More problems are being report for members using cointellect mining and investing

Look like cointellect is moving on a wrong direction. Cointellect customer support does respond to member’s inquiries fast, but not in a professional, knowledgeable manner. The respond from cointellect are getting worst especially to those members that don’t have a contract, and making money off mining.

Reading from a few blogs and forums, people are reporting their earning continue to drop especially for new members just signed up a couple days ago, first day good earning, second half the earning, third day earning appears to have dropped dramatically, and fourth fifth + days, the earning no longer be good enough to qualify for a withdrawal. Members sent messages to cointellect support asking what happen, but the respond from cointellect was very vague, upsetting at some point, and even threats to block the account and it does not matter if you have contract with them or not.

Even for people that invested $99 or $299 for a contract at cointellect, at some point, cointellect will freeze the account earning, basically you earn nothing to withdraw payout. Some reported saying prohibit using proxy, or sharing same dogecoin address payout. Basically here are some reasons your legitimate account get blocked, suspended, banned, or earning stolen reset to zeros or 0.0001 to 0.0032

  • Your dynamic IP changes, or the dynamic changes to an IP that was recently uses on cointellect
  • You logon from another IP such as from a friends house that uses cointellect also
  • You use the same dogecoin address that already been uses by another cointellect users.
  • You verified with the same address information on another account.
  • Your IP address was somehow flagged as suspicious although it’s a legitimate IP address that got issued by your ISP.
  • You created a new account with an invite code that belong to a banned or blocked account
  • Your browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer), have previous accounts cookies saved and when you create a new account or login to a different can also suspicious activities that cointellect audit system don’t work too well to determine you’re a legitimate users.
  • You use proxy to bypass your intra network (LAN) company / work place in order to connect to cointellect to mine. No, you cannot use proxy! end of story!

Lastly! Your account can get blocked, banned, earning stolen rest to 0.0001 at any time, and it does not matter if you no contract, or $99 contract or $299, also possible you will never see your money again if you paid via crypto currencies, with credit card you can work with your bank to file a scam fraud claim and get your money back.