[SCAM] proof of CoinGeneration.com BTC-O-MATIC.com newsbtc.com

Need more proof of CoinGeneration.com blocking people account? Here’s the latest one today, and many more I did not share. This one in particular has 63 threads, each threads cost $50, if you the math that’s $3,150 USD how much this member loss.

I’m somewhat not surprise that people are not taking my blog seriously and in the end ended like many of these folks here. CoinGeneration.com is a scam. The new Scam is on its way at BTC-O-Matic.com and possibility that newsbtc.com have something or some kind of affiliate relationship with CoinGeneration BTC-O-MATIC all linked together. No proof yet, something fishy about newsbtc.com possible the owner of CoinGeneration Btc-o-matic.com all in one.

As previous already mentioned, You will get scammed by CoinGeneration.com they will scam as many people as they can. CoinGeneration.com will pay you instantly and consistently for a few days to trick you to invest more or reinvest. CoinGeneration.com target big investors. The small fish will refer bigger fish in to eat, and the bigger fish what CoinGeneration.com aimed for. For this example $3,150 was how much person loss, and nothing he/she can do about it, as it already proven, authority taken no action due to the lack of reporters. People or members of CoinGeneration.com afraid to report because they may loose the money at CoinGeneration when they already had loss. Others just simply ignorant still believing in CoinGeneration.com, and that is what CoinGeneration last attempt for the next coming months before its domain will totally get shut down, is to get as much good fake news hoax news as possible so to motivate people to invest and believe. Sadly it work! 100 people get the news, at least 1% will fall for the scam, that’s 1 person. Now let look at a larger #, 500,000 people, that’s a lot of people will fall for this scam give CoinGeneration.com free money.

CoinGeneration.com indicated clearly that they don’t force anyone to do anything. This is by saying, if you’re “stupid” or an “idiot” to give CoinGeneration.com money, then it’s your fault, not CoinGeneration. So sad to see this and so many ignorant people out there still believe in CoinGeneration still investing, and on top of that believe in the new scam btc-o-matic.com which recently news on newsbtc.com possibly have some affiliation with CoinGeneration and I urge people to look into newsbtc.com and report this website to the authority to investigate as they may have something to do with CoinGeneration.com SCAM.

Name: M****t
E-Mail: s***_****[email protected]
Subject: Blocked
Message: Your account was blocked! < ihave 63 Therd i want know how !!!!! My Account blocked i want answer pls !
My Account : s****_****[email protected]
Pass : ************
i want unblocked it how u blocked it i have 63 therds u lie me or what pls replay me !!