Wow they’re reading my lack of intelligence stupid blog? or is it my haters?

Let me first say. The internet can be anonymous, anyone can be anyone, anyone can pretend to be anyone to say anything they want to say. Believe me, I don’t believe who you are you to be.

  Proxy server? sock 3 4 5? masking another person IP, stolen identity? or real? who cares!

Server: Wireless_Broadband_Router.home


Wow thank you for not DDOS me out existence I will keep on amusing you. I don’t harm you, and you don’t harm me, we play fair 🙂 this is the best feedback I got so far. I like playing fair. Don’t hate me because I tried to expose the truth. I don’t make up stories like you, I don’t scam people like you I like that! 🙂 LOL

Below is what I get from maybe so, maybe not, who knows and who cares 🙂 The bottom line, I don’t lied or lies. I don’t make up stories. Definitely I don’t scam people. However I will try my best to expose your scam, based on my small pea brain that you called me an idiot and lack of intelligence person. That’s great! just boosted my motivation keep improving. By the way, I’m fluent in more than one languages, English is my third language, not second or first. See ya on next update. Bye bye for now IPUS, coingeneration and! or whoever you are sending me message below.

Name: Ipus
E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject: Intelligence
Message: Trust me, If we wanted to DDOS you out of existence, you would not be here. We read you because you are amusing