IPUServices.com SCAM “$5 Added To Your Account – IPU Services UPDATE!!”

IPUServices.com just sent another email to SCAM more people, they’re basically milking every last pennies people have. The effective email that IPUServices.com sent will motivate more people that doesn’t know that it’s a scam since October 2013, that was when it stopped paying members, stopped support questions in regard to earning and payout, stopped forums, and the only way of communications they had is a one way communication, which is this email below. They writes the news updated so motivating that people will fall for it and spent more money on IPUServices.com. I urged people to spread the facts that IPUServices.com has been a scam since October, there is no way of communication to them to get answer to real questions. IPUServices.com Support will only answer questions about you paying them, other questions not related to paying them investing on them will be ignored and nothing you can do about it. IPUServices.com have not been paying anyone one, broken promise of the Payout link button, it never exist for even members with hundreds of dollars for payout!

Too much complaint that IPUServices.com sees negativity they shut down the forums, now members are in the dark. Sadly new members does not know about the SCAM IPUServices.com are running spent money and refers people to be a victims to IPUServices.com Please don’t, do your research, google it online, the people that speaks positive about IPUServices.com are merely the staff owners or the people wants you to click on their referrals links so they can make money off of you as a victims, they’re not spending a penny, they just make money off of you through referrals commissions.


From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014
Subject: $5 Added To Your Account – IPU Services UPDATE!!

Server Upgrades – Due to Server Upgrades over the past 72+ hours, many of you were unable to connect to our servers or earn money. This situation was unfortunate, yet completely unavoidable, as we switched over to multiple dedicated servers. For your patience, everyone has received $5 per account as partial compensation, and as a “Thank You” for your patience.

(There simply will never again be the “Loading” or “Cannot Connect To Server” issue ever again)

48-Hour Referral Sale – Our Referral Sale was a phenomenal success – we sold over 90% of the available referrals!! Referrals are now back to their normal price of $5 each, and available only to Regional and Divisional Accounts. Go here to purchase referrals – http://www.ipuservices.com/upgrade.php

Partnership Payments / Division Accounts – All Division Accounts are equal partners in IPU Services and, as such, they share equally in the profits of the business. We originally planned on having 1000 Division Accounts, and, as of now, we have approximately 930. WE WILL STOP SELLING Division Accounts in February, as the first quarterly payment to partners will be made on March 31. They will NOT be offered for sale ever again, so if you wish to upgrade, now is the time. Go here to upgrade to a Division Account – http://www.ipuservices.com/upgrade.php

There should be no issues now with servers or earnings – email with any questions or concerns.

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