let the SCAM game begins

Here’s your new SCAM website taking HYIP to the next level, even better than previous HYIP super computer computing power.

It appears that anonypay now online functioning with SSL https, and the bottom footer with so call transparency. “© 2014 All Rights Reserved – AnonyPay, IBC Seychelles” Yes a lot of people will fall for this I’m sure. Making look legitimate just to get people trust and motivation to sign up. Once signed up, members will test a few transactions conversion, and yes it will get processes work flawlessly, instantly, consistently, until the scammer knows it’s time to motivate the members to deposit more money and get more people to participate and deposit more money. One way they make money is the fee, then eventually it would be a total shut down of the site with everyone’s money stuck in it.

But wait! it’s not going to be to be totally shut down. They will first frozen all accounts and will announced with their professional intelligence news letter released, press released, saying that anony-pay have problem with their bank account, anonypay doing everything possible to go back online again, they will keep bringing out this kind of news continuously, they process manually some account transactions with small amount to kill time, killing time is the game now. will come up with all kind of scam fake news strategies as they did on and many other scam HYIP websites to kill time.

The time killing method, is just to get your money into their bank account from the payment processors. Once in their bank account, they will withdraw into cash. Once cash withdrawal completed, they will close the account, and then continue to released professional news to their members issue still pending and so on, and just ignore the website while they work on another scam. The cycle continue. Sadly a lot of people fall for this scam, a few beat the scam and profit a few dollars, while many loss total in hundreds thousand combined. People already knew it’s a scam, but they go for it anyways, that’s what sad about it, think they can outsmart these intelligent scammers.

Keep in mind that I ask a question. How does obtained all of email? or was the email sent by using the from email [email protected]? saying that they’re not related and not going to commit business relationship.