Hash Profit hashprofit.com can easily be a scam and run away with your money

Some people may think hashprofit.com is a straight plain scam fraud, some think it’s not a scam but it can be a scam due to bad business model. Some say it’s better to invest with cointellect.com than with hashprofit.com.

If you’re thinking of investing on hashprofit.com you might want to take a look at cointellect.com, however for both they can be scam fraud at anytime. But, it’s better to invest cointellect due to shorter contract, higher yield in return ROI, and off course you can mine with your own equipment.

Again, both cointellect.com and hasprofit could turn into a scam one day, and they can run away with your money without a trace. They’re both similar to how HYIP (high yield investment program) works. Similar to a pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme, first they will get a couple members with affiliate ID, then those members will get more members under their affiliate ID, each time the members below them make money, the higher up get 10% of that payout. It’s very lucrative business with the affiliate style. The higher up level of the pyramid doesn’t need to work at all once they get few people under them that goes out and get more fishes for them, as more and more people are under them, the more money they will make. Basically the owner or operator of the business doesn’t have to work much other than keeping the program running. Let the victims find more victims.

Take IPUServices.com and coingeneration.com for example. Especially with coingeneration.com has similar news posting wording same as coingeneration.com news published. The professional news publishing use similar wordings on both coingeneration.com and cointellect.com, words such as “In light of …” how often do you see this word being use? maybe a lot for some, but for most, it’s a copy cat, or just simply the same person operating the previous scam that went on for over 6 months undetected, and then eventually the operations start publishing news reasons for not being to pay all or in full, but they can pay pennies to keep the momentum going, and before you know it, they’re not paying at all.

Here’s hashprofit.com latest news to get people to invest. Although the news doesn’t look similar to coingeneration.com or the new cointellect.com, but strategies are the same to get people in, invest, make money, pay out big money, the investor came back with higher investment but because of greed and want to make more money, in the loss all because the program went scam. Not too many can control their investments, sure they may say, “I’m going to invest $100, make $200, then quit, easy to say hard to do, because in the end they put that same amount of money they make or more, and the program went scam your money is gone. The scammer can manage each individual account, whether to payout or not, it’s not systematic as people may think that they can be outsmarted.

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