Shopkick scam / fraud

I was introduce to Shopkick beginning of this year and have been using until today.

Let me give you a brief summary of what Shopkick is. Shopkick is a mobile app that you go to the selected store and scan the barcode of item listed. You can say it’s like a scavenger hunt. once you scan, it will give you points. Enough points will reward you a giftcard to your select stores. This is great if you have a kids or on a hot summer day. Make money while keeping you cool without spending money on AC.

Recently I update my apps and got a message stated that I was ban from shopkick. I emailed them with a statement that I have follow the rules and in no shape or form that I have violate their TOS. Their reply seems to indicate that I been using the barcode a website to get point which this is probably their excuses to ban me. I have no intention to fraud them in any way. Their reply also stated that they cannot enable an account once it’s been ban but suggest to still use their app to save money when buying merchandise. This is nonsense. If you get ban from using their app to make money, why would you want to continue using it to make money for them?

It’s not like I’m profiting 1000s of dollar in a short amount of time from them. A small amount of pocket change totaling less than 100 dollars when I started. I look it as an enjoyment to spend time and doing something meaningful with families.

Not to mention, earlier this year, my nephew had the same situation. Once in a full moon he goes to the store and use shopkick to scan for items. One day he turn it on to scan at the store and there the pop up “too bad” banner come up. You are banned!.

Shopkick is another scam / fraud. Once you reach to certain amount, they will flag you and ban you for nonsense reason. Truly, you scan item to get points while they get advertisement money. You earn too much points they will ban you in an instant. No question ask.