[Not Paying] Cointellect not paying any Dogecoins for over 4 days +

No Dogecoin paying being made for over four days, going for day 4 and counting, over four days, members of Cointellect are reporting of not getting paid. Earnings payout requests are all in pending status “Wait for Executed” message. Not so sure if people invested in the thousands get paid via CryptoPay.

The end of Cointellect is near, just like Coingeneration.com, the sad thing about this is that many folks whom got scammed before and willing to risk it and got scammed again. I’ve seen people invested in the thousands of dollars for Mining Contract, got about half of their ROI back, then problems. Many of the people invested with a once way funding, such as Bitcoin, Egopay, Perfect Money, and so on, these are one way funding, no such thing as dispute or refund, your money is gone.

For many of you lucky people that uses Credit Card whom just realized you got scammed, there might be still time for you to contact your Credit Card company or bank immediately, as soon as possible and report of the fraud. Dispute the amount, get it refund it back to your account, at least get your money back. Sometime the bank allow up to 60 days for dispute, but often time only 45 days max. If you dispute large amount, chances are it will take long time to get refund. Do this as soon as possible.

With over 4 days of backlog payout, I don’t see how can Cointellect can perform the payout in full. Just like coingeneration.com they did the same thing as Cointellect are doing today. If you don’t know about Coingeneration.com you can search on the web, you will see it’s same concept as Cointellect are doing today, but this Cointellect actually showing pictures of the people whom may be involved with the program, four people showing up in picture at the Bitcoin Expo 2015.