[High fees for withdrawal earnings] Cointellect fees 20% for all withdrawal?

Cointellect doesn’t looks too good folks. According to other blogs and forums, including HYIP chat room, people are confirming the 20% fees on Cointellect now, it’s not longer no fees.

Today is Monday for many locations regions, including the so call office of Cointellect Northern Europe. It is Monday and the fees changed from Sunday commission 30% now to just “Commission 20%”. Meaning that the fees for Sunday 30% was removed then Cointellect replaced it with 20% fee for all withdrawal for business days.

This is bad, look like Cointellect is in trouble with all these problems and issue related to payout. There wasn’t any fees before, then Cointellect took advantage of Christmas and New year weeks to applied the 30% fees. Then after the Holiday Cointellect continue to applied fees for week end 20-30%. Then now fees for weekdays also Monday to Friday at 20% fees commission. Doesn’t look good. Hopefully the members voice their concern on this on all of the facebook related Cointellect asking about the fees now is permanent 20%?

If members of Cointellect keeps on sending email to support team the public community will not know what’s going on. It’s better to send email to support and at the same time post the issue on facebook Cointellect websites for people to see, and hope Cointellect don’t delete your facebook post due to issues that make their Cointellect look bad.

I will keep my eye open checking for issues reported by members. Stay tuned!.