What is the reason behind Cointellect Mining Pool problems for miners?

Let see if this is true as many miners whom connected to Cointellect Mining Pool to mine scrypt dogecoin saying it was “preempted”, meaning cointellect causing the connection problem on purpose for a reason.

Cointellect mining pool continue to have problems with mining for members. This is when members connected to Cointellect Mining Pool to mine using CPU, GPU or ASIC, all have issue, even the coinminer software itself have problem. When members sent messages to support@cointellect asking for help, cointellect responded with a generic response indicating they’re aware of the problem, however contract mining is not effected.

As this appear to be an ongoing issue and not too many members took time to research further, a quick google search in regards to “cointellect mining pool” problems will land the members onto facebook cointellect mining pool, it is the way cointellect doing their business. Cointellect is using blackhat method to make themselves popular on search engine. In other word, cointellect is blocking you from finding the truth based on popular search engine search term. In this case cointellect, created many websites and social media sites with search engine optimization (SEO) that will land any members users anyone uses search engine to search about cointellect. If you search for cointellect today on any search engine, most likely you will land on cointellect affiliates websites on the first page of your search engine result. This is simply to block and hide the truth. This is a fact!

So why is Cointellect doing this blackhat method? well we already know that they’re blocking all other websites that talks about cointellect from a non affiliate site like my blog here, I don’t have affiliation with anyone. Those affiliates websites to cointellect will always talks positive side of cointellect because they have no choice in order to get commission and people into the pyramid structure, yes scam perhaps, not yet, but will be transparent soon if cointellect don’t fix their mining pool.

Think about this, why cointellect staff, especially facebook page user name “Cointellect” not spending time to fix the mining pool, instead advertise around and talks about cointellect all over the world wide web, why not spend time to fix the pool?