Ponzi Scheme SCAM http://2xcoin.gq/ 2xcoin

People just never learn. I guess some people just like to play with Ponzi Scheme scam that they know they can never win. Sure you win once in a while but you know you will loose it all to another one. You think you can outsmart ponzi but in the end some other ponzi scheme scam will win you. So please, save your money, save your crypto coin, Bitcoin whatever. It’s better to have it in your possession one day it will worth something, then wasting time on these scam sites.

So after cryptodouble, coinsdouble and so on and many many more, you still want to give away money for free huh? Please.

For the newbie, if you don’t know how it’s a ponzi or how this work with 2xcoin.gq? Let me cut to the chase for you. You deposit small amount like 100dogecoin, the owner of the site know you’re testing it, so they will pay you 200doge, and they know you will invest that 200doge or more, the next thing you know is they’re gone disappear and nothing you can do about it. For those that throw in big investment such as 1 BTC, even if it’s first time, and you think they will give 2 BTC? ERRR wrong, they will hold on to your money and never pay crap, and again, nothing you can do about it.

You can report the website to domain register, webhosting and so on, so what? it will just get shut down, again you wasted your time and operator simply start a new one with new stolen credit cards new identity and nothing anyone can do to catch these criminals. The only way really is to spread the words, and let everyone know how to detect ponzi scheme scam.


2xcoin ponzi scheme scam fraud your cryptocoins nothing you can do about it

2xcoin ponzi scheme scam fraud your cryptocoins nothing you can do about it