use them
8:32:11 AM SERVER: you have connected to USA
8:32:12 AM Oldfeather: this is much better… each day WD.. no lies..
8:32:24 AM HoChiMinh: lol
8:32:47 AM HoChiMinh: send me $1 I will give you $2 back each day 🙂
8:32:47 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: my god i spend my money for nothing
8:33:03 AM HoChiMinh: Jul23_82yahoocom, too late now bro don’t do it anymore
8:33:09 AM SERVER: User Oldfeather – BANNED!
8:33:56 AM HoChiMinh: lol
8:34:46 AM TaqEdit: commen va DG aujourd’hui ?? 🙂
8:35:03 AM Nauticus: DG is not for hit and run users
8:35:19 AM RipDG: cast*****************com 4-times 250$
8:35:24 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: so the thread manager system that still generating now is useless
8:35:44 AM Investor_Galgan2: Nauticus, and for whom?
8:35:50 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: i felt sad
8:35:51 AM Nauticus: Guys you need to have patience
8:36:03 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: cause i invest
8:36:05 AM Investor_Galgan2: Nauticus, patience for what?
8:36:06 AM RipDG: founders even 10 $ and others 1000. VERZ SAD DG.
8:36:47 AM RipDG: cast another 270
8:36:56 AM RipDG: 1274,39 total
8:37:18 AM HoChiMinh: lol i woudl love to see that guy come in here say I GOT PAID !!! yayyy! LOL
8:37:48 AM Musakh: #579544 $300 Egopay 2 musa************com thanks Dg keep going
8:37:52 AM HoChiMinh: he cannot because he does not exist LOL
8:38:05 AM RipDG: they had green both wallets : Jesus. I will kill myself. I CANT SEE THAT
8:38:23 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: Musakh, fuck you :DDD
8:38:31 AM HoChiMinh: Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD, he’s an idiot
8:38:43 AM Nauticus: they need to run the money to make profit!!!
8:38:45 AM HoChiMinh: Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD, probably dg hired him to do that
8:38:59 AM Konsar: Geia
8:39:10 AM Musakh: 2014-01-28 08:36:23 #579544 $300 Egopay 2 musa************com
8:39:12 AM Red Ranger: ela kosta
8:39:19 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: HoChiMinh, yes
8:39:26 AM Musakh: Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD, you welcome
8:39:27 AM Konsar: Poios
8:39:33 AM HoChiMinh: Musakh, did you suk dg dic to post that? 🙂
8:39:48 AM HoChiMinh: or vi versa
8:40:06 AM Red Ranger: Konsar, o upliner sou
8:40:12 AM RipDG: 2014-01-28 06:38:32 #600235 $2278.32 Paxum mjcm****************com Thanks DG. LOVE YOU
8:40:23 AM Konsar: Petro esy eisai ? Ti pa8an aytoi re sy palavosan?
8:40:38 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: no comment
8:40:45 AM HoChiMinh: 2014-01-28 08:36:23 #579544 -$3,000.00 Egopay 2 HoChiM************com WHOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
8:40:59 AM Red Ranger: Konsar, sou esteila prive message
8:41:00 AM Musakh: HoChiMinh, man im happy i withdraw good amount in this month its just my happinesss
8:41:03 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: whether DG burn in hell
8:41:27 AM HoChiMinh: ok guys back to mining dogecoin got 1 more R9 290x to set up
8:41:47 AM HoChiMinh: and for the new members i urged you not to invest anymore, just withdraw waht you have daily
8:42:00 AM HoChiMinh: i go bye bye
8:43:31 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: hate DG 🙂
8:43:44 AM Konsar: Mpes prive
8:47:29 AM Kolikrat_este_dostanu_BAN_xD: HoChiMinh, Invest in scammers at thieves xDDDDDDDDD
8:48:07 AM JoeL DG01: teste333
8:50:16 AM Filippo936skypeFounderFottuti: hi
8:51:51 AM Agentw4b37: DGSTOCK: DGStocks imposes a standard: Fee – 0.2% – 0.5%. fee on every transaction performed by all users of the website.
8:52:30 AM Agentw4b37: DG is goint to steal 0.2%-0.5% ….
8:52:37 AM Nauticus: Agentw4b37, do you think is much ¿
8:52:38 AM Agentw4b37: is going
8:53:35 AM Lordzskull: there not allow founders to withdraw anything at all keep getting this atm thing when try
8:54:24 AM GoatHerder100:
8:55:26 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: GoatHerder100, is the best site now
8:57:05 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: GoatHerder100, i earn much money from there
8:57:13 AM Tomhuai206gmailcom: Just withdrew $ 2,000, wallet and yellow, haha
8:57:40 AM Puraa: so what are they meaning with this “Important Information” update ?
8:57:57 AM Ar11m123il34_o_: se volete trasferire soldi tra wallet online tipo esempio da egopay a paypal in 3 minuti andate su
8:58:53 AM Ar11m123il34_o_: se volete trasferire soldi tra wallet online tipo esempio da egopay a paypal in 3 minuti andate su
8:59:44 AM Francy110liveit: qualcuno mi può spiegare cosa sta succedendo alla dg
9:00:18 AM Francy110liveit: io ho comprato un altro threads sta mattina!!
9:00:33 AM Agentw4b37:
9:00:50 AM Ar11m123il34_o_: Francy110liveit, non hanno soldi x pagare
9:01:35 AM 528966: oi
9:01:40 AM Crapapelata: Francy110liveit, hai comprato un thread? hai investito denaro?
9:01:45 AM Francy110liveit: avevano detto che stavano risolvendo facendo entrare altri finanziatori
9:01:54 AM 528966: change your life with just $ 1.75 with the market and it can multilevel
9:02:11 AM DOUBLERETORN: Double Your Money>>>paying
9:02:34 AM Francy110liveit: threads
9:04:12 AM Francy110liveit: threads trid me lo traduce in discussioni
9:04:38 AM Agentw4b37: Do you want money? You must work.
9:05:30 AM Francy110liveit: io ho lavorato e mi sn fatto un bel pò ri referal che adesso nn mi danno + la percentuale
9:06:44 AM Francy110liveit: i ref- lo scrivo cosi xkè il programma lo traduce
9:07:37 AM Francy110liveit: i miei ref hanno pure investito comprando dei trid
9:08:23 AM GoatHerder200: test
9:08:40 AM Founuderfucktforever: hi
9:08:57 AM GoatHerder200: Founuderfucktforever, hi
9:11:34 AM _Roby_Roby_21: 123
9:12:12 AM BANNATO_SUDATO: 345
9:12:31 AM Gemars: well i see that founder are socend cathegory poeple for DG. Anyone elsa can withdraw money. so gj then.
9:12:49 AM Gemars: Founders are second… sry
9:13:42 AM GrandDgFan1: Hi all
9:13:47 AM Agnban1gmail: hi
9:14:21 AM GrandDgFan1: I see some transactions in DGstocks but can not log in. Does it really work?
9:15:36 AM DG Trust: i am founder, i own 24000 in stocks, i should know if dgstocks runs .. to my knowledge these are agains some sort of fake transactions
9:16:02 AM DG Trust: dont even worry about it for now , wait until admin tells you to check it out
9:16:27 AM GrandDgFan1: DG Trust, ok
9:16:41 AM RipDG: admins got fired ?
9:16:41 AM GrandDgFan1: thanks
9:17:22 AM DG Trust: no problem
9:17:40 AM DG Trust: to all of you, specially the mad people here. Keep calm and relax, i believe all will be fine.
9:17:50 AM Agnban01gmail: hi
9:18:00 AM DG Trust: did they abuse us? most likely ! will they make up for it ? Hell yea they will !!!
9:18:39 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, how can you so sure about that?
9:19:08 AM RipDG: Agnban01gmail, he dreaming 😀
9:19:53 AM DG Trust: Agnban01gmail, i am so sure because IF DG would be a scam
9:19:59 AM RipDG: — where are our stocks ? :DD I can see only brc and Ltc
9:20:06 AM DG Trust: they would have close DG a long time ago
9:21:09 AM Teno88: Hello everyone. Why are you all so angry & upset? I don’t think DG is a scam, read their blogs & just let them get on with it maybe.
9:21:39 AM TomatoSamurai: Teno88, because we have been dealing with this for 8 months
9:21:46 AM TomatoSamurai: Teno88, and its never gotten better
9:21:57 AM DG Trust: TomatoSamurai, it will my friend
9:22:06 AM Smoker12: for Founders : WHAT NOW ?!!! What are we waiting FOR ?!!!!!
9:22:09 AM Lordzskull: hello Teno88
9:22:14 AM DG Trust: they did it for the greater good of this entire project
9:22:23 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, they are still trying more money from new people..luring them to put in fresh money in…
9:22:29 AM Teno88: but they explain everything in blogs & we all know that Payza have caused huge problems. Hi, Lordzskull
9:22:29 AM TomatoSamurai: DG Trust, the greater good is to pay the newcomers but nothing to the old users. seems unfair
9:22:38 AM DG Trust: there will be a break
9:22:45 AM Nauticus: Smoker12, for the exchange that will make money from trading
9:22:46 AM DG Trust: founders will be on the stock side
9:22:53 AM DG Trust: new users cant become founders no more
9:23:05 AM Smoker12: Nauticus, do u have anyidea when is that will be available ?
9:23:11 AM DG Trust: i believe that the TM payments will be reduced
9:23:20 AM DG Trust: not 1 dollar per day anymore
9:23:29 AM Gurcu87: help plz =>
9:23:35 AM TomatoSamurai: DG Trust, you do realize that the only reason the gave us the 72 hour stock market time frame was because many founders became upset and expressed negatively. otherwise we would…
9:23:35 AM DG Trust: instead they will be given the chance to own stocks
9:23:47 AM TomatoSamurai: wouldnt even have that’
9:23:47 AM Teno88: I joined after they had filled the Founders positions, but I thought I read somewhere that Founder positions will open again in the future
9:23:53 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, I rather a non founder…DG don’t care about their shareholder…otherwise…they wouldn’t treat them this way….for a long time.
9:24:20 AM DG Trust: they bank on our trust , and of course seriousness about business
9:24:30 AM DG Trust: founders invested higes amounts of money
9:24:34 AM Danger BASS: is working already ?
9:24:37 AM DG Trust: huge
9:24:51 AM DG Trust: Danger BASS, not until the admin gives green light
9:24:57 AM Danger BASS: kk
9:25:03 AM DG Trust: they obviously working on it
9:25:11 AM Danger BASS: just saw this
9:25:17 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, heard about the Bitcoin operation here arrested?
9:25:17 AM Danger BASS: and i was wondering
9:26:01 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, BBC news….read about it.
9:26:24 AM Eduzz1: can someone login into dgstoks?
9:26:25 AM Agnban01gmail: operator*
9:26:32 AM DG Trust: Agnban01gmail, u have a link ?
9:26:39 AM DG FOUNDER SCAMMERS: SO… this new website will not the like the temporary market?
9:27:12 AM DG Trust: those arrest related to the silkroad website,no ?
9:27:14 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, got it in my smart phone…tacebook
9:27:28 AM DG FOUNDER SCAMMERS: This looks to be a completly different website and trade that has nothing to do with DG Stocks
9:27:30 AM DG Trust: what is the headline i google it
9:27:42 AM Lordzskull: no it looks like a trading site like cex/.io
9:28:07 AM InfoS: DG was scam in 2010, can believe
9:28:15 AM Eduzz1: Lordzskull, is paying?
9:28:49 AM Lordzskull: yeah I live on there love it but it only pays if you work it mae money from ghash and trading
9:29:03 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, it said…bitcoin operators…2 of them..
9:29:28 AM Nauticus: dgstocks is like but it will be more complex
9:29:43 AM Eduzz1: Lordzskull, do you hahe exchenger from BTC TO $$$?
