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There is a small chance that anyone whom got scammed by and paid them using Western Union, you have the opportunity to report the scam to Police in the location where the money was picked up. Example below process on how this user report to the local authority there. It’s better to report to the local authority where the Western Union money was picked up. The hope is that the person whom picked it up live around that area, even in the same state the authority can narrow it down easier.

Once again, let’s work together and put these scammers in jail and paid for what they did. We need more people use similar method below to report to the authority online. The more the better, with just a few people reporting it will not budge, need more people whom got scammed by to speak up.

Subject: IPUS services scam
Message: Hi,
Thanks for printing my comments on your website!

For your information, Western Union requst that you quote a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) associated with the transaction for them to investigate. In my case this reference is 2588316963. You could use this in dealings with the Police.

I reported this to the local Police in Allentown, PA. The website is :

from where a tick box appears for you to report the crime – General tip or vice tip.

Otherwise try the local FBI- email them at:

[email protected]

Or contact Internet crime complaints:

Or you could phone Allentown Federal Court House & Office:

PO Box 2401
Suite 2401, 504 West Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18101-1502
Telephone (610) 433-6488

I\’m not too sure of standard USA dialling codes.

I hope this helps