Stop mining at it’s a scam to trap you in a contract

I just talked with a few people from forums and blogs, and also from IRC chat room in #dogecoin room. 99% of the people here are knowledgeable of dogecoin and other cryptocoins. These folks with knowledge confirmed mining from your computer CPU, GPU, and ASIC is a scam. The tricks that cointellect did was pay your good earning, but once you reach certain threshold such as 10EUR or more, your earning will be reduced to 400 times less. Let say you earning average of 1.50EUR a day, now you will be earning about 0.13EUR after you reached your 10EUR or more.

The trick is to force you to buy a contract. You’re being manipulated with no way out, similar to the catch-22 situation. scam eventually will show, will be transparent to everyone soon. You will make great money at the beginning but before you know it, you will be loosing all that money back to cointellect. Eventually you will use the money you make from mining to buy a contract with them. Again, the contract will pay you well, then it will make you want to reinvest deeper and deeper, before you know you know all the money you make reinvest into cointellect and loose it all or at least a great portion of it.

This the next level of HYIP High Yield Investment Program. Similar to whom had scammed hundreds thousands from people, and still today some people still believe in it because the website still exist. Please get educated! don’t for these types of scam online.