9:29:48 AM Nauticus: wait and see , you will not regret
9:29:49 AM Eduzz1: have
9:30:07 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, I’m just wondering why…DG is giving all the funds including Payza to new Users…what’s behind this action.
9:30:08 AM Lordzskull: In australi yes
9:30:31 AM DG Trust: Agnban01gmail, trust!
9:30:45 AM DG Trust: Agnban01gmail, if they dont pay the new users
9:30:49 AM Duckets: I’m a new user and DG isn’t paying me shit!
9:30:58 AM DG Trust: are you verified ?
9:31:03 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, in business…trust is the last factor for a wise decision.
9:31:12 AM Duckets: they wont even answer my Tickets!
9:31:26 AM DG Trust: they know we founders stick around until the curtain falls
9:31:36 AM DG Trust: its hope and greed i suppose
9:31:43 AM DG Trust: i cant let go
9:31:50 AM DG Trust: hope is keeping me here
9:32:34 AM DG Trust: to much time and money in this
9:32:35 AM Duckets: thats what sites like this sell, HOPE!
9:32:47 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, DG has contracticted itself so many times that …I can’t even give them the benefit of the doubt anymore….very suspicious.
9:33:17 AM DG Trust: Agnban01gmail, i agree. i believe they were dishonest multiple times
9:33:21 AM Duckets: dont be reasonable about it
9:33:33 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, even false hope?
9:33:35 AM DG Trust: but then again, we funded this new project.
9:33:49 AM Duckets: they give their word x will be done, x doesn’t get done = betrayal of trust
9:34:00 AM DG Trust: they needed money to realize it .. imagine
9:34:23 AM DG Trust: would you have give them even a single dollar if they wouldve tell you WE DONT KNOW IF IT WILL WORK BUT WE BUILD SOMETHING BIG
9:34:29 AM Duckets: thats what happens when kids are running things…they think its just an online game!
9:34:47 AM Nauticus: DG Trust, i think we are the only who trust this project
9:34:57 AM Duckets: no integrity, no honor, I cannot support them
9:35:08 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, they need money
9:35:17 AM DG Trust: On the german digital generation group on facebook we revealed that their office pictures are fake. and still i am here
9:35:40 AM Duckets: but they have my curiosity and I wan to see if they actually pay me at some point
9:35:47 AM DG Trust: they needed our trust, they scammed our trust so to speak. now its on them to make up for it.
9:36:00 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, I can understand your attitude…hoping against hope…but we have to do something…I
9:36:27 AM Agnban01gmail: really believe that DG wants us out…otherwise DG will not treat us this way.
9:36:37 AM DGscammer: hi well komen to big scammers
9:36:39 AM DG Trust: i documented everything, if this website goes down and our money down the river i will give everything to local police, interpol and the FBI if needed
9:36:42 AM ESpaCe: why i can’t get payement !!!
9:37:25 AM DG Trust: i will and can assure you this admin WE KNOW HIS NAME will be in jail for his actions
9:37:26 AM Gurcu87: help ===============>
9:37:35 AM Agnban01gmail: $10 miger limit was taken out within 3 days…and give thenew users thousands…?? that’s ..crazy…making us mad as hell.
9:38:10 AM DG Trust: Agnban01gmail, these amounts are not going to NEW USERS
9:38:15 AM Agnban01gmail: DG is intentionally making us angry…so we just exit voluntarily….
9:38:21 AM DG Trust: these are dgstaff members
9:38:32 AM DG Trust: yes
9:38:34 AM Duckets: Gurcu87, wow! bummer
9:38:40 AM DG Trust: and i believe it works in some cases
9:38:51 AM DG Trust: some might have leave dg for good
9:39:00 AM DG Trust: bad for them, good for DG
9:39:10 AM DG Trust: simple psychology
9:39:10 AM ESpaCe: why i can’t withdrawls plz some tell me
9:39:27 AM DG Trust: ESpaCe, most likely you are not verified yet
9:39:32 AM Agnban01gmail: DG Trust, that makes sense to me… it’s going back to them…so this people are without spirit…if that’s true…soon truth will come out.
9:39:42 AM DG Trust: yes
9:39:49 AM Why DG Why: Guys We Are Doomed!! DG Put Us In One Section And Put New Users In Another Section….
9:39:52 AM ESpaCe: DG Trust, i verifed what ?
9:40:08 AM Agnban01gmail: Why DG Why, how did you discover this?
9:40:12 AM DG Trust: your account, phone number etc
9:40:21 AM DG Trust: dod you upload proof of identity ?
9:40:26 AM DG Trust: did*
9:40:32 AM ESpaCe: all things is normal in my account broth
9:40:37 AM DG Trust: ID plus cell phone bill ?
9:40:54 AM ESpaCe: they didn’t tell me any thing
9:40:58 AM Why DG Why: Agnban01gmail, Simple… They have Paxum 2 And Egopay 2 they also have Egopay 1 and Paxum 2…
9:41:14 AM DG Trust: do you have in the bottom of your profile the option to upload sometihng ?
9:41:18 AM Why DG Why: Paxum 1***
9:41:22 AM ESpaCe: DG Trust, non
9:41:46 AM ESpaCe: all thing is normal
9:42:04 AM DG Trust: well i wish i could tell you more. i recommend to send an email to [email protected] to ask for assistance
9:42:24 AM DG Trust: i know it sucks but what you wanna do ?
9:42:25 AM ESpaCe: DG Trust, Your phone “6XXXXXXXXXXX” are successfully validated!
9:42:44 AM DG Trust: in the bottom of the page did you enter your Beneficials name ?
9:42:50 AM Why DG Why: Founders are in section One (1) in DG and New Users Are In Section Two (2) in DG… URGG!!!
9:43:21 AM DG Trust: ESpaCe, pr perhaps your egopay account isnt verified
9:43:30 AM ESpaCe: yes
9:44:04 AM Why DG Why: That is the reason why they can shut down payment for us and open it for new users!!!!
9:44:12 AM ESpaCe: i withralws som money the 17/01/2014 to my egopay but now i can’t
9:44:15 AM DG Trust: i recommend to read the latest blog post
9:44:20 AM DG Trust:
9:44:27 AM DG Trust: sounds again just awesome 😛
9:44:35 AM Agnban01gmail: Why DG Why, I think that DG categorized the users..and turn off and on those they want to payout.
9:45:40 AM Dgladriiiiii: hi
9:45:42 AM Why DG Why: DG Trust, everyone of DG blog post has this date –>> on Mon
9:45:43 AM ESpaCe: DG Trust, plz help i need to get my money now
9:45:48 AM Agnban01gmail: Categories are: Founders…Non-Founders….new Users…etc
9:46:47 AM Why DG Why: Agnban01gmail, yes we have been categories… They force us to become founders so that they could accomplished this…
9:47:11 AM Why DG Why: categorized***
9:47:52 AM ESpaCe: DG Trust, ar u here !
9:48:00 AM KirilovBG: hey I have an idea , lets stop the payments 🙂
9:48:13 AM KirilovBG: sorry that was a bad joke
9:48:22 AM Why DG Why: DG Trust, everyone DG blog post has this date —>>> on Mon 01/27/2014
9:49:02 AM Why DG Why: Everyone of DG blog post has this date —>> on Mon, 01/27/2014
9:49:43 AM Refresh__Token__14: qwe
9:49:50 AM Refresh__Token__14: =) Ganhe 5% por dia do que vc investir e saques minimos de 1usd…
9:49:54 AM Eduzz1: Why DG Why, ya “the great day for DG” was some months ago
9:50:09 AM Vada_Linux_17: test
9:51:09 AM ESpaCe: Payment cannot be done We are unable to process your request at the moment, please check back later.
9:51:17 AM ESpaCe: plz some one help meeeeeeee
9:51:22 AM LadridimerdaDg: https://www.facebook. com/dg.organizazionetruffa
9:51:30 AM Why DG Why: Eduzz1, they are trying to take us for idiots…
9:51:57 AM Agentw4b37: blog..this is old news with new date
9:52:14 AM ESpaCe: i need help !
9:52:35 AM Neyo87: hanno la speranza k perdiamo 1 bel po di soldi nel dgstock
9:53:15 AM Agnban01gmail: Does DG thinks..we still believe their Blog????
9:53:31 AM ESpaCe: Payment cannot be done We are unable to process your request at the moment, please check back later. some one tell why ???????????
9:53:32 AM Agnban01gmail: Action speaks louder than words….
9:53:59 AM Refresh__Token__O Retorno: jhjkhk
9:54:05 AM FromSmyrna: hi all
9:54:13 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, I get Dear User….blog for Founders.
9:54:17 AM Eduzz1: Why DG Why, hope not.I have a frend that sais that DG is gonna pay us.He knows it for sure
9:54:38 AM Eduzz1: friend
9:54:39 AM ESpaCe: Agnban01gmail, i don’t understand !
9:54:46 AM Agnban01gmail: Eduzz1, is your friend an insider?
9:55:13 AM Why DG Why: Eduzz1, your friend is dreaming… I have been here for nearly a year now…
9:55:38 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, I’m a Founder…and I get a message…long one..when I try to withdraw…
9:56:03 AM Why DG Why: ESpaCe, we were told that about a year now… “That DG will pay us.”
9:56:15 AM ESpaCe: Agnban01gmail, ok but why i can’t withdrawls now what the problem’s
9:56:45 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, are you a new User? what’s you ID?
9:56:52 AM ESpaCe: Why DG Why, will pay us whenn ??
9:57:03 AM ESpaCe: Agnban01gmail, ok wait
9:57:17 AM FromSmyrna: when will this phone approval problem be solved ?
9:57:23 AM ESpaCe: Agnban01gmail, User ID: 604517
9:57:32 AM Why DG Why: ESpaCe, probably when the economy has finally collapse…
9:57:59 AM Wxp012: Eduzz1, stop bullshitting mate
9:58:11 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, you re a New User…you should be able to wd…DG probably put you on hold…
9:58:36 AM Agnban01gmail: try every 30 minutes…
9:58:37 AM ESpaCe: Agnban01gmail, what can i do now plz ?
9:58:38 AM Why DG Why: FromSmyrna, do not try to find hope in this place; for there is no hope here. Just take your lost and move on…
9:58:47 AM Allliver: .
9:58:59 AM ESpaCe: Agnban01gmail, thank you but i try all the time ………
9:59:06 AM Refresh__Token__O Retorno__De Novo: fg
9:59:27 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, were you able to withdraw before?
9:59:45 AM ESpaCe: yes !!
9:59:59 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, how many thread do you have now?
10:00:02 AM ESpaCe: i WD normaly all time
10:00:12 AM ESpaCe: but
10:00:20 AM ESpaCe: yesterday and today ….
10:00:36 AM ESpaCe: i’ve 7 threads
10:01:08 AM Demolitoresociale: hi
10:01:19 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, I think they are beginning to have a “selective payouts” with new User now….welcome to the club of waiting.
10:01:55 AM Why DG Why: I have been waiting since last year!!!
10:02:20 AM ESpaCe: Why DG Why, really
10:02:39 AM Agnban01gmail: Why DG Why, same here…New Users are having selective payout now….not all new users are getting paid…now
10:02:55 AM Why DG Why: ESpaCe, Yes..
10:03:12 AM Gusbaj: soon noone get paid
10:03:18 AM ESpaCe: so ican’t do any thing now ?
10:03:40 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, Founders are not getting paid since last year…of July
10:03:56 AM ESpaCe: Agnban01gmail, ican’t do any thing now ?
10:03:57 AM Agnban01gmail: only.. in November for a month.
10:04:18 AM Agnban01gmail: ESpaCe, nothing..unfortunately…just wait like us…
10:04:20 AM Why DG Why: ESpaCe, i have been waiting since the past 9 months…
10:04:32 AM Gusbaj: ESpaCe, nope m8 sorry you must wait
10:04:44 AM ESpaCe: ok thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu
10:04:52 AM ESpaCe: all broth’s
10:05:31 AM __RobyRoby23: chat
10:06:06 AM Mesorottoerazz: what is the best scomm of the world?
