[SCAM] anony-pay.com let the scam begins! IPUServices.com members email list sold

Anony-pay.com SCAM had begun! This is the so call phase #2 of IPUServices.com, although IPUServices.com had ended with with everyone’s money gone stolen. Exactly what I have said, they will scam, and keep on scamming with fake news to motivate people to invest on a one way transactions, a lot of people fell for it and loss $150 or more, and multiple that by many thousands, how much money IPUServices.com pocket and ran away no trace. But wait! what about this anony-pay.com?

Yep, anony-pay.com no doubt have some kind of connection with IPUServices.com, perhaps even the same people running the previous scam, and more scams to come. Ask yourself this question. How does anony-pay.com got your email? You never signed up with anony-pay.com, and I’m talking about the original email was sent by anony-pay.com saying that they have no relationship with IPUServices.com. I noticed an email cleaned up by anony-pay.com. The email list contained multiple or duplicates email, so look like anony-pay.com cleaned up the duplicates and now they sent out email to recipient one time versus the original list from IPUServices.com have duplicates because each email can have IPUServices.com account, that’s why people getting duplicates email.

Anony-pay.com, again my prediction on how they make money. At the beginning they will operates diligently, meaning instant conversion, instant support email, chat and so on. At this stage they will profit small amount of fees for each conversion, maybe cheapest fee or maybe close to free. This is to keep the users members motivated and continue to use their services. As more and more people fall into their scam, they profit the small fees, and eventually will make bigger profit where they will unleash their final attempts with good news, strategic features and enhancements to the functionality, they will tell lies and make up awesome stories that people cannot resist, as a result before use their services, depositing high amount of money to convert, but guess what? the conversion will not work, and when you contact them, they will announce that they’re having problems with computer glitch, computer problems, bank problems, whatever reason they can come up with to calm the users down. To kill time to be exact. Kill time so that anony-pay.com can run away, meaning they will withdraw your money cash into their bank and cash out and close the account, then will updates everyone that they’re still working on issue and will resolve soon. At this stage they will allow small amount of conversion through just to keep members trust.

This is the same game they will keep playing. Not just anony-pay.com but eventually many other ones like it, I call it the enhancement version of HYIP. Taking HYIP to the next level. Very clever scam where a lot of people will fall into this trap. Only a few people smart enough to escape, for the majority, a big loss of money.

Example of this news below will motivate people. People will start testing with $1, and off course it will work. Instantly and consistently. Then people tried with $20, then $50, then $100, then eventually $1000, to convert to other virtual currencies. Then once anony-pay.com sees it’s opportunities to make a big profit, they will start to frozen the functionality and blame it on technical issues, bank transfer issue, and so on whatever they can use to kill time so the members don’t report them to authority or file complaint. Keep in mind that throughout the whole process, anony-pay.com will send many of this types of news below to motivate members users, sadly a lot of the people will fall for this scam. Some even know it’s a scam but a risk they will take and many will fail miserably, only a handful can outsmart them or lucky enough to get away from the scam.

From: AnonyPay <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, April 7, 2014
Subject: Anony-Pay Important News

The BEST in Anonymous, Multi-Denominational Monetary Exchange
Anony-Pay is the best method to use to pay or be paid ANONYMOUSLY. Close to 40 different methods of payment (PayPal, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Skrill, etc, etc) all at your command.
Plus – all payments and transfers between Anony-Pay members are FREE – NO FEE.
Correctly configuring all of the payment processors is taking us much more time than we anticipated – we do appreciate your patience – we anticipate 40 working payment processors by the end of April.
We currently have 2900 registered members – and we want more. To obtain more members, we are offering 12%APR on all deposits for the first 50,000 registrants. That is 1% per month. Nothing you will get rich with, but much better than your local bank. Offer ends April 1, 2015.

Our FORUM is now open; it is a “Pay to Play” forum, which means you cannot contribute unless you are a member with funds in your account ($1). There will be no user names (You will use your account number, partially blocked) There will be no spam, no links. And no warnings.

If you have a question, a scenario, anything, email us now at [email protected].
For Trade details, complicated or unusual transactions, we will communicate via our encrypted emails.
If you wish to chat, we use TORCHAT only, as it is the only form of secure chat on the Internet. Download Tor Browser Bundle, add TorChat – it’s easy

More news coming shortly – watch the “News” section on the website

[email protected]