[SCAM] ClikRev.com zero balance and no longer registered with Paypal

No surprise I guess for those that tried ClikRev.com, it became scam a couple days ago and today Paypal confirmed that ClikRev no longer active or registered with Paypal. So if you’re one of the lucky one that purchased ad packs using Paypal, you’re probably going to get it back soon, don’t know how soon though.

If you’re using other payments such as Perfect Money and so on, payments that cannot be reversed, then you are screwed unfortunately, you just loss your money with clikrev, this is how this type of scam operate, they trick users using Paypal but the real profit is when their other payments processors risen above paypal, then they will run away with their other payments methods that are not paypal, while they will just leave paypal and let paypal handle the fraud reversal mitigation, meaning members claimed dispute with paypal will get their money back.

People should be vigilant with these type of business online, lots of scam and fraudulent, either you will waste enormous amount of time which you can do something a lot more better than clicking, on top of that you will loose your money and having a bad flag on your paypal account even if it wasn’t your fault.