10:06:12 AM Fcbatlasy: can someone explain this !!!!!!
10:06:16 AM Mesorottoerazz: dg!!!
10:06:24 AM Jul23_82yahoocom: how about the bank wire
10:06:26 AM Sustr: Fcbatlasy, yes
10:06:36 AM Sustr: explain
10:06:49 AM Agnban01gmail: I’m moving forward…send me an email if you want to know where…..
10:06:57 AM Lucof2000: DG is Russian company??
10:07:03 AM Fcbatlasy: Sustr, O_o
10:07:10 AM Lucof2000: look :
10:07:23 AM Lucof2000: look: xml:lang=”ru” lang=”ru”>
10:07:55 AM Agnban01gmail: get paid directly…no one holding your money..
10:07:59 AM Russo94: crazy things xD
10:08:29 AM Sustr: what is the orders on the
10:08:46 AM Duckets: has everyone read the latest update on the main page? what do you think of it?
10:09:03 AM Fcbatlasy: kayn chi magherebi b7ali hna?
10:09:11 AM Agnban01gmail: Duckets, yeah
10:09:15 AM Sustr: 7 207.98 $ sell
10:09:25 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, slm
10:09:28 AM Russo94: i dont understand nothing
10:09:28 AM Sustr:
10:09:35 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, wald lablad
10:09:39 AM Russo94: someone can explain?
10:09:43 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, yeh
10:10:00 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, ach bighiti ta3raf
10:10:05 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, ach ban lek fhad shi
10:10:10 AM Agnban01gmail: Duckets, do you have the stomach to believe what they are saying.???? action speaks louder than word….
10:10:27 AM Sustr: everybody selling … how?!
10:10:27 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, nta founder?
10:10:36 AM Agnban01gmail: Duckets, are youFounder?
10:10:53 AM Gaucho80: ach ban li ,,nass rahom tagadoo lmssa2il dialhom ,,dakchi rah maz1an
10:11:03 AM Russo94: im founder
10:11:04 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, yes founder
10:11:38 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, nta jdid ??
10:11:54 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, wa yeeh ze3ma kayn amal ?:)
10:12:33 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, khayyas nta 3alam ;;rah hadchi asa7bi rahom khaddamin fih hadi 7 mois
10:12:37 AM Cyprus: can you login in
10:12:54 AM Russo94: Cyprus, i cant
10:12:58 AM Sustr: any news about WD founders? I dont understand these… everybody selling stocks
10:13:09 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, 7at laflouss;; khatjbad laflouuss ;
10:13:16 AM Sustr: Cyprus, no and other people selling stocks on the orders
10:13:32 AM Cyprus: Russo94, it supposed we could login with our username and password
10:13:41 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, awedi lflous hahiya mojoda walakin chkon ys7abhoum 700$
10:13:45 AM Peteer: how to registred in dgstock?I have some stock
10:13:45 AM Cyprus: nothing works
10:13:49 AM Russo94: Cyprus, yes right but still in beta i guess
10:14:01 AM Russo94: Cyprus, but there are movement of money
10:14:09 AM Perseus: Cyprus, dont login yet
10:14:14 AM Sustr: Russo94, but in the beta other people selling stocks and very money
10:14:16 AM Cyprus: Russo94, i saw that
10:14:17 AM Perseus: the page is not completed
10:14:20 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, hhhh kifach chkoun ys7abhom 700 $ ;;
10:14:29 AM Russo94: Perseus, do you know somethins perseus?
10:14:38 AM Russo94: Perseus, any information?
10:14:38 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, ana rah bdit b 750$
10:14:51 AM Perseus: Russo94, only that the page is incomplete and we must wait
10:14:58 AM Gaucho80: w daba lhamdolilah rah ghadi maz1yn
10:15:03 AM Russo94: Perseus, lol all we know that
10:15:17 AM Russo94: Perseus, but i dont understad how works dg stocks you know?
10:15:19 AM Perseus: yes but some people are trying to login now
10:15:39 AM Perseus: not yet
10:15:43 AM Fcbatlasy: 3ndi Available Balance 700 kolha bspam mankdebch 3lik hh
10:15:43 AM Sustr: Jan 28, 2014 19:15:05 780.2000 1.942400 1 515.46
10:15:45 AM Gaucho80: Gaucho80, ma 3andak mnin tkhaf rah société ;madmona
10:16:01 AM W0nkey: Sustr, sure them just testing things out 🙂
10:16:05 AM Sustr: where is the support?
10:16:15 AM Perseus: i think they will put a link here when the page is ready
10:16:17 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, mchafrarha amaskhout
10:16:32 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, ana mamkhales hta haja mn jibi 3lash ghadi nkhaf hhh
10:16:49 AM Russo94: Perseus, i guess
10:17:05 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, tttzzzzz
10:17:12 AM Peteer: HOw to login in dgstock anyone know?
10:17:18 AM Cyprus: Perseus, we learned to wait, what if we wait a few days/weeks/years more!!!
10:17:22 AM Peteer: Try it the same as DG and not working
10:17:28 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, iwa rak ma ghadi takhod ta la3ba ;;rahom 3ay9in bik
10:17:44 AM Perseus: Peteer, wait
10:17:46 AM Duckets: Agnban01gmail, I only believe what I can perceive…
10:17:47 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, rah ghir kayguiydouk
10:18:04 AM W0nkey: Peteer, we cant login yet. dont think the site is finish yet
10:18:24 AM Sustr: dgstocks – money from your stock balance to your available balance 😀 and WD not
10:18:26 AM Peteer: ok thanks
10:18:30 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80 la wa rah 3yeet kanakhod w ncashi paxum
10:18:31 AM Duckets: they’re showing exchanges taking place , but I cant log in to dgstocks
10:18:38 AM Russo94: Duckets, its true
10:18:44 AM Peteer: and what about wallets?Will be full?
10:18:50 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, ma3arfin ta wezza
10:18:51 AM Why DG Why: Cease complain everyone and let us wait for the stock market to open….!!!
10:19:16 AM Principal: All these are only promises and no withdrawals.
10:19:26 AM Sustr: Provide us with 48-72 hrs timeframe necessary to launch new trading platform
10:19:30 AM Aazad: Why DG Why, stock market is open?
10:19:59 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, akhoya hadchi li katgol la3fouu ;;man3rft
10:20:02 AM Russo94: Sustr, yes that was on sunday
10:20:12 AM Aazad: stock market is open?
10:20:13 AM Russo94: i guess tomorrow is complete dg stocks
10:20:17 AM Cyprus: i dont get it, if i sell stocks and get money in available balance, how can i withdraw???????
10:20:21 AM Russo94: Aazad, is underconstruction
10:20:33 AM Why DG Why: Aazad, yes.. Soon here: –>>
10:20:37 AM Russo94: Cyprus, anyone knows bro you need to wait
10:20:39 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, aji ba3da nta mnin falmaghrib ???
10:21:08 AM Aazad: Russo94, bt at this time i am not logged in why?
10:21:13 AM Cyprus: Russo94, just asking trying to learn if somebody knows anything
10:21:25 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, rabat
10:21:30 AM Sustr: yes, from our stock balance to available balance … and we are in the ….
10:21:39 AM Aazad: Russo94, bt at this time i am not logged in why?
10:21:39 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, safi safi 3raftak
10:21:54 AM Russo94: Aazad, anyone can
10:21:57 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, o_O 7LEF
10:22:12 AM RexXx: .
10:22:35 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, a safii ;;rah 3andi skype dialak
10:23:15 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, nta machi founder ??
10:23:29 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, ana founder
10:23:57 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, daba mblocky
10:24:00 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, w katgolya spam ma spam ;;;*
10:24:13 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, rahom 3arfinak
10:24:39 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, man l2a7ssan dir chi compte ykoun n9i
10:25:01 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, nta t9der tdouz lbalance?
10:26:09 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, za3ma ndawaz laflouss man current balance
10:26:33 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, l availabe balance
10:26:46 AM Sustr: other site digital generation –
10:27:01 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, ze3ma tdouz lbalance ta3ek lpaxum w la egopay
10:27:27 AM Russo94: Sustr, lol wtf hahaha
10:27:50 AM Sustr: Russo94, i dont know but this site own same people like a
10:28:07 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, makatjikch hadi
10:28:08 AM Sustr: and this too :
10:28:11 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, daba la ;;7it 9at3in lakhlass
10:28:36 AM Russo94: Sustr, no idea
10:28:37 AM Sustr:
10:29:00 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, ara skype ta3ek
10:29:35 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, ara diallak najoutik daghya
10:29:48 AM Sustr:
10:29:48 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, rah fat7 skype
10:30:10 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, hak zeko.ongback hada jdid
10:31:17 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, hakka yak ?? ;;zeko.ongback
10:31:42 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, yes zeko.ongback
10:31:51 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, rah siftlak
10:32:03 AM Sustr:
10:32:22 AM Fcbatlasy: Gaucho80, ok ana ghadi nmchi ntgheda w nerja3
10:33:05 AM Gaucho80: Fcbatlasy, bsa7a
10:33:19 AM Gaucho80: namchi n7al 3ini w nji
10:34:45 AM Sustr: they dont transfer database emails from dg to i mean..
10:37:19 AM BeeestPROFIT: .
10:38:13 AM Avdeev404: Интересно у меня желтый а у партнера зеленые в один день регестрировались
10:38:23 AM BeeestPROFIT: do you want the BEST PROFIT??? better than DFS! is a registered company and over a year in active
10:38:47 AM Avdeev404: есть админ или с россии
10:40:04 AM Avdeev404: 70% в проекте россиян а мы должны пользоваться переводчиком, НАЙМИТЕ русского админа лошары
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11:06:19 AM HoChiMinh: why not mine with guiminer scrypt than eobot?
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11:49:09 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: W0nkey, see this…….
11:49:11 AM Fire713: u need 550 dollars to be able to do that throu bank acc
11:49:37 AM W0nkey: JUSTENJOY STORIES, allready in your group 🙂 crit invest
11:49:55 AM Fire713: dis is SCAM
11:50:08 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: W0nkey, sorry LOL
11:50:49 AM W0nkey: 🙂
11:51:01 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: W0nkey, the 2 systems are good… gives media 3% the other gives 5% day
11:51:48 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: W0nkey, the new one is better for take refers is not so know by the people
11:52:01 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: W0nkey, and the page is very well done
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11:53:13 AM W0nkey: JUSTENJOY STORIES, nice
11:55:11 AM Pr0Gambl3r: JUSTENJOY STORIES, but it takes 2 month to get back ur profit…
11:56:22 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: Pr0Gambl3r, in leancyno one month you had your money and more 50%
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11:58:27 AM Pccoins: test
11:58:34 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: test2
11:58:45 AM Pccoins: test3
11:58:54 AM JUSTENJOY STORIES: maybe test 4
11:59:33 AM Pccoins: test 99
11:59:35 AM Dgstocks: Look
12:00:13 PM JUSTENJOY STORIES: Dgstocks, lol
12:00:38 PM Pccoins: nothing there
12:01:18 PM Dgstocks:
12:02:57 PM Dokalamo: The market already works hello. http :/ / / …. SUPER!!
12:03:55 PM Dgstocks:
12:04:22 PM JUSTENJOY STORIES: Dgstocks, lol
12:06:47 PM Dgstocks: JUSTENJOY STORIES, Join free now:
12:09:25 PM Michaelpires: hi
12:09:44 PM Michaelpires: how we can log in DGSTOCKS
12:09:55 PM Michaelpires: somebody knows?
