[Waiting] Coingeneration.com ran out of funds all payment gateway in reds

Just in case you missed this, in which I don’t think anyone missed it. Coingeneration.com Wallet been in reds for over two days. Now they just wrote a blog saying that, they are indeed out of funds and working on funding it by Monday afternoon. Well folks, you know Coingeneration.com also known asDigitalGeneration DG or CG, when they promise something, it doesn’t appears to come true, lies, delay and delay days to weeks to months, in this case was 6 months later they came out with new SCAM manipulating its members to buy Stocks with balance cash. So where was the promise that everyone will get paid fully, and they have more than enough cash? ERRR lied! and lies.

OK back to the positive outlook. After Coingeneration.com announced that will pay instantly and consistently for all members whom purchased Founder Stocks, Coingeneration.com keeps it promised and with very little problem glitch, they did indeed paid its members until lately, it was last week few days ago, each the wallet from green to orange then red and keep on repeating, so this is a clear indication that Coingeneration.com struggling again and again, struggling to pay its members. Let’s face it! they do not have the funding, or the funding isn’t working out for them or the method they use to fund the account have wrong estimate calculation. The truth is, they calculate their profit, they pocket certain amount, and keep whatever left in the ewallet for members to withdraw, the rest they transfer to their bank account and emptied it. They will keep repeating this cycle, making up new stories, and new methodology to profit at the same manipulating its members to have only one feasible choice.

Let’s see if Coingeneration.com DG CG DigitalGeneration really will fulfill their promise and changes or improves the way they behave on Monday, all wallet should be green. People speculation are, wallet will be green but just in a flash, then will be red again, and they will update members again with new news about the wallet and funding. Will see!

Funding accounts currently
By Joao on Sat, 12/14/2013 – 17:48
Due to the high number of payouts that we are experiencing on our gateway, mainly due to Christmas, we have to announce that we are currently funding our wallets and all wallets will be topped on monday afternoon with funds.

Thanks for undertanding.

DG Staff