Stop using once you reach 10EUR or more

It is transparent now that is scam. The amount for verification took place at 10EUR, a little bit after that your earning will drop dramatically to nothing, you will be wasting your time, paying for electricity bill than making any dogecoin. Once you reached your 10EUR and even if you buy a contract, you will be earning from your contract only, not from your mining, so turn off your mining, and good luck with your contract, hope you get 10 days contract with a credit card so you can file complaint with credit card company for cointellect scam if they don’t pay you. If you purchase 3 months contract, you might want to say good bye to your money soon, how soon, we don’t know, but that’s the scam, long term contract, no bank credit card company going to protect your once you passed the 45 days max period for file complaint. After that your money is gone.

Also, now are being very vigilant, and they monitored each account very carefully. Trying to use VPS, creating multiple accounts, yeah they know based on your IP address, they track your mining IP address, your login account IP address, and off course your computer MAC address and so on. You’re being watched by cointellect. They will use these information to manipulate your earnings, they know which group of people will likely to buy contract and which group of members will not buy contract and try to get 10EUR free money from them, they will shut down the earning for those folks.

Stay tuned people more to come! it is another scam. Hey! who knows, maybe cointellects are the same people whom ran operates 🙂 I will be passing more updates daily, so stay tuned 🙂