12:10:08 PM HoChiMinh: no one knows it’s in development since nov. 2013
12:10:23 PM HoChiMinh: they should pay $50 to create a better website that that
12:10:55 PM Michaelpires: i can t understand what is happening with founder people
12:11:08 PM Michaelpires: HoChiMinh, anything that u knows
12:11:27 PM HoChiMinh: just don’t invest anymore money in here withdraw whatever you have when money available
12:11:44 PM Filippbannato50volte: scam scam scam scam scam scam scam
12:11:51 PM Michaelpires: i can t withdraw..i m founder
12:12:00 PM HoChiMinh: same here
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12:12:31 PM Rigel: Michaelpires, me too
12:12:35 PM HoChiMinh: the only thing we can do is wait and spread the truth about dg so new members knows not to invest help them out
12:12:36 PM Agentw4b37: support did ot come here last week
12:12:44 PM Agentw4b37: did not
12:12:52 PM HoChiMinh: Agentw4b37, how can they? they already know their boss are lying
12:14:01 PM Gamma5: Serious project and interesting recommended:
12:14:05 PM Michaelpires: HoChiMinh, we will see
12:14:53 PM Agentw4b37: support know only 3 words: soon, be patience, wait
12:16:05 PM Gamma5: Serious project and interesting recommended:
12:16:19 PM Michaelpires: be patient
12:16:26 PM Michaelpires: is the best one
12:16:43 PM Michaelpires: we ve been for months now
12:16:49 PM Fernandespt: ban
12:16:53 PM Michaelpires: since september i think
12:17:33 PM 8877332: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
12:21:05 PM Agentw4b37: new users must invest here, because we founders must withdraw money…:)
12:23:01 PM Agentw4b37: test
12:29:53 PM Zfrdrgt: hi
12:31:22 PM Zfrdrgt: I am a founding member dgskos how the input will be held
12:34:26 PM JCosta90: when will be available?
12:34:39 PM JCosta90:
12:35:47 PM Pppppggggg: ..
12:37:13 PM 881113: .▇ ▇ ▇>SELL your Pc POWER<▇ ▇ ▇ 12:41:03 PM Smoker12: DG stocks platform is ready to use ? 12:42:41 PM Fransw: Smoker12, i dont know..think they are busy setting up 12:43:22 PM Fransw: Smoker12, maybe tomorrow 12:44:04 PM Sairus: how to login 12:44:33 PM Pr0Gambl3r: liar liar your butt crack hole pants are on fire! 12:45:20 PM HoChiMinh: LOL that's my line 12:45:22 PM Pjfm45: oi 12:45:37 PM Pr0Gambl3r: HoChiMinh, i got something to show u 12:45:49 PM HoChiMinh: don't show me your butt crack please 12:46:04 PM HoChiMinh: show it to dg 🙂 12:46:10 PM HoChiMinh: (_!_) 12:46:29 PM Smoker12: Fransw, thanks 12:46:56 PM Pr0Gambl3r: HoChiMinh, take a look at this 12:47:29 PM HoChiMinh: come on man hurry up i need to go pee 12:47:39 PM Pr0Gambl3r: u want payment all founder take a look at this 12:49:01 PM HoChiMinh: yeah seen it and after that dg decides to fake payza payments check the gateway status 12:49:34 PM Cumilo: Our issue with DG has been resolved already since last year. As mentioned previously, please contact them so they can clarify their current issue for you. 12:50:22 PM Cumilo: Pr0Gambl3r, thx for fresh info 12:51:05 PM Cumilo: Payza issue with DG has been resolved already since last year. As mentioned previously, please contact them so they can clarify their current issue for you. 12:51:10 PM Pr0Gambl3r: Cumilo, wc bro >;D
12:52:59 PM Cumilo: im was thinking they finnaly saying true lol my faul sorry
12:54:45 PM HoChiMinh: damn! i need to go poop dg making me having stomach ache
12:55:06 PM HoChiMinh: oh wait dg said i can poop here
12:55:30 PM HoChiMinh: You guys are sh*tting at the same place where you eat, that’s the straightforward comment we’ld like to add regarding the whole situation
12:55:44 PM Pr0Gambl3r: .
12:56:26 PM 887722: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
12:58:55 PM Pr0Gambl3r: liar liar your butt crack hole pants are on fire!
12:59:36 PM Cumilo: Payza and one of our agents still hold a six figure amount of funds
12:59:51 PM Cumilo: Payza issue with DG has been resolved already since last year. As mentioned previously, please contact them so they can clarify their current issue for you.
1:07:28 PM Solim: hahaha
1:08:16 PM 6451215: change your life with just $ 1.75 with the market and it can multilevel
1:09:57 PM Solim: ja sa už len smejem, a bavím sa na tých kydoch čo pre nás píšu, a myslia si, že sme celkom padlý na hlavu
1:10:43 PM Agentw4b37: Aspoň si počteš
1:10:46 PM Nieske: so i have 100 threats now and i CAN NOT WITHDRAWL …..
1:11:04 PM Coop3299: lol, have 100 thread is same 0
1:11:20 PM Nieske: Coop3299, lol yeh
1:11:28 PM Coop3299: DG IS SHIT
1:12:28 PM Solim: agent im zdrhol so šesťcifernou sumou už si ho normálne predstavujem ako ide s batohom prachov cez hory…
1:13:33 PM Agentw4b37: stačí když to přesune na bitcoinovou peněženku a přenese na usb disk 🙂
1:14:33 PM Solim: ale v batohu mu to nikto nehackne…haha
1:15:48 PM DG_SUPPORT_33: DG fired us 🙁
1:16:09 PM Pr0Gambl3r: DG_SUPPORT_33, ??
1:16:15 PM ErnestG: DG_SUPPORT_33, ?
1:16:27 PM HoChiMinh: it’s SUPPORT_DG_## change it
1:16:50 PM HoChiMinh: you’re not good at faking only DG good at faking LOL 🙂
1:16:51 PM Agentw4b37: he is not DG support
1:16:56 PM Nieske: DG_SUPPORT_33, WHAT ?
1:17:15 PM HoChiMinh: the best fakers are dg
1:17:24 PM HoChiMinh: hmm does that word even exist?
1:17:25 PM Nieske: DG_SUPPORT_33, reason ? not lie enough ?
1:17:44 PM GoatHerder200: DG_SUPPORT_33, If you were real support you would say LET US WAIT AND SEE
1:17:48 PM DIGITALnoPAGATION: Nieske, they are just keep people money
1:17:49 PM Agentw4b37: fake support.
1:17:51 PM Pr0Gambl3r: DG_SUPPORT_33, b more specified
1:17:56 PM HoChiMinh: LOL
1:18:06 PM DG_SUPPORT_33: i dont understand why you guys dont put your money where DG is putting OURS: ▇ ▇ ▇ ▇
1:18:16 PM HoChiMinh: lol
1:18:27 PM Solim: ja chcem vyvrať na Payzu…Ja chcem cvybrať na Payzu, óóóm, do zajtra sa mi to splní
1:18:28 PM Sebastiao Jose: I have a proposition for those who want to be my referals at DFS send email to [email protected]
1:18:31 PM HoChiMinh: i got a good place to put money than dg
1:18:31 PM GoatHerder200: lmao
1:18:38 PM HoChiMinh: my butt
1:18:54 PM Agentw4b37: proč myslíš že vybereš
1:19:49 PM 98996: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
1:19:56 PM DG_SUPPORT_33: Read it at
1:20:14 PM Pr0Gambl3r: supporter dont come here anymore so wat does it mean?
1:20:34 PM DG_SUPPORT_33: we use a ROBOT . and this is the robot they use. End of story
1:21:53 PM DG Trust: i use this robot myself , at least it works as advertised !
1:22:04 PM DG_SUPPORT_33: ikr
1:23:17 PM Dison: nekdo cz?
1:23:28 PM Solim: čo tu zasa mele tá fake 33
1:23:34 PM Agentw4b37: tady cz
1:23:35 PM Mrppt1: anything new today
1:23:38 PM DG Trust: English please
1:24:02 PM DG Trust: Oder ich fang auch mal an Deutsch zu sprechen Ihr Honks 😛
1:24:05 PM Cumilo: meleme meleme
1:24:08 PM Dison: koukam na .. už nejak pokročili.. ale jeste se nejde lognout ze?
1:24:18 PM Cumilo: nejde
1:24:23 PM Agentw4b37: ne nejde
1:24:47 PM DG_SUPPORT_33: English please
1:24:50 PM Swan30999: Agentw4b37, nonale o stockoch tam nepisu nic
1:24:57 PM Cumilo: true please
1:25:04 PM Agentw4b37: ale už víme kolik budou rýžovat na jedé transakci mají to v pravidlech 0,2 až 0,5 %
1:25:14 PM Solim: DG Trust sk, cz prosím
1:25:14 PM Agentw4b37: jedné
1:25:40 PM DG Trust: DG_SUPPORT_33, what version of the robot they use ?
1:25:52 PM DG Trust: are you for that matter ?
1:26:58 PM GoatHerder200: Ho Ho HoChiMinh,
1:27:13 PM 6451215HBIL: HI
1:27:18 PM GoatHerder200: only old people know that
1:27:38 PM 6451215HBIL: How To Turn $1.75 Into $1000000 Quickly Click Link Below For Complete Details:
1:28:05 PM HoChiMinh: GoatHerder200, LOL
1:28:26 PM Solim: prečo english, stejne to tu má podpora už všetko na háku…
1:28:26 PM HoChiMinh: wait did you just call me ho?
1:28:32 PM Agentw4b37: jasně mi ti věříme už tam sypu penízky
1:28:41 PM Mrppt1: GoatHerder200, hi
1:28:56 PM Exik07cz: tu zas je veselo 😛
1:30:25 PM Solim: ja som sa nažral, a do každého kúta som sa vysral, tak ako to opisuje DG v aktualizácii
1:30:49 PM Agentw4b37: hlavně že a tebe nepustli ty psy
1:31:01 PM Sumina: Ahoj češi! 😀 Pomůže mi někdo se vyznat v situaci? Neumím zase až tak moc dobře anglicky a google překládá na prd 😀
1:31:08 PM Kuacho: link
1:31:22 PM Exik07cz: Sumina, si founder? pokud jo tak si v hajzlu
1:31:35 PM Solim: veď práve,
1:31:44 PM Agentw4b37: google psal něco o skákáí ode zdi a pouštění psů…
1:31:49 PM Exik07cz: vic vedet nepotrebujes 😀
1:31:52 PM Sumina: Exik07cz, jj jsem… A viděl jsem tam něco konečně o marketu
1:31:56 PM Android 441: xd
1:32:17 PM Android 441: anyone want to invest in dfs ? 200% return of all investment
1:32:26 PM Exik07cz: Sumina, na marketu se pracuje… otazkou je kam pristanou penize za akcie – jestli na penezence nebo v balanci ze ktere to nevyberem
1:32:28 PM Android 441:
1:32:34 PM 977556: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
1:32:40 PM Agentw4b37: market je super až na to,že te kdo založil tu doménu uvádí neexistující adresy , ale jinak asi v pohodě 🙂
1:33:16 PM Sumina: No to bude sranda… A jinak ten kdo není founder je v pohodě?
1:33:28 PM Exik07cz: Sumina, prozatim se zda ze jo
1:33:33 PM Sumina: Mám totiž účet i normální… ale bez threads
1:33:41 PM Solim: zakladatelia sú veľké bremeno ktorého sa treba zbaviť
1:33:56 PM Exik07cz: Sumina, tak ten ti je k nicemu…
1:34:34 PM Sumina: No, pokud market zafunguje a peníze půjdou do peněženky, mohl bych uvařovat že část z toho půjde do toho nového účtu
1:34:51 PM Agentw4b37:
1:34:58 PM Sumina: Ale pokud to nebude fungovat ani pro ty nové, tak se na to můžu vakašlat 😀
1:35:36 PM Exik07cz: presne tak
1:35:43 PM Exik07cz: kazdopadne do toho nedam ani cent
1:35:55 PM Sumina: Souhlas.
