The solution for stopping wild fire in the West of USA

So by now many people if not all would know about the fire that been spreading in the West of the US. Many fire fighter and now even asking for military intervention to help stop the fire, it’s been burning for days if not week, and look very bad. The destruction it brought and probably eventually injuries and possible death no doubt.

Here I bring you a solution, a real solution I should say as it has been tested and absolutely possible to tried as it has no side effect. The solution is make rain!, that’s right, rain although come naturally but I strongly believe that scientist can work together and create rain. Look at the Chinese for example, they created rain by shooting a bunch of rockets up in certain area of the sky, and the reversal is also possible, they stop the rain also by shooting rockets up in the sky in certain area to dissipate the cloud stopping the rain, whatever that rocket contain I’m sure can be make safe here if scientist work together.

I think this can be a real solution to stop rain forest or wild fire that required B52 bomber ┬áplanes to dump chemical to stop the fire but will couldn’t contained 100%. So I think my solution would work better, less expensive, effective and off course less or no injuries threaten lives of human intervention.