Next week prediction on Cointellect payout situation

Happy Friday to me to everyone, if anyone is reading πŸ™‚

What we know, and facts about cointellect as of today.

  • Over 90% or more members did not get paid, doesn’t matter if you requested payout for 25 cent, $25, or $2500, nope it’s not going and all did or will get cancelled. Does not matter if you wait a week letting the earning accumulate before requesting payout, that don’t work either. Some new members did get paid, but very small volume and probably just a trick to Β lure new members into investing.
  • Cointellect did attended Bitcoin Expo 2015, and they seem to be professional individual well dress, and appears legitimate folks, but again never EVER let those business dress or suit fool you :).
  • Liar: Announcement of instant Dogecoin payout, didn’t even last 4 hours. Cryptopay working, nope didn’t work, some lucky people went through though. Paypal, nope works for a few weeks then problems, then not work. Any payout method works? NONE nada, nothing work as of today, even the Mining Pool. Cointellect reason for not paying was because of limit πŸ™‚ meaning all the members are screwed! don’t you get it? Cointellect telling you out flat “limited payout” weekly, why would anyone invest anymore into this program?
  • Cointellect Mining Pool works, nope, if you’re lucky connected, then you will earn few pennies because the pool will keep on disconnecting you.
  • Cointellect will support you if you have problems paying buying mining contract. If you contact on other issues including payout request, your email will get ignored and off course they cuss at you behind your back LOL ok that’s a joke about cussing.

OK now my prediction based on my research and feedback I got from other people. Some say next week Cointellect have surprise LOL this is just so much like Coingeneration I got the same messages πŸ™‚ So what’s the surprise coming next week?

  • Cointellect News will be published, apologies blah blah blah … these are my funny but real life prediction just like any others BIG ponzi scheme scam out there.
    • Due to the nature of Bitcoin value, we were force to increase 60% fees for withdrawal. It’s a joke but yeah it could happen.
    • Our developer are working hard to integrate new payout prepaid credit card, which will never happen.
    • Our developer are working hard to fix issue with API integrate cryptopay and negociate further with cryptopay. How long already? months
    • We are planning to go public IPO and offering you to buy our stocks, discount price for existing members. 50% off and have some shares of Cointellect stocks. Coingeneration style.
    • Send us more money to buy Bitcoin, it’s so low, when it goes up we will double the profit to you.
    • Use your balance to buy more mining contract at discount price.
    • And a lot more that I can think off what ponzi scheme scam can pull

Well let see what Cointellect have up their sleeves to pull in the next coming weeks. I can tell you for sure, it’s not going to be we will pay you in full, don’t worry, we will pay every single person in full, we have money and balance is great, we’re depositing the money to get you dogecoin payout and so on blah blah. Don’t expect any of those action will be taken, you will never get paid again in full, but instead you will get manipulated in some surprises, again it’s ain’t gonna be paying your earning in full, that is impossible at this time, do you know how much backlog payout is for almost a month already? impossible to make full payout, mark my word, you will not get paid in full and will never will for the remainder of Cointellect life.