1:36:46 PM Sumina: Jen by mě zajímalo, jak dělají ten Gateway status – protože na founder účtu mám dvojkové peněženky zelené, na normálním jsou všechny oranžové
1:37:04 PM Cumilo: ja uz zadne prekvapko ani necekam
1:38:00 PM HoChiMinh: google search on dg all negatives comments
1:38:09 PM HoChiMinh: how can they run their business now?
1:38:11 PM Sumina: No, mohli by překvapit.. právě jsem si moc nevěděl rady s tím překladem. v druhé části píšou něco o obnovení plateb, první pro italy, Portugalsko a Brazilii….
1:38:42 PM Exik07cz: v gateway jsou udelane vyjimky… jedny pro foundery a dalsi pro zbytek
1:39:05 PM Sumina: Ne že bych chtěl být najivní, ale proč nenechat počítač zaptutý… zase tak moc to nežere a pokud mám přes třicet threads tak proč ne?
1:39:10 PM Solim: Sumina, na zakladatelských účtoch sú dvojkové zelené stále
1:39:30 PM Exik07cz: Sumina, blazne… DGMM vse poresi
1:39:37 PM Sumina: hmmmm 😀 Pěkné
1:39:41 PM Lasilvy1: ret
1:39:42 PM Agentw4b37: co je dgmm
1:39:45 PM DG__Payment__GO__GO__GO: sddff
1:39:50 PM Sumina: Co je DGMM??
1:39:51 PM HoChiMinh: what language are you guys speakings?
1:39:59 PM Sumina: Czech!
1:40:02 PM Agentw4b37: czech
1:40:04 PM HoChiMinh: speak vietnamese please
1:40:06 PM Exik07cz: najed si na sekce extra a money maker
1:40:11 PM HoChiMinh: so i can understand
1:40:29 PM Vcovileac : is this
1:40:35 PM Solim: DGčtina
1:40:36 PM Agentw4b37: in czech republic are many vietnamese
1:40:40 PM Exik07cz: pak odinstaluj to cerne TM zlo a pak jen kazdy den jednou klikni… vydelano, no problem
1:41:01 PM Vcovileac : WOW its this USA chat?
1:41:03 PM HoChiMinh: Agentw4b37, yeah my uncle married czech vietnamese lady
1:41:05 PM 9779908: ▇ ▇ ▇>SELL your Pc POWER<▇ ▇ ▇ 1:41:22 PM TeeMko: Payza mala z DG vyrieseny spor uz pred mesiacmi 😉 1:41:22 PM HoChiMinh: i mean czech lady 1:41:33 PM Vcovileac : does anybody here speak english? 1:41:39 PM ClickBetter55555: Software/Miner.BTC>LTC>PPC>NMC>FTC>DOGE>>
1:41:40 PM HoChiMinh: no no one 🙂
1:41:43 PM _Defd01__: 9779908, shit spammer
1:41:47 PM Agentw4b37: no only vietmamese 🙂
1:41:58 PM Vcovileac : 🙂 cool
1:42:03 PM HoChiMinh: lol
1:42:31 PM Vcovileac : anybody know when paypal will start working?
1:42:39 PM Sustr:
1:42:43 PM RipDG: Vcovileac , LOL :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
1:42:49 PM HoChiMinh: Vcovileac , LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
1:42:55 PM HoChiMinh: u got to be kidding me!
1:43:14 PM Vcovileac : realy?
1:43:33 PM HoChiMinh: Vcovileac , the truth is dg is scam end of story
1:43:54 PM RipDG: dgstock vypada ze bude pekna sracka. O stock ani slovo 😀
1:44:08 PM HoChiMinh: what language isssssssss datttttttttt?
1:44:38 PM Exik07cz: uvidime co z toho bude… founderi stejne nemaji co delat 😀
1:44:56 PM Solim: DG je podvod, ipus je podvod, a coinbeez tiež nebude iný…
1:45:03 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, to je od tebe ten programek na jeden klik? 🙂
1:45:25 PM Vcovileac : thanks
1:45:30 PM Agentw4b37: Bez práce nejsou koláče
1:45:31 PM HoChiMinh: u welcome
1:46:04 PM Sumina: Shrne mi někdo prosím co je na hlavní stránce? Já ten překlad fakt lámu strašně 😀
1:46:23 PM Vcovileac : Agentw4b37, I only understand you, do you know others people are talking to us to or they are from other world?
1:46:35 PM RipDG: a supporteri dostali padaka ? 😀 Tohle je fakt konecna 😀 do konce tydne stranku zablokuje nejaka instituce
1:46:55 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, jo
1:47:02 PM Vcovileac : HoChiMinh, I only understand you, do you know others people are talking to us to or they are from other world?
1:47:13 PM RipDG: Sumina, i kdyby tam psali ze budu rozdavat zlato. tak je to lez 😀 proste kecy
1:47:19 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, teda jo muj… a suppi asi dostali padaka 😀
1:47:28 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, Sikovnej kluk 🙂
1:47:36 PM Agentw4b37: 7% montly, mining btc
1:47:54 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, nj kurva ale co s tim kdyz to nejde vytahnout 😀
1:48:15 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, uz to taky pouzivam. chtelo by to jeste nejakej kde pridas vlakna zdarma 😀
1:48:18 PM Exik07cz: Sumina, vse jsem ti uz shrnul
1:48:31 PM Sumina: Mě by hlavně zajímaly ty první tři odrážky – nějaké možnosti ale nevím právě k čemu. Ale potom rozumím – nebo čekat na stockmarket
1:48:31 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, bohuzel to se resi na serveru
1:48:32 PM Agentw4b37: je nová firma, 10 krát méně za měsíc než dg, ale vypadá to, že opravdu btc těží
1:48:33 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, nj. je to v prdeli. nic se neda delat
1:48:58 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, jake mas ID
1:49:46 PM Solim: RipDG načo ti budú teraz vlákna leda že by si sa obesil na ne
1:49:49 PM Exik07cz: Agentw4b37, jo kdyz si nainstalujes cely virtualni komp
1:50:04 PM Agentw4b37: ne je tominvestice
1:50:14 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, 31429 a nula na konci 😀
1:50:21 PM Agentw4b37: nepoužíváš aplikaci na pc
1:50:27 PM Stalingarcia: some news about founder payment
1:50:42 PM Sustr: Agentw4b37, a o co tam jde?
1:50:49 PM Agentw4b37: je tam video na stránce, pohled do serverovny
1:51:02 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, hmm 17 vlaken a 1 ref 😀
1:51:06 PM RipDG: Solim, ja vim ze na nic 🙂 no leda kdybych zalozil novej ucet tak mozna by se to hodilo
1:51:07 PM 5566779: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
1:51:08 PM Agentw4b37: investuješ min. 50 dolarů
1:51:09 PM Russo94: any news people?
1:51:19 PM Exik07cz: Russo94, no
1:51:29 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, tyjo. to je husty 🙂
1:51:39 PM Agentw4b37: a máš 7% měsíčně, tedy desetkrát méně než teoreticky tady
1:51:57 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, a slapes jak hodinky
1:52:02 PM Agentw4b37: ale asi je to realističtější
1:52:09 PM Agentw4b37:
1:52:11 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, rano jenom kliknu a seru na to 😀
1:52:42 PM Solim: RipDG na nových účtoch to pôjde zachvíľu do kytek, dvojkám to púšťajú tak na pol hodinu denne
1:52:57 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, ja taky… na 6 uctech
1:53:07 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, a ten robot by se nedal dat na vic nez 99 . myslim vybery ? 🙂
1:53:34 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, je to bombovej programek. skoda ze nejak driv se neobjevil 😀
1:53:55 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, jo dal
1:54:27 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, nebylo by to od veci kdyby nahodou se stal zazrak
1:55:35 PM Exik07cz: jo taky mam ready zalozku na vyber 500$ na PX
1:55:35 PM ClickBetter66666: Software/Miner.BTC>LTC>PPC>NMC>FTC>DOGE>>
1:56:20 PM Agentw4b37: založím asi svůj vlastní hyip ,pak budu mít jistotu, že to bude opravdu fungovat
1:56:49 PM RipDG: no nic jdu se divat na tv a necham odpocinout pc :DD
1:56:55 PM Exik07cz: Agentw4b37, jo vsechny ojebes a zmizis – tak jak vsichni 😀
1:57:05 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, ok mej se Dusane 😉
1:57:09 PM RipDG: jj. penize delaji divy 😀
1:57:13 PM Sustr: zajimalo by me co to kurva ten dg stocks dela tedka kdyz tam litaji penize porad
1:57:28 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, tyjo. to vidis i nazev uctu ? :DDD
1:57:39 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, ty jses borec lol
1:57:46 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, snad sis nemyslel ze to prepisuje ten INI soubor 😀
1:57:54 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, neze rano prijdu a napise ze ucet smazan LOL
1:58:31 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, netusim jak to funguje 🙂 to zase ne. vedel jsem ze to nejak jede pres tvuj server ale co to dela 🙂
1:58:35 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, kdyz to tuknes ob 24h tak je to neprustrelne
1:58:59 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, dulezity je vysledek 😉
1:59:00 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, ja hlidam jeste cas. aby to bylo par minut po 6 hodine
1:59:00 PM Sumina: Jen by mě ještě zajímalo, jak se tady tak dívám co tu píšete – jaký robot na výběry??
1:59:22 PM RipDG: Exik07cz, presne tak. diiky jeste jednou a dobrou 😀
1:59:39 PM Sustr: Exik07cz, paradni
1:59:47 PM Exik07cz: RipDG, j cus
1:59:48 PM Sustr: Exik07cz, jede to super uz jen vybery 😀
2:00:13 PM LeMonk: what about english guys?
2:00:17 PM Exik07cz: Sumina, mrkni na sekce extra menu dgmat
2:00:33 PM LeMonk: somebody can register in dgstocks?? xD
2:00:44 PM Exik07cz: LeMonk, no yet
2:01:44 PM LeMonk: im interested who will buy something from them 😉
2:02:01 PM Danny_dgsola: Thor001, a si..a me esce cmq giallo da giorni
2:02:10 PM Danny_dgsola: e payza nn mi esce proprio!!
2:02:21 PM Danny_dgsola: e come sai nn sono founder
2:02:32 PM Sustr: The DG online exchange is an automated system (robot) fully deployed in the public domain and owned by Emran Commerce Group LTD.
2:02:43 PM Sustr: dgstocks not own DG but Emran Commerce Group
2:03:17 PM LeMonk: yes i want to sell all my stocks for 40k dollars xD
2:03:35 PM LeMonk: and this will surely not happen haha
2:04:38 PM Sumina: Exik07cz, Je to pěkné
2:05:13 PM DG Trust: how are there orders on dgstocks when nobody has access? could it be that SUPPORTER STAFF get the advantage of getting in first? you decide
2:05:22 PM Exik07cz: Sumina, vsecko funguje… teda az na vybery ale ty neovlivnime
2:05:49 PM DG Trust: can you foreign ignorant nutcrackers please gtfo or tak english ?
2:06:07 PM DG Trust: what part of USA chat you didnt understand ?
2:06:17 PM Agentw4b37: coingeneration (dg) and dgstocks are Emran Commerce Group LTD
2:06:30 PM Sustr: DG Trust, bla bla bla
2:06:35 PM Exik07cz: DG Trust, bla bla USA….
