What’s the latest with Cointellect?

First, the Cointellect Facebook guy appear to be very active, he’s more active than any of the Cointellect staff maybe, but perhaps he is Cointellect, who knows 🙂

Second, Cointellect Mining Pool still crappy, people are reporting earning dropped mining at Cointellect. Members mined at Cointellect Mining pool will notice cannot connect, rejected shares, not responding, waiting for work … The worst is you get disconnected and if you don’t check, your earning is zero until you check and reset it. Meaning it disconnected you totally and if you don’t check for a week, your earning on mining is zero for that whole week. Bottom line, Cointellect lied about Mining Done Right! it’s more like mining done wrong!

Payout Dogecoin, instant payout back? NOT, instant of Dogecoin payout has not been instant, for few weeks already, payout takes days sometime to complete, but the good news is they went through, for now 🙂 who knows that the future hold. Bottom line, Cointellect lied about instant Dogecoin withdrawal.

Payout Cryptopay? ER didn’t work either, now Cointellect limit cointellect to certain groups of users. Yeah make up rules as you go along, how’s that for a professional business huh? 🙂 Botton line, Cointellect done wrong again.

Payout Paypal? ERR don’t work either days, takes days, weeks, eventually cancelled. Liar liar your butt crack on fire! as one of the members said it in one of the forum. 🙂

Fees only Holiday? WRONG!!! fees only Week end? WRONG!!! How about fees everyday 20-30% of your earning! and Cointellect said if you do the match, you can still profit! LOL what a joke. If I do the math and I invest in $20 to get $25 back in 7 days, I will be loosing money with 20% fees. Oh wait! Cointellect meant to say invest in thousand of dollars for 6 months to 2 years contract then you can profit, and Cointellect said don’t worry they will still be around for long time LOL.

Enough LOL but since it’s Friday I want to release some stress. Stay tuned folks.