What’s the latest with cointellect.com SCAM?

I hope that today nobody are falling for this scam from cointellect.com The affiliates websites that advertise and promotes cointellect to get commission are as worst as cointellect themselves. Today many affiliate websites that advertise and promote cointellect has been deleted, disappeared, and no one know who they are or can’t a thing about it, here today, gone tomorrow. You loose your money due to those affiliates websites promoting cointellect investments speaking good things about cointellect to get you in and they profit a big 10-20% commission and you get a painful death. They don’t care who are, all they care is about getting you in to get money off of you then disappear the next day, and not a damn thing you can do about it.

Cointellect.com as of today, many people reported that the office of cointellect is emptied, no one there, they left, deserted, and not much information about them can be retrieved, except maybe contact the parent company whom finance cointellect, but I’m sure they have better lawyers because they’re rich. The only thing that you could do probably is file a complaint or petition with the FTC or government, get a lot of people to involve and let the authority handle it.

I even came across to some forums even talks about hiring a lawyer, but to be honest with you, it’s a waste of time and money. Lawyer cannot win this case easily, and I’m sorry to say those that got scammed are the one that make the mistake, a lesson learn for many. Authority not going to step in if the loss is not in the millions of dollars $, or life death, or drugs smuggling are involve. Lawyer will be just for show, they don’t guaranteed success, and in this case, just for time and money.

This is another hard learning lesson for many, investing in unknown program so call HYIP high yield investment program which is an obvious ponzi scam, here today gone tomorrow. The sad thing about this is that people kept on falling for the same trick over and over again. As the program near it ending, a new one already started and people again will fall into it again and again. Some succeed, many failed.

Once again, many months ago from day one, I’ve already stated cointellect is just like coingeneration ipuservice coinbeez and so on, but does anyone believe? probably not too many people, but even if they know it’s a scam they still want to check it out, sadly a hard learned lesson for many that invested thousands.