[SCAM] Coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG Call for action

As many might have guess wrong that coingeneration.com would not be updating any further news on their homepage or member’s homepage to be exact. Just recently coingeneration.com updated its news below, second quote. So call “Call for action” and what’s the action? Yes most of you guess it, more referrals, get that 20% comission by referring more victims to them to invest.

The “Call for action” news released published on member’s homepage of coingeneration.com simply another SCAM to motivate anyone. If there are over 500 thousands members registered and uses its scam HYIP program, out of the 500 thousands members, there got to be at least 1% of of the people will fall for this scam, and yes their calculation is exactly that. If we do the math, 5000 members will fall for this fraud from coingeneration.com, invest money in the fake ThreadManager software, and there will be at least 5% of the people will go out and recruit more victims for coingeneration.com to get 20% commission based on their victims investments.

Ever wonder why the commission so high? 20%, that’s very high. All you do is go recruit victims for coingeneration.com and in return coingeneration.com might give you the 20% commission if you can withdraw it. As if you’re in the USA it will be difficult because EGOPay already got banned, so are many other ones such as Perfect Money, Payza and so on. I hope people are not falling for this game, this trick coingeneration.com pulling at the moment.

Let me give you some reason why this is a trick, a fraud, a scam. Coingeneration.com domain still scheduled to expire on September 2014. See below whois. They may renew if they see their scam working and they’re making money, if not they will let it expire and coingeneration.com closed, while dgstocks.com and btc-o-matic.com will remain operating scamming more people, newer methods taking advantage of Bitcoin virtual currencies. Another reason is if you visit blog.coingeneration.com you will notice they redirect it to a facebook fanpage which has thousands of fake Likes which can be purchased for $5, you can have thousand of facebook likes in a matte of one day, click likes to get pay, another scam that is, but that’s a different story. Now if you’re on facebook coingeneration fanpage you will notice a lot of negatives comments, no one is getting paid, and they tried to delete posts but couldn’t manage it, negativity continue, and once in a while see one positive post such as they paid but weird, now that’s a weird comments.

Everywhere you search online, google search about coingeneration.com most likely you will land con scam discussion about coingeneration.com Now any business that tied to coingeneration.com and if a real legit business will for sure ruin its reputation. Unless the the business is coingeneration themselves.

Look in at the past, coingeneration.com operate for 3 months until April 2013, they started to frozen account payout, making excuses using Payza issue as a reason for not paying, then September they pay $50 max per day, and then $10 a day, and then new scam, asking people to buy DGStocks.com in order to get paid a fraction like $5 a day or less more depend on initial investments, then a couple months later beginning of November 2013, coingeneration.com stopped paying it’s older members and started second batch or second wave of scam for new members who registered in November forward. So many negativity and scam exposing in the chat room, coingeneration.com shut down the chat room, and continue to scam new members blindly with news and updates on its homepage. Dgstocks.com never went live pointed to btc-o-matic.com to sell fake Bitcoin machine and can only paid via BTC, Bitcoin payment is irreversible, like many other virtual currencies, if anyone fell for this scam, their money is gone forever. Nothing you or the authority can do anything about this scam. Just education yourself and stay away from online scam.


Whois Server: whois.easydns.com
Creation Date: 17-SEP-2012
Updated Date: 04-APR-2014
Expiration Date: 17-SEP-2014

Nameserver: DNS1.EASYDNS.COM
Nameserver: DNS2.EASYDNS.NET
Nameserver: DNS3.EASYDNS.ORG

Call for action
Step by step we have been pushing through to a new level of cyberspace. It took loads of ideas to build ourselves up and start the reboot process within our system.

Human progress has created a high-tech tool that we want to turn into a resource monetization mechanism, and, despite all the challenges and hardships that have come our way, we have triumphed.

Tasks, plans, and events make us strong and unique, which is why in the long run we aim to occupy a large chunk of our sector and, as we watch our competitors bite the dust, keep on improving our progress and deliver the good news to all our shareholders that the long-awaited changes and the payout resumption are here. As we keep beefing up our balance sheet, daily shareholder limits are currently set to $25,000 and from 2nd May will be increased to $50,000. Despite the reputational damage we suffered in 2013, we always act decisively and professionally and ask you to refrain from attacking or undermining the foundations of our system at the very time when we want to keep on good terms with everybody and are just unable to make concessions and turn a blind eye to what is happening. We are very hopeful that diplomacy can help us resolve these difficulties and that you can lend us some support and do not leave the unfair comments about us unaddressed. We want to make a direct appeal: your refusal to help us promote the project is our number one issue. We are correcting our mistakes and are ready to step up to the global level. But we are all in this boat together, and we can’t make this journey on our own! Promo materials are here.

For a complete picture, we would like to add that one more terminal is being installed in the heart of Amsterdam and we have rolled out production of two more models. Our experience suggests that the demand for bitcoin-selling terminals may greatly vary from country to country, which is why we will introduce a list of countries where our members can use part of their balance to make payments.

Thank you for your confidence.

Perk up and keep it up!

DG Team