[SCAM] Coingeneration.com repeating the same SCAM cycle at the moment

Surprisingly, a lot of people are still falling for coingeneration.com scam trick. Now many of the second wave of scam from coingeneration.com members are encountering the same problem as previous members that got scam in the hundred thousands dollars. “Instant payouts are available up to $0 per day for your account type.” this is the error message that many new investors are now encountering. This is the same error message, same technique, method that was use to make news and announcement of ¬†fake stories, fake reasons, taking all the advantages coingeneration.com can find to say they cannot pay.

This is the way coingeneration.com did it to the previous 500,000 members, these members loss money in the hundreds of thousand dollars due to fake stories, fake promises such as dgstocks.com btc-o-matic.com and the person whom ran this operation might have a link to one of the writer at newsbtc.com possibly the whole site newsbtc.com have something to do with coingeneration.com

So for the new wave of members that are now stuck with coingeneration.com scam, not much you can do, just like the previous 500 thousands members before you, encountered this same scam from coingeneration.com cannot do anything, they loss all the money and coingeneration.com keep on running the scam. Remember this post on coingeneration.com news “Just to make things clear, we are in no way attempting to blame you for not wanting to help us, nor are we trying to make you do anything” Keep this in mind, coingeneration.com basically saying the members are stupid, voluntarily give coingeneration.com and trust them to invest, it’s not their fault. You members to coingeneration.com are falling for coingeneration.com trap, you have no one to blame but yourself.¬†

What can you do? beside from nothing! you can hire the Mafia hackers to find out the real coingeneration.com operators and kill them all? well some might be thinking about this, who knows. Or you can create a campaign and get people to participate for the authority to track down the owner whoever running coingeneration.com dgstocks.com btc-o-matic.com newsbtc.com and everyone whom had something to do with coingeneration.com scam to get punished. I believe it can be done, although we already know coingeneration.com are using fake identification for web hosting, website domain registration, stolen identification for bank account and so on, but if the authority agreed to help us on this, eventually the person or persons whom ran this scam will get captured.