Who behind Cointellect operation?

Thanks to an anonymous tips, people are saying here’s one of the person behind Cointellect. Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/danielfilipefonseca/

Just in case in the future when Cointellect totally revealed itself as fraud, you have something to go with to bring them to justice. Although as of today 5 days no payout of Dogecoin even though Cointellect announced instant Dogecoin was back last week, but it didn’t even last a day, then now totally frozen, no news, no payout, just messages to people like me posting their pictures and threaten me to the police if I don’t take the picture down.

It’s sad to see people are continuing to fall for scam like this. People never learn I guess. With cointellect, now you have some pictures to reference with people tied Cointellect operation, you got their name, hopefully it’s real, you got their pictures, and their connection with Bitcoin Expo 2015 along with Cointelegraph staff. Honestly I think that cointelegraph guy could have done better job, asking more precise question and instead of scripted interview, why not live audio or video record, it’s the future, we have cell phone camera audio and so on, why not do the interview there? Maybe that cointelegraph guy have some connection with Cointellect? did cointellect gave him a big mining contract? keep on speculating folks 🙂