[SCAM] coingeneration.com stealing credit card information

coingeneration.com domain indicated expiration date as of now” Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-09-17 17:02:42 “

The latest features or maybe this feature has been there for a while just that someone members didn’t see because they’re not part of a new group that will get scammed. This feature call “Add Card” under <Personal> <Cards> First I must say this portion of the website is very poorly design, no resemblance of a professional website they used to be when they first came out with the scam. coingeneration.com scam are getting more and more poorly operate, poorly maintained and design. coingeneration.com scam are getting more sloppy, a quick design, sloppy design showing and exposing their scam more and more.

Noticed when you go into the add new card, you would see something like this:

Verify your credit card

To validate your card you need to provide the exact amount of a random amount that will be charged to your card in amount of $1.XX – $2.XX Enter the amount that was charged on the next page of the verification process to confirm your card. We will return the “test” amount back to your card once you complete the process.
Thank you!

Sounds legit doesn’t it? yeah, they copied from a real business in validating accounts link and ownership. This validation normally via bank checking account, I don’t know about credit card, but it could be in real life.

Anyhow, I highly recommend not to give out any personal information. Some of you might be entering bogus information just to test, it’s a waste of time. Then unfortunately some of you might be falling for this scam by entering your credit card information, and click submit, done. Done meaning you’re screwed, if not today, not tomorrow, maybe the new few months you will see charges popping up here and there, you’re screwed.

You wasted time with coingeneration.com, now you’re wasting time with your bank. In addition to stress and worries what other information you have given to coingeneration, yes passport? driver license? yes they will eventually ask for life insurance to be transferred to coingeneration.com, do this and coingeneration.com will give you $1000 payout! yes sadly some of you will fall for this scam.

So get educated, do your research and homework before given out any information online to certain websites. In this case coingeneration.com isn’t the one, they’re SCAMMERS. A lot of people losses so much money with coingeneration.com already, they’re anonymous no one know who they are, and it will be too late before people report to authority to catch up with them, and probably impossible to track because coingeneration.com owners uses fake ID fake credit fake identification to registrar domain name, to buy hosting, to run proxy sock 5 to hide therir IP and location, all from stolen identification and stolen money.

Hope you don’t fall for this tricks!


coingeneration.com stealing credit card information before disappearing last attempt to get more money themselves

coingeneration.com stealing credit card information before disappearing last attempt to get more money themselves

Subject: What can tell me about this \\”new feature\\” (Cards) @ DG?
Message: Hi i don\’t know if you have already noticed about this new kind of \”feature\” at DG/CG. https://coingeneration.com/card/ . Did anybody try it? it is a new scam to gain 1 – 2 $ x n accounts or purely they want to steal also any card info besides the personal info they already stolen. I have a 3D secure card, although i give them the CVV code they cannot use the card. I am asking you to debate this case on your blog, I thing it is very useful. Thanks!