another scam website HYIP similar to

Watch out! a new scam high yield investment program started recently, domain purchased August 10th 2013, and expires within a year. The website have no contact address or phone #, anonymous skype, anonymous facebook closed groups, and only accept payments from processors that you cannot dispute easily. Stay away! this is similar to and many other similar scripts. Amazing 125% profit after 1 day, totally scam, do not even waste $1. Better to get your $1 worth by buying a candy bar and enjoy it.  Stay away from In he next couple of days you will see fake rating scripts, all these scripts looks similar they just re-designed the layout templates but functionality all the same to steal your money, wasting your time.

*** Updated August 24th, as of this day, no one received confirmed payments, although the site indicated payout but the users investors never got it. Also the website running days and # calculated incorrectly! so stay away. HYIP monitors website already reported this site isn’t paying anyone, fake # showing up as payout. Stay away!