[SCAM] new anony-pay.com motivation 12% APR, $5 per Referral, And STILL BUYING your frozen Payza Accounts

The SCAM continue with anony-pay.com formerly known as IPUServices.com although it had bad reputation everyone now know it’s a scam so anony-pay.com decided to dropped it, but still the same people operate anony-pay.com scam, operated IPUServices.com SCAM.

So what’s new this time? How about to motivate you to use it service, a $5 referral commission, how does it work? not clearly stated in the announcement. How will you get paid? not clearly stated in the announcement either. All the information given are purposely to mislead to either think positive or negative of its services, 50% of your smart people will not fall for this scam, while the other 50% think otherwise and will fall for this scam.

The scam as already indicated previously, allowing you to cash or convert your virtual currencies to the virtual currencies that you want or need. Such as from EGOPay to SolidTrustPay, and so on. Do not use this service from anony-pay.com these people operate the anony-pay.com are the same people whom ran IPUServices.com, at least the fact is that IPUServices.com members email list was given to anony-pay.com or purposely using it since they’re same scammers. anony-pay.com scam can last months or more, they will manage each individual members knowing when to freeze their account to steal all their money and nothing the members can do about it. Locked the members out, stealing their money, members will have no one to report to or if even possible no one will know who ran anony-pay.com the same as IPUServices.com

Sadly to say, a lot of people will believe the lies from anony-pay.com such as 3300 members, fake transactions history and so on … So very sad to see a lot of people fall for anony-pay.com scam. To be fair, maybe a handful of people will succeed in beating anony-pay scam, outsmart this new method of HYIP, but very rare that anyone can outsmart them. The intention of some newer methods of HYIP scam involves paying the members whom recruit a lot of new members, in return get commission payout, but it will not last long, as again, each account are being managed individually anony-pay.com will know when to not pay you or cash your virtual currencies to the currency you want. For example let say you were able to cash or exchange from EGOPay to Payza or Payza to Paxum STP etc. consistently and somewhat instantly, but those are just small amount you’re testing, and as you grew confident with them you decided to cash large amount from $10 $20, now you’re doing $500 $1000 or more, this is where anony-pay.com will steal your money, they will keep it and freeze your account, you can still email them and complaint, but they will not respond to you. Nothing you can do, it’s gone, you’re using anonymous service, you’re getting anonymous scammers, the scam the IPUServices.com ran.

From: AnonyPay <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014
Subject: 12% APR, $5 per Referral, And STILL BUYING your frozen Payza Accounts

The BEST in Anonymous, Multi-Denominational Monetary Exchange

Frozen USA Payza Accounts – We are still purchasing these accounts – email us with what you have and what you would like for the entire account.

We currently have 3300 registered members – and we want more. To obtain more members, we are continuing to offer 12% APR on all deposits for the first 50,000 registrants. That is 1% per month. Nothing you will get rich with, but much better than your local bank.

We now also have your working Referral Link. Simply Register, login to your account, and click on the Refer and Earn button. This will bring you to your direct URL referral link, as well as 5 attractive banners you can use as you wish, with HTML code included. Refer a friend, and if they make a deposit, you earn $5 immediately.

Our FORUM is now open; it is a “Pay to Play” forum, which means you cannot contribute unless you are a member with funds in your account ($1). There will be no user names (You will use your account number, partially blocked) There will be no spam, no links. And no warnings.

If you have a question, a scenario, anything, email us now at [email protected]
For Trade details, complicated or unusual transactions, we will communicate via our encrypted emails.
If you wish to chat, we use TORCHAT only, as it is the only form of secure chat on the Internet. Download Tor Browser Bundle, add TorChat – it’s easy

More news coming shortly – watch the “News” section on the website

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