More scam heading your way at now credit card verification required for most if no all accounts

Now do you see what happen when you’re dealing with unregulated business? for example, a while back, up til maybe a couple days ago, you can mine and earn up to 10EUR before credit card verification is required. Now it is required for all account, so what’s reason behind this?

In an effort to ward off automated bot registrations, CoIntellect employs a verification system designed to confirm you are human. We kindly ask you to input a valid credit or debit card below. Our merchant will make a € “flash” charge to the card which will be refunded immediately.

This is worst than perktv, as they only required telephone #. Now required credit card verification. How many people out there think this makes sense? maybe less than half, or even less than that.

Think about this, ask yourself this question. How many pools out there even required your phone#? none, some don’t even required your email address. So what’s up with simple! it’s a scam. The transparency are now being exposed more and more each day.

It’s obvious that there are many other ways to verify non bot or auto registration and so on, why credit card? because is a scam. When your credit card is verified, you’re stuck with that account, and now they can manipulate your earning and eventually you would have to buy a contract with them. 10 days contract you will not profit anything because of the fees and fluctuation of dogecoin bitcoin value. Although the 10 days contract will protect you from fraud. The next level up is the 3 months which yield some profit, but after 45 days, your credit card company no longer protecting you from fraud, your money is gone, irreversible, some even only have 30 days for you to file claim of fraud.

So when your credit card is verified, not only the company or business whom verified your credit card have your person information and identity. Now also have that information. Note that the information being parsed from and back to, you better watch your credit card statement closely. One day you will see charges, maybe not today, or tomorrow, but the next days.

Aside from the credit card fraud, they also start to fraud members with earning manually changes, manipulated, by members group or categories they already grouped. Based on your IP address, they can determine who will not get paid or get their fund reversed secretly without the members knowing. So don’t be surprise when you logged into cointellect to check your hard earning GPU CPU ASIC miners mining to see 2EUR, but checked back a few hours later it’s all gone, now showing 0.02EUR or less. Yes, that happened to many people now, their earning fund disappeared, and they’ve been mining for weeks to get that 5EUR and just found it’s disappeared reduced to a fraction of that.

That’s for you folks. More to come, I will be reading RSS Feed from other blogs, forums, and IRC chat room, and will summarize and update y’all 🙂