Investigating the person behind

One reader send in a comment in regard to report IPUServices scam operations that had stolen hundreds thousand of dollars from users members victims. I think this is a good idea and it will certainly work for people whom sends money using Western Union and other indirectly method, meaning that you’re sending money to not by EGOPAY, Perfect Money and many many others virtual anonymous payment processors. Then there is a good chance that this may work. However still some issue with as I mentioned earlier, these scammers operates HYIP using fake anonymous methos, using stolen IDs which they can obtain $40 for a big list of stolen identification from picture ID to passport. They’re scammers, and most if not all can create generate fake ID photos. In some cases these scammers hired someone else to go pick up the money.

For this case below, the member sent the money via Wester Union, someone picked it up in Allentown, PA. I doubt that’s the owner or operator of website but this person might have something to do with whether he picked up the money for someone else, or picked up the money for himself after exchanging something in return by someone else on the internet.

We may be able to proceed, as it’s a good idea. The sad thing is most people look at $150 is gone and it’s a hassle to go through all these to the scammer in trouble, these people have money to throw away I guess. Not me, even free or $1, and someone is scamming me, I would do something about it, not for myself but for the many that got scammed.

Subject: IPUS scam
Message: How about encouraging readers to report IPUS scam to the American Police/FBI/Internet crime squad? I made a payment via Western Union, and this was to a certain person \’Michael Papp\’ of Allentown, PA, USA. Western Union said that if they were approached by the Police, they would release details of the transaction, as every person receiving monies has to have an offical ID check. So the more people report IPUS to the police in Allentown, PA, could there be a chance of an investigation?