2:06:39 PM DG Trust: Sustr, bla bla bla your mum
2:06:41 PM Sustr: google translate
2:06:46 PM Exik07cz: hehe to je debil
2:07:01 PM DG Trust: ta goell tarbanak
2:07:02 PM Sustr: si myslis ze se vseci poserou ze mame mluvit anglicky
2:07:12 PM Sustr: at se nauci cesky osel
2:07:20 PM Sustr: stejne tady zadnej support neni 😀
2:07:21 PM Exik07cz: asi je naky udelany z te angliny
2:07:28 PM Vcovileac : they just called you stupid
2:07:33 PM DG Trust: i know
2:07:36 PM Exik07cz: zeo? proc se my mame ucit jejich rec kdyz se muzou naucit nasi
2:07:41 PM DG Trust: these are canadians
2:07:52 PM Sustr: to je vuuul, boze ruzo :D:D
2:07:52 PM Exik07cz: Vcovileac , right 😉
2:08:04 PM DG Trust: as always , brave behind their keyboards .. when you stand in front of them they pee their pants
2:08:20 PM Vcovileac : LOL 🙂
2:08:23 PM Exik07cz: DG Trust, mid EU
2:08:25 PM Sustr: Vcovileac , a tobe jsem vosoustal mamu kamo
2:08:42 PM Sustr: DG Trust, a tobe zase brachu
2:08:44 PM DG Trust: Exik07cz, Deine Mutter ist ne Hure
2:09:01 PM Vcovileac : Sustr, don’t get smart
2:09:15 PM 776579: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
2:09:16 PM Exik07cz: DG Trust, lol…
2:09:18 PM DG Trust: Sustr, Und Dein Vater hätte besser vor den Zug gewichst dann wärst Du heute noch unterwegs Du Drecks Stricherkind
2:09:23 PM ClickBetter66666: Software/Miner.BTC>LTC>PPC>NMC>FTC>DOGE>>>>>
2:09:41 PM DG Trust: Vcovileac , Geh Dich ficken Du Flittchen
2:09:49 PM Sustr: proc ta pica mluvi nemecky? 😀
2:09:50 PM Allliver_DG: .
2:10:04 PM Agentw4b37: Amecican girl speak czech language 🙂 :
2:10:14 PM Agentw4b37: american
2:10:17 PM Sustr: Exik07cz, a z kecani o dg si tady budeme nadavat kdo komu oprcal mamku 😀
2:10:20 PM Mscreolo: nn
2:10:29 PM DG Trust: Sustr, Du Hurensohn 😀
2:10:55 PM Sustr: DG Trust, ho ho ho vyliz mi prdel
2:11:21 PM DG Trust: Sustr, hohoho Du krüppel kannst meinen Schwanz lutschen 😀
2:11:21 PM Exik07cz: Agentw4b37, ten DG Trust ma v hlave jahodovy protlak 😀
2:11:33 PM DG Trust: Exik07cz, Und DU auch Du Hundesohn
2:11:40 PM DG Trust: 😀
2:11:44 PM Agentw4b37: džahoudový plotlak 🙂
2:11:52 PM Exik07cz: DG Trust, it hurts 😀
2:11:58 PM Agentw4b37: s džablky
2:12:18 PM Sustr: ja myslim ze nema v hlave nic 😀
2:12:37 PM Exik07cz: neco tam mit musi… at mu nepadaji usi
2:12:40 PM DG Trust: Sustr, Tvoja mama je suka 😀
2:12:58 PM Sustr: DG Trust, se z toho mam posrat? 😀
2:13:22 PM Sustr: ze mu to trvalo trefit se do toho naseho jazyka ale skoda ze si mysli ze jsme z ruska asi
2:13:30 PM DG Trust: Sustr, Tvoja matka je kurva lízanie diabol vajcia
2:13:35 PM Exik07cz: to je na neho moc kdyz to musi vsecko prekladat
2:13:44 PM Sustr: Exik07cz, kdyby to aspon davalo smysl 😀
2:13:58 PM Exik07cz: sak rikam ze prekladac jede na plno
2:14:11 PM ClickBetter66666:
2:14:24 PM Sustr: google translate nevali na 100 % no 😀
2:14:32 PM Exik07cz: 😀
2:14:58 PM Exik07cz: dobre je ze neumi prelozit slovo nevali 😀 ani “no” 😀
2:15:28 PM Sustr: Exik07cz, vsak si myslim ze chudak vubec nevi 😀
2:15:45 PM Exik07cz: uz ma synek dost… at dopije mliko a de chrapat
2:16:13 PM Thor001: cazz di lingua è?
2:16:13 PM Sustr: co myslis pujde DG k zemi nebo se stane zazrak? Moc bych tomu marketu neveril
2:16:38 PM Exik07cz: ted urco nevyberem… takze market je vlastne posledni zachrana
2:16:56 PM Exik07cz: ale taky tomu moc neverim… kazdopadne klikam “kdyby nahodou”
2:17:00 PM Exik07cz: minuta denne mne nezabije
2:17:21 PM Sustr: Exik07cz, tak skoda ze jsem to nevedel driv kdyz uz mam 5 mesicu zaplej notas v kuse a tedka kdyz se objevis ty tak je mi to na nic 😀
2:17:48 PM Exik07cz: za to nemuzu ze sme se pokadze minuli 😀
2:18:03 PM Exik07cz: klikarko je verejne asi 2 mesice
2:18:20 PM Sustr: Exik07cz, tak to je skoda. Ja jsem prepisoval aspon soubor takze pres noc notas spinkal 😀
2:18:36 PM Agentw4b37: já to mám na pronajmutém vps, takže mě to komp nezatěžuje i když je to proti pravidlům
2:18:45 PM Exik07cz: jo taky jsem tak zacinal az mne to nasralo a kuchl jsem to
2:19:06 PM Exik07cz: Agentw4b37, at dou s pravidlama do riti… kdyz vidim co delaji
2:19:10 PM Agentw4b37: mám to tak už 6 měsíců a v pohodě neblokli mě
2:19:22 PM Sustr: Exik07cz, borec ses sam jsem cekal co to udela jak jsem to vcera zkousel a nechapal jsem. Fakt me to stve ty prachy by se hodili nebo nejakej jinej projekt kterej by platil :-/
2:19:24 PM 5566779: ..▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
2:19:29 PM Exik07cz: Agentw4b37, jejich IT je tezky fail no
2:19:57 PM Sustr: valim na jidlo zatim
2:20:09 PM Exik07cz: Sustr, jo mej se
2:20:18 PM Dokalamo: Exik07cz, Ahoj chalani poradte aj mne
2:20:28 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, cus
2:20:29 PM Agentw4b37: česká invaze :-
2:20:35 PM Exik07cz: cz chat 😀
2:20:49 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, s cim chces poradit?
2:20:56 PM Dokalamo: kde sa da stiahnut ten robot
2:21:13 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, na vyplaty nebo na klikani?
2:21:41 PM Dokalamo: to je aj nat a nato…????
2:21:50 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, 😀
2:21:53 PM Dokalamo: tak n vyplaty
2:22:21 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, najed si na sekce extra a volba dgmat… pokud nejsi founder tak to pujde
2:22:39 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, pokud jsi founder tak se ti ukaze ta hlaska dear users
2:23:18 PM Dokalamo: co je fouder…??? sorry
2:23:19 PM Android 4412: hello
2:23:27 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, akcionar
2:24:04 PM Dokalamo: aha no som akcionar…
2:24:06 PM Android 4412: ready to earn good money?? invest in dfs and take a 200% return of your investment
2:24:14 PM Android 4412:
2:24:43 PM Dokalamo: Exik07cz, nevies este o niecom podobnom kde sa da zarobit….???
2:24:54 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, tak to ti nepomuze nic
2:25:14 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, nevim jinak uz bych tam asi byl… tady co se inzeruje tak je jen chytacka refu
2:25:45 PM Dokalamo: Exik07cz, takze smola
2:25:58 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, jo no
2:26:06 PM Android 4412: Invest 10$ – and earn 20$ / 100$ – earn 200$ its very good
2:26:12 PM Android 4412:
2:26:32 PM Dokalamo: a ten automat robot na klikanie
2:26:52 PM Dokalamo: a robot na klikanie
2:26:53 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, na te same adrese… sekce money maker
2:27:22 PM Dokalamo: ok diky idem pozriet
2:27:33 PM Gold : Serious project and interesting recommended:
2:30:51 PM Android 4412: Good way to earn much money ->
2:30:55 PM 5566779: .▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
2:33:13 PM Agentw4b37:
2:35:58 PM Zfrdrgt: I am a founding member of the how to
2:37:12 PM Zfrdrgt: dgstocks how we do
2:37:43 PM HoChiMinh: u need to suk dg dic to get dg to give you some bitcoin to trade lol 🙂
2:39:42 PM Zfrdrgt: dg I have stocks
2:41:25 PM Agentw4b38: testtest
2:41:50 PM 5566779: ▇ ▇ ▇>SELL your Pc POWER<▇ ▇ ▇ 2:42:11 PM Exik07cz: Agentw4b38, bez uz chrapat 2:45:00 PM Ddarkness: jde vam nekomu vybirat? 2:45:06 PM Agentw4b38: copak se ti nezdá 2:45:30 PM Exik07cz: Ddarkness, akcionarum? neee 2:45:50 PM Ddarkness: Exik07cz, a vi se kdy to pujde? 😀 2:46:09 PM Exik07cz: Ddarkness, vi... az bude mit DG denni zisk 100k$ 2:46:20 PM Exik07cz: Exik07cz, tzn nikdy 2:46:50 PM Ddarkness: Exik07cz, safra 2:46:58 PM Agentw4b38: tak když jim budou utíkat lidi s bankovkama tak asi nikdy 2:47:27 PM Ddarkness: tak to mi ty tisice dolaru zustanou jen virtualni 2:47:47 PM Exik07cz: no jo to sou tez take kecy... veri tomu nekdo? 2:48:05 PM Ddarkness: ne ze bych to necekal, ale par desitek dolaru mi to tu vydelalo 2:48:24 PM Exik07cz: mi to vydelalo par desitek tisic... 2:48:42 PM Exik07cz: ale ted mi tam tez nake dolace preslapuji a chcou k tatkovi 2:48:50 PM Agentw4b38: já se edostaldo plusu 2:49:05 PM Exik07cz: od kdy v tom jedes? 2:49:23 PM Ddarkness: ja od cervence 2:49:50 PM Agentw4b38: nectěli byste anonymní btc mastercard pro výběr z jakéhokoliv bankomatu ? 2:49:54 PM Exik07cz: a nejsi v plusu? ja od kvetna a nestezuju si 2:50:14 PM Exik07cz: Agentw4b38, mozna kdybych mel nejake BTC 😀 2:50:16 PM Ddarkness: ja teda koupil akorat jedno vlakno, pak uz jen ze zisku dalsi...celkove sem si mohl preposlat tak 2tis kc 2:50:51 PM Exik07cz: ja zacel investici do 5 vlaken... no a celkove do kapsy neco pres sto litru 2:51:23 PM Instant In STP: >>> average 3% daily till 200% reached. minimum $10 PAYING INSTANT!!!
2:51:48 PM Ddarkness: tak byl si jako byna zacatku..pyramidy takze ti to vyplaceli vic nez nam niz…
2:52:01 PM Ddarkness: kdyz prisly s akcema mel sem 30 vlaken
2:52:02 PM Agentw4b38: já do toho vrazil aspoň 50 litrů a mám prd…jestli se vrátilo 15000 tak je tomoc
2:52:17 PM BeeestPROFIT: beter than dollar flow dollar flow is a high risk, this program is security BEST PROFIT!
2:52:36 PM Exik07cz: tywe tolik prachu bych nikdy neinvestoval
2:53:06 PM Ddarkness: nedavno sem si tu psal s nejykm slovakem co jim poslal asi 6000 usd
2:53:25 PM Instant In STP: all of them are high risk buddy ..:) don’t be a kid!!
2:53:35 PM Agentw4b38: já taky ne,kdyby neudělali to znárodnění na stocks tak by mě to ai nenapadlo, investoval bych mnohemmíň, ale mě tonebavilo fungovat s 1 threadem
2:53:45 PM Exik07cz: slovaci sou ve vate 😀
2:54:19 PM Instant In STP: >>> average 3% daily till 200% reached. minimum $10 investment. PAYING INSTANT!!!
