[REDs Gateway Payments] Coingeneration.com updated “Stocks and Payments” news

Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG for the past few days having problems with paying its members, despite its promises to pay Founder Stock Holders instantly consistently for at least couple months. Well! short live, it probably been a month and no funding enough to pay, as clearly indicated by Payment Gateway RED most if not all the time for the past few days. It’s reason were? Well read below. Doesn’t it seems so familiar? History repeats itself.

The positive side of this is, they’re updating the members of what’s going on faster than before. In addition to a better promise and ETA. Versus while back, their support respond favorite word is “soon”, as in “soon human will live on Mars”, yes soon sometime never come. Couple days = couple months, and so on, that how bad it was. It’s getting better.

Stocks and Payments
The integration of DG stock trading platform is almost finished and we are finalizing the latest security issues to bring in the action before the New Year.

Please bear in mind that due to Banking Holidays in EU we may experience some delays funding our eWallets therefore we kindly request you to avoid any negativity as we do our best to keep accounts funded during Christmas.

We are becoming more than just a
long term alternative, we are going global now!

Our next release will be published shortly,

DG Team