People can really make money with although it’s a risk but then there are risk everywhere

Before I start blogging this entry. I must say that I have changed my perspective toward Although it be a scam, but then there are scam everywhere. Although they may lies and make up stories, but who doesn’t make stories? Although they may be using manipulating methods in a sense that their members have no choice but to select the only choice that work, but again who doesn’t do this sometime? So with that being said, it’s really up to the person or members decision to stay with or simply drop off the project.

OK so what’s going on? – Well after shifted to offer its members to buy DG Stock and became part of the company as stock holder Founder. This position basically converted all members cash balance into stocks shares, and one thread can be run on thread manager. The earning will be reset to zeros, 1 thread $1, plus dividend and referrals. A lot of people clicked on convert without knowing the consequences, and a lot of people know what they’re doing and accepted the offer, and then there are some as of today still not DG Stock holder yet, still hoping one day they will get payout and bank transfer complete, however as many know that day will probably never come, so the only practical choice is to convert to stock DG. There isn’t any benefit if the members didn’t convert to DG Stock founder position, nothing will happen if you whined and complained.

So for those that are still in here, indeed maybe there’s a positive side of this. Perhaps in December actually will start to allow members to sell their stock, however there must be a buyer. So let say you have 10 shares, you want to sell it at price of $15, you would need a buyer that would be willing to pay $150 for it otherwise your offer will stay in pending forever. The positive side of this is that, the person whom purchased it at $15 a share, a couple days later stock goes up to $17, now he/she profit $2 per share that’s $20 profit, he/she may post for sell, and again need a buyer will to pay for it. It is indeed an operation that would required a lot of members, we’re talking about millions, not in the tens of thousand, that’s not enough. So will see how this will play out. Many people I’m sure saying SCAM SCAM FRAUD, well folks, thinking about SCAM, what’s not a SCAM? you were born to this world of SCAM.

At the same time, after everyone converted into DG stock Founder position, they can  still make money with dividend and thread, you buy more threads you get pay more but again need the computer to be up and running those threads to get paid. I’m still analyzing the activities, and also take keep on monitoring the chat room.