[SCAM] laxotrade.com Mikhail Gorbachev IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ

Look who’s spamming. If you were a member of IPUservices.com or scammed by IPUServices.com, you got scammed by anony-pay.com if anyone fell for anony-pay.com scam. Now you will get scammed by this below. laxotrade.com a new HYIP scamming you, yes that’s right, don’t be surprise if you get this similar email below. A small return investment a way to trick you, fraud you in, scam you again.

I hope people are not falling for this new scam. It’s funny that the email list was obtained from IPUServices.com and was used by anony-pay.com, now use by this laxotrade.com HYIP. Not a very good move. Or was this email list sold by IPUServices.com to anony-pay.com, and now selling it to the public. The email list in this case had all most everyone whom engaged into HYIP investment and get scammed, you think people will get scammed again after the IPUServices.com scam? YES, people will get scammed again unfortunately, we will never learn.

People please, laxotrade.com is a scam. Don’t for for this HYIP or any other HYIP, they’re all linked together, they know who you are, and know how much you can invest or will invest before backing out, at that time they will frozen your account, your money gone, nothing you can do to get it back. This is a scam that has been around for a long time, and unfortunately people kept on falling for it. Some think they can outsmart the scammer, but really only a handful will succeed, and you’re not one of them. So stay away. It’s better to spend $50 with best friends or love one, buy a gift for your a child, your family members, you will get more happiness out of it than getting scammed by this HYIP laxotrade.com.

This is a new HYIP laxotrade.com, and no doubt IPUServices.com anony-pay.com and many other have something to do with it.

new hyip scam laxotrade.com hacking your email account payment processors egopay

new hyip scam laxotrade.com hacking your email account payment processors egopay

From: Mikhail Gorbachev <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 8:38 AM
Subject: IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!

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