Seller and Buyer for Ebay beware of member adl727

In Ebay community, there’s another story about another bad ebayer. This time member adl727 The member purchased “a lot” of cables, and 14 days later created an ebay case saying 10 cables does not work, works only if pushed in certain direction or something like that.

Basically the member adl727 created a case over 14 days later, and ask for replacement, complaining it doesn’t work. So the seller immediately took action and gathered 10 cables, tested it, youtube video the test cable to proof that it work. Sent the replacement cable via usps tracking# and notified the member with the youtube video link that the seller tested proof that it work. The buyer did not acknowledge or responded.

The replacement cabled arrived a couple days after, then the seller contacted the buyer notified of delivered. Asking the buyer to test the item when have a chance. Three days passed, the buyer adl727 did not respond. The seller send a friendly reminder to ask the buyer to see if check it yet. Again, no respond. A couple weeks later, the seller send another message friendly reminder to check the cable again, and to please send the 10 old cable back. Again no respond. Weeks and weeks passed, no respond from buyer.

The point is. This buyer adl727 does not care. On top of that taking advantage of ebay case. Ebay isn’t taken any action, the buyer isn’t taken any action. Now the buyer have 12 cables, plus another 10 replacement cable. The buyer did not send 10 cable cable back to the seller for failure analysis. Sad thing is, the buyer cannot do anything about it, Ebay isn’t protecting the seller in this case, even if the seller Report the buyer and if ebay even read the case, most likely no action will be taken. So sad indeed for this seller, and very sure this is not the first time, this similar scenarios affecting many other sellers, don’t matter small volume or large volume, it’s the feedback and cases open that counts.