2:54:21 PM Android 4l4 KitKat: qwerty
2:54:23 PM Exik07cz: Agentw4b38, sak si nemusel prechazet… a ted si mohl beztak vybirat
2:55:09 PM Instant In STP: Golden Rule: Money IN … Money OUT as soon as possible ….. then churning profits till the program die!
2:55:09 PM Agentw4b38: já na tokliknul hned prví den,kdy tomu ještě nikdo nerozuměl, málemjsemdostalinfarkt
2:55:29 PM Exik07cz: no kokos ja mel to same
2:55:45 PM Exik07cz: jeden klik a prisel sem v prepoctu asi o pul mega… na 400 kc denne 😀
2:55:52 PM Dokalamo: Ak chcete peniaze spet,napiste vypoved do DG a oni vam poslu peniaze….
2:56:05 PM Ddarkness: Proste kecy, je to obyc pyramida a ty kecy o super počítači jsou zástěrka…lidi se nachytali, nasrali jim miliony a ted se to hroutí…
2:56:25 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, coze? nic ti nevrati 😀
2:56:48 PM DIGITALnoPAGATION: 500euros to register here
2:56:53 PM Dokalamo: Exik07cz, ale vrati je to v zmluve…
2:57:12 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, tak to asi myslis deposit do 7 dni ne?
2:57:22 PM Ddarkness: vrati..hnedjak bude mit svatek svatej dyndy
2:57:22 PM 5566779: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
2:57:57 PM Kenshin: Hello can someone help me ? what this mean ? : User with same email not registered
2:58:29 PM Agentw4b38: it is not funktional
2:58:33 PM Kenshin: Hello ?
2:58:37 PM Exik07cz: Ddarkness, asi tak nak 😀
2:58:43 PM Kenshin: aww ok :/
2:58:46 PM Dokalamo: ale nie niekto to tu uz pisal ,odstupil a peniaze dostal na ucet…a ukazoval aj dokazi
2:59:00 PM Kenshin: Agentw4b38, SO still waiting huu ?
2:59:09 PM Solim: Dokalamo ale vieš čo ma najviac serie že s touto zmluvou si ani ten posraný zadok nevytreš…
2:59:11 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, to byl urcite ten deposit do 7 dni… nic jineho tam o vratkach neni
2:59:15 PM Agentw4b38: yes still waiting
3:00:03 PM Agentw4b38: u dgstocks je v pravidlec,žesmlouvu můžou kdykoliv pozměnit
3:00:23 PM Ddarkness: ja bych treba chtel prodat ty akcie co sme ziskal, když sem ten akcionář ale tak nějak si myslím že to nejde 😀
3:00:36 PM Dokalamo: neviem ale co si pametam tak tam bolo nieco aj vyrovnanie stock balance….ani neviem co to je
3:00:36 PM Exik07cz: a kolik jich mas?
3:01:05 PM Solim: tu je pri týchto programoch absolútne bezpredmetné hovoriť o nejakej zmluve
3:01:28 PM Eduzz1: where can I exchange btc, nmc & dvc into $$$$$?
3:01:42 PM Exik07cz: Eduzz1, not here
3:01:46 PM Dokalamo: Exik07cz, keby som to nevidel tak to ani nespomeniem…
3:02:06 PM Eduzz1: enobody know were?
3:02:51 PM Exik07cz: Dokalamo, to je ted stejne jedno… ja jen koukam jak mi tam naskakuji virtualni dolace
3:03:44 PM Dokalamo: Exik07cz, pekny pohlad co…!!!
3:04:41 PM Exik07cz: jo to mam misto televize … misto odpolednich zprav dividendy… a tak 😀
3:04:54 PM Green Good: New project became a partner and split the profits
3:04:59 PM DIGITALnoPAGATION: —————————————–>>>>>>>>> 500euros to register here
3:05:39 PM DIGITALnoPAGATION: Eduzz1, hello i know a exgnaher
3:06:42 PM Alexmensa12345: DIGITALnoPAGATION, this is digital de-generation!
3:06:52 PM Eduzz1: DIGITALnoPAGATION, can you speak on skype please? eduard_retea
3:07:06 PM Alexmensa12345: No payments for founders. Very fine!
3:07:23 PM Alexmensa12345: Founders have the priority for wd and no daily limits
3:07:27 PM Dokalamo:
3:07:31 PM DIGITALnoPAGATION: Eduzz1, google it BTC-e
3:07:36 PM Only Want Money:
3:08:03 PM ClickBetter77777: Software/Miner.BTC>LTC>PPC>NMC>FTC>DOGE>>>>>
3:08:14 PM ClickBetter77777:
3:08:21 PM Exik07cz: Alexmensa12345, rly? 😀
3:08:52 PM ClickBetter77777:
3:08:56 PM DIGITALnoPAGATION: ClickBetter77777, do you have assic miners?
3:09:13 PM ClickBetter77777: Software/Miner.BTC>LTC>PPC>NMC>FTC>DOGE>>>>>
3:09:23 PM Dokalamo: New ….!!!!
3:09:29 PM DIGITALnoPAGATION: 500euros to register here
3:10:48 PM Dokalamo: New ….!!!!
3:13:02 PM 6451215HBI: oi
3:13:22 PM 6451215HBI: change your life with just $ 1.75 with the market and it can multilevel
3:13:57 PM SERVER: User Instant In STP And EGO – BANNED!
3:15:49 PM Mrppt1: hi everyone
3:16:54 PM TRETAS_DIGITAIS: donate some btcoins 1LScEo8zBiUzvTCtR5HPXRpBGkWNrXaBMT …
3:17:00 PM HoChiMinh: sup dude where’s your friend john woo?
3:17:26 PM TRETAS_DIGITAIS: Eduzz1, donate some btcoins 1LScEo8zBiUzvTCtR5HPXRpBGkWNrXaBMT did btc-e a good place or need another?
3:19:39 PM Solim: á, zapnuli bamovacý automat
3:19:55 PM Instant In STP: test
3:20:03 PM TRETAS_DIGITAIS: Instant In STP, donate some btcoins 1LScEo8zBiUzvTCtR5HPXRpBGkWNrXaBMT
3:20:16 PM TRETAS_DIGITAIS: Solim, donate some btcoins 1LScEo8zBiUzvTCtR5HPXRpBGkWNrXaBMT ….
3:20:18 PM Instant In STP: I’m banned… sorry ..
3:20:20 PM Mrppt1: HoChiMinh, i have no idea
3:20:31 PM TRETAS_DIGITAIS: Mrppt1, donate some btcoins 1LScEo8zBiUzvTCtR5HPXRpBGkWNrXaBMT
3:20:43 PM Agentw4b38: fujžebrák 🙂
3:21:29 PM Mrppt1: HoChiMinh, how are you
3:21:55 PM Agentw4b38: ppředstavtesi ho ulici sedí, čepice na ulici připravená na bitcoiny
3:23:08 PM TRETAS_DIGITAIS: Agentw4b38, donate some btcoins 1LScEo8zBiUzvTCtR5HPXRpBGkWNrXaBMT
3:23:40 PM Agentw4b38: TRETAS_DIGITAIS, No
3:23:57 PM Sustr: you are freek 😀
3:24:10 PM Z_spirit: 😀
3:26:19 PM Kenshin: Yeeeah chaos chaos
3:26:34 PM Kenshin: Please DG let us log into the market 🙂
3:26:58 PM Alexmensa12345: Kenshin, please DG re-start payments for founders
3:27:52 PM JesusChrist: test
3:28:24 PM JesusChrist: donate some btcoins 1GFkVgwkcqzT5w4GtGF95y8WxPGUPqQyEv
3:28:50 PM JesusChrist: 🙂
3:29:15 PM Fabiochef: New project became a partner and split the profits
3:29:46 PM Mrppt1: Fabiochef, spammer get band
3:29:53 PM SERVER: User Fabiochef – BANNED!
3:30:14 PM 78531: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
3:30:27 PM Kenshin: Fabiochef, taa taaa daaaaaaaam
3:30:59 PM Kenshin: Alexmensa12345, Please resatrt payment for founder WHILE the market is open 🙂 🙂
3:31:19 PM Wxp012: Alexmensa12345, this “project” is over
3:31:28 PM Kenshin: And then I’ll buy more stock but first need investment back with fees :p
3:31:46 PM Kenshin: Wxp012, No it is obviously not :p
3:31:48 PM Atreyusa: para cobrar que coincida con hora del programa
3:32:10 PM DG_Phoenix: Payments are on the way
3:32:25 PM Mrppt1: DG_Phoenix, hi
3:32:29 PM DG_Phoenix: Just wait a little more 3 years
3:32:36 PM DG_Phoenix: Mrppt1, hi
3:32:52 PM Mrppt1: DG_Phoenix, anything new
3:32:55 PM Wxp012: Kenshin, what do you mean by “not”? there is nothing in common between founder’s stocks and that “market”
3:33:01 PM Kenshin: DG_Phoenix, What is this ? a bird ? a plane ? Nooo it’s payment for Founders !! 😀
3:33:18 PM Agentw4b38: Payments are on the way into Hell
3:33:19 PM DG_Phoenix: Mrppt1, no just the fact that nothing will change in futuer
3:33:38 PM ErnestG: too chearleader here ….
3:33:46 PM Mrppt1: DG_Phoenix, im sure it will
3:34:00 PM DG_Phoenix: DG_Phoenix, they just invent new way to steal users money
3:34:04 PM Kenshin: Ok people normal users still being paid since months now = very good
3:34:08 PM DG_Phoenix:
3:34:37 PM Alexmensa12345: Kenshin, but founders don’t take 1 usd
3:34:45 PM Mrppt1: DG_Phoenix, i cant log in
3:35:03 PM Alexmensa12345: Mrppt1, it doesn’t work yet
3:35:12 PM Mrppt1: Alexmensa12345, ok
3:35:14 PM Kenshin: Alexmensa12345, Founders had more than 1$ :p
3:35:28 PM Atreyusa: yo soy fundador y cobro todos los dias por paxum o ego
3:35:32 PM Alexmensa12345: Kenshin, but They can’t wd
3:35:50 PM Kenshin: Alexmensa12345, We could now we can’t and in few days we would 🙂
3:35:58 PM DG_Phoenix: Mrppt1, it’s seperated from dg
3:36:04 PM Kenshin: Wxp012, However
3:36:10 PM Mrppt1: DG_Phoenix, ok
3:36:42 PM DG_Phoenix: Mrppt1, you have to make an account but unfortunately registration is not available yet
3:36:47 PM Alexmensa12345: Kenshin, when we will able to wd? (Founders)
3:36:59 PM Kenshin: However, those who don’t want to wait for the stock price to skyrocket may sell the stocks at their decision.
3:37:28 PM Dengerousxxx: xxx
3:37:35 PM Kenshin: Alexmensa12345, They can’t give fixed dates 🙂 so just wait and one morning you’ll be surprised !
3:37:56 PM Alexmensa12345: Kenshin, I hope is will not a new lie
3:38:17 PM ErnestG: Alexmensa12345,
3:38:17 PM Alexmensa12345: I jope
3:38:29 PM Kenshin: Alexmensa12345, Well a lie is a lie and sorry DG kept their words but still not in time :p
3:38:43 PM Alexmensa12345: ErnestG, so? They wrote “Might”
3:38:53 PM Kenshin: Alexmensa12345, except for blocking money here they are very quick :p
3:38:54 PM Dgdgdg: DG Please explain the situation. Thank you.
3:39:21 PM Dgdgdg: Admin DG Please explain the situation. Thank you.
3:39:27 PM DG_Phoenix: they said a gain that payza holds their funds
3:39:45 PM Kenshin: Dgdgdg, Lot of problem
3:39:48 PM Alexmensa12345: DG_Phoenix, but it isn’t true
3:39:55 PM DG_Phoenix: but when i contacted payza they said that this isuue resolved several month ago
3:40:06 PM Alexmensa12345: True … not Trieste! Excuse me
3:40:10 PM Kenshin: Alexmensa12345, it is TRUE ! PAYZA HAVE OUR MONEY SINCE 8 MONTH NOW !!!
