Latest cointellect experience among users

If you’re using cointellect, need to keep the following things in mind. have very strict audit system, and they’re getting more strict as time goes by. This is similar to PerkTV and Swag bucks. A lot of cointellect members already gotten their account frozen, banned, blocked, suspended, earning stolen, reset to 0.0001

  1. Login from multiple IP will raise a flag. Even though if you’re just over at a friend’s house whom had to be using cointellect also, so now you both logged in from the same connection, your account are now flagged and your earning now being reset to 0.00001 or required credit card verification, possibly even blocked, banned.
  2. Withdrawal earning on same Dogecoin address, paypal, credit card address, will also raise a flag. Even if you’re just given the Dogecoin address to your friend to withdraw into your account because he/she want to donate you some dogecoin. Your account will see message indicate you’re using a payout earning address from another location with another account. Again your account now being blocked, flagged review suspension, earning reset to 0.00001
  3. Your IP change, and the timing issue will raise a flag also. When you login your IP was 1, mining was 1, but your IP changed, now mining switch to IP 2. This could cause a problem, again your account being flagged. Even this is not your fault, just your ISP.
  4. You’re at work, and your work does not allow you to connect to cointellect, so you use a VPN or private proxy, this can also flag you as fraud and cointellect will freeze your account. This is again not your fault, but still, cointellect audit system becoming more strict than before, it will only get worst.
  5. You travel from time to time, to different part of the world, different internet. This obviously a big problem because your IP kept on changing, now cointellect will reset your earning and flag you as fraud also.
  6. You rent a miner to mine on cointellect, you send support message to support to let them know, still you are being flagged. You’re behind a firewall, or a router that have private proxy VPN for privacy or business reason, legitimate reason that is, and still being flagged down as possible fraud, and your earning again reset to 0.0001 asking for verification of credit card.

Again cointellect audit system are getting more strict each day, interruption to your earning will be imminent. Now, let’s ask a question: Does any pool does this kind of checks? or audit? NOPE, I have not seen any yet. So what does this tells you about cointellect? Shady business? Scam coming soon? Marketing strategies? Now the 10% commission is a no doubt a multi level marketing strategies, similar to a pyramid scheme or scam. For sure, cointellect isn’t just another pool, most people don’t care as long as they’re paying for earning. Just be cautious folks.