3:40:45 PM Kenshin: DG_Phoenix, LOL which one ? they were several issues on payza 🙂
3:40:48 PM Alexmensa12345: Kenshin, and so? This is my fault?
3:41:01 PM DG_Phoenix:
3:41:05 PM Kenshin: Alexmensa12345, No you are asking I just yelled :p
3:41:14 PM Alexmensa12345: Kenshin, 😉
3:41:20 PM DG_Phoenix: read this
3:41:30 PM DG_Phoenix:
3:41:43 PM HoChiMinh: liar liar your butt crack hole pants are on fire!!!
3:42:29 PM Dengerousxxx:
3:42:43 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, ssshhh we are trying to communicate here ! :p
3:42:43 PM Albiol:
3:42:59 PM HoChiMinh: Kenshin, lol
3:43:11 PM Kenshin: DG_Phoenix, Very interresting but still :
3:44:16 PM 663388: ▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
3:44:28 PM Kenshin: Sooo payza released their funds… well 1 of the sixth apparently… and they have one agent who lost fuucking 100k $ :d Great !
3:44:34 PM HoChiMinh: Kenshin, very easy to get good reputation on that site simply provide existing address
3:44:53 PM HoChiMinh: check you will see it has fake addresses
3:45:06 PM Malu43: New project became a partner and split the profits
3:45:14 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, lol they’ve launched it when ? like hours ago ? :p
3:45:25 PM Kenshin: Malu43, bye bye
3:45:26 PM HoChiMinh: nov, 2013
3:45:43 PM HoChiMinh: they did not announced until we shit at them 🙂 a couple days ago
3:46:02 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh,
3:46:02 PM HoChiMinh: they said we and eat and shit same place
3:46:19 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, That is true :p sorry users here are awfull ^^
3:46:20 PM HoChiMinh: or was we eat our own shit is that what they’re trying to say
3:47:08 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, Fuck yeah users here are shitting in their own plates that is sooo true
3:47:37 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, Sorry I’m tottaly agrree with them :p come on ! free money still not happy ? xD
3:47:50 PM TaqEdit: DG is on the risd today !!! 😀
3:47:53 PM HoChiMinh: lol if you’re among the lucky ot you ROI back
3:47:58 PM Kenshin: TaqEdit, +1
3:48:02 PM Gemars: Why i cant withdraw my 10 dollars? I am founder.
3:48:22 PM Kenshin: Gemars, It is because you are a founder :p
3:48:33 PM HoChiMinh: u need to suk dg dic in order to get paid $1
3:48:41 PM Gemars: it was a filosofical question
3:48:46 PM Kenshin: Gemars, Just use of your precious patience a little more 😉
3:48:53 PM Pelopilu: New project became a partner and split the profits
3:49:13 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, No I know people who WD more than 4k $ ^^’
3:49:13 PM HoChiMinh: every dic suking session will earning you $1
3:49:20 PM HoChiMinh: the more u suk the more u get paid
3:49:33 PM Sustr: – testing?
3:49:34 PM HoChiMinh: once the dic num they no longer pay 🙂
3:49:46 PM Gemars: Hočimine? where are you from?
3:49:52 PM Kenshin: Sustr, Everything is BETA on dgstocks ^^
3:49:52 PM Ferry Board: New project became a partner and split the profits
3:49:56 PM HoChiMinh: Mars
3:50:20 PM Sustr: Kenshin, thx
3:50:30 PM Gemars: well i hate martians for their english :-DDDDDDDD
3:50:36 PM Kenshin: Sustr, welcome ^^
3:50:48 PM Kenshin: Gemars, Yeah fuucking awkward :p
3:50:58 PM TaqEdit: THE RISE OF DG 😀
3:50:59 PM Sustr: yellow dots too right on the web 😀
3:51:23 PM Kenshin: ☠ ☯ ♥ ✌ ✖ ☢ ☣ ☤ ❤ ❥ ❦ ❧ ♡ ✗ ✘ ♒ Ω
3:51:35 PM Kenshin: fuucking ET ☠ ☯ ♥ ✌ ✖ ☢ ☣ ☤ ❤ ❥ ❦ ❧ ♡ ✗ ✘ ♒ Ω ☠ ☯ ♥ ✌ ✖ ☢ ☣ ☤ ❤ ❥ ❦ ❧ ♡ ✗ ✘ ♒ Ω
3:51:40 PM Sustr: TaqEdit, this is not DG
3:51:48 PM Coop3299: FUCK DG
3:51:53 PM HoChiMinh: man i can create that website in 5 inutes
3:52:15 PM Kenshin: TaqEdit, LOL 13$ VS 44 = The rise ? :p
3:52:31 PM Kenshin: Coop3299, Shhh we are trying to communicate here :p
3:52:53 PM Coop3299: Lol dg is dead
3:52:57 PM TaqEdit: “today”
3:53:00 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, We are glad to know you can write a ticket for a job application inside DG :p
3:53:11 PM Kenshin: Coop3299, Obviously not :p
3:53:15 PM Wxp012: Coop3299, it is all over
3:53:23 PM Coop3299: lol you are naive
3:53:37 PM Coop3299: to believe in dg
3:53:42 PM Kenshin: Wxp012, IIIIT’S THEEE EEEEENNND OF THE WoOooorrrld ! Run YOU FOOLS ! :p
3:53:53 PM Sustr: dgstocks terms is very strange… we all accept and loose money
3:54:20 PM ZionAxOne: ho fellows!
3:54:27 PM ZionAxOne: *hi
3:54:34 PM HoChiMinh: what u canlling us ho?
3:54:43 PM Kenshin: Sustr, Users of this website are responsible for the outcome of their actions with their account balances.
3:54:48 PM ZionAxOne: typo .. sorry 😀
3:54:55 PM HoChiMinh: oh
3:55:19 PM HoChiMinh: Kenshin, might as well write “we are scammerso watch out! ”
3:55:25 PM ZionAxOne: 🙂 so? news is … no news?
3:55:26 PM HoChiMinh: lol
3:55:46 PM Kenshin: ZionAxOne, Yeah use more of your patience :p BETA open
3:56:00 PM Sustr: IDENTITY VERIFICATION is problem…
3:56:02 PM HoChiMinh: dg shoudl change their TOS term of service and includes “ignore what we writes just know that we are scammer so watch out!”
3:56:10 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, LOL I never saw a scam that gave me my money back :p
3:56:15 PM ZionAxOne: they are paying exclusively new members/ non founders..
3:56:26 PM HoChiMinh: Kenshin, exactly!
3:56:40 PM ZionAxOne: yeah I take 2 “patience pills” today .. loooooooooooool
3:56:40 PM Kenshin: HoChiMinh, Well I had :p
3:56:53 PM HoChiMinh: talking about scam i made so much money with topcapitalist but i loss it all to geniuscapital
3:56:54 PM ZionAxOne: soon I will nedd a new prescription..
3:56:57 PM Sustr: we invested 1000 dollars and they back 500 dollars
3:56:58 PM Kenshin: ZionAxOne, I took the whole box when I saw a BETA DGstocks :p
3:57:01 PM HoChiMinh: they both closed down lol 🙂
3:57:06 PM HoChiMinh: so mad
3:57:44 PM Kenshin: Ok bye people and remember : DG is not a church (unless it give you money… hooo damn)
3:58:17 PM Dgdgdg: Sustr, ako to myslis s tym dg stock
3:58:22 PM Kenshin: Soo just wait for the positive things that would happen AND PLEASE don’t fuck up DGstocks :p
3:58:51 PM Coop3299: no , fuck dg !
3:59:04 PM Kenshin: Like if you don’t know how to trade then don’t do it :p or you will still complain about it
3:59:28 PM Kenshin: Coop3299, Yeah fuck them ! yeah give us money !
3:59:42 PM Kenshin: Coop3299, Lol “humans”
4:00:51 PM Sustr: Dgdgdg, no pozmenili pravidla a vsechno to hraje do jejich karet. Ze v podstate za nic nejsou zodpovedni a ze muzou pravdidla kdykoliv zmenit
4:01:01 PM Coop3299: lol dg lie since few months, dg know only : please wait, soon
4:01:15 PM HoChiMinh: u mena since june 2013
4:01:22 PM Sustr: who is the owner DG?
4:01:26 PM HoChiMinh: me
4:01:31 PM HoChiMinh: you
4:01:37 PM HoChiMinh: him her it who knows
4:01:38 PM Sustr: oh, i think Chuck Norris
4:01:47 PM HoChiMinh: no bruce lee
4:01:57 PM HoChiMinh: wait
4:02:03 PM HoChiMinh: i think North Korea
4:02:11 PM HoChiMinh: they’re desperate for money
4:02:24 PM Sustr: Very clever person is owner DG and very rich now 😀
4:02:35 PM HoChiMinh: indeed
4:02:35 PM 663388: ..▇ ▇ MINE YOUR BTCoins ▇ revolutionary money making ▇
4:03:10 PM Mrppt1: no minny mouse is the owner of dg lol
4:03:13 PM Sustr: hacked and bye…
4:04:43 PM HoChiMinh: lol that remimded me of
4:04:58 PM HoChiMinh: the website says hacked …. then off line everyone looses their money 🙂 lol
4:05:42 PM HoChiMinh: and not a thing anyone can do about it since it’s all anonymous sometime stolen identity to register the domain name and webserver
4:06:58 PM Anverd1: 1
4:07:04 PM Pelopilu: hello!!! Dgstocks
4:07:46 PM HoChiMinh: sup dawg
4:07:54 PM HoChiMinh: sup my bish
4:08:09 PM HoChiMinh: wanna sukkie sukkie
4:09:42 PM Pelopilu: Bit coin novelty in the world, became a partner and earn dividends
4:10:53 PM Ulixes: Why cant i log in to DGSTOCKS?
4:12:50 PM DG_Phoenix: Ulixes, it’s just a template with front inteface only
4:13:04 PM DG_Phoenix: no backend website
4:13:30 PM DG_Phoenix: they think we are stupid enough to beleive more shit and lies from them
4:13:50 PM DG_Phoenix: their whole business is lie
4:14:38 PM DG_Phoenix: it doesn’t relate to BTC in anyway
4:19:53 PM Gallardo: “Founder account’s have a priority to payouts and no daily limits.” remove this bul****t
4:21:16 PM HoChiMinh: they already abandon closed this site they started new scam already
4:22:04 PM HoChiMinh: they could have succeed with less commission (20% are you kidding me?) ROI back in less than 2 months after that all pure profit SCAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
4:22:40 PM HoChiMinh: those are the signal – end of story 🙂
4:24:12 PM Dgdgdg: HoChiMinh, Where all end-DG is only just beginning …!
4:25:56 PM Russo94: any news guys?
4:26:45 PM Dgdgdg: News …!!
4:27:56 PM HoChiMinh: Russo94, yeah all support_dg got laid off while dg owners drinking expensive wine and beers with hookers like “The Wolf of Wallstreet”
4:29:31 PM Dgdgdg: News …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4:30:05 PM Russo94: HoChiMinh, hahahhaa
4:35:15 PM Gallardo: i want moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
4:37:22 PM HoChiMinh: money grow on trees just have to climbs up and pick it but be careful u might falls off and hurt yourselves
4:38:10 PM Fisch: Bit coin news in the world, has become a partner and earn dividends
4:39:13 PM Paovidiugmailcom: I am willing to invest 50 USD more, web ca-n mare a comunity and put a tail in ghe oweners heads 🙂
4:41:56 PM RexBESTPROFIT: Best profit!! forget dfs 200 this is it!!!
4:46:51 PM Neokatarn: DG_Phoenix, please dgstocks how it works ? how should i login ? XD
4:46:58 PM Neokatarn: DG_Phoenix, Thanks
4:53:04 PM Duckets: hello, hows things going in the whiners room? 😉