Be careful with low feedback ebay buyers and sellers like “faqhirp” Irvine CA

I just came across another recent incident with a seller sharing experience selling items on ebay to buyer that have low feedback or rating. In this week review, a well known problem for many ebay seller, purchased item, got it, use it, then it’s broken, instead of resolution, the buyer decides to give negative feedback.

A negative feedback doesn’t resolve issue, or help anyone. Sure, the buyer is upset because the item don’t work, but it should not be a reason for buyer to just gave the seller negative feedback, at least give the seller the opportunity to make it right, fix it. Then buyer can determine whether to give negative feedback.

Apparently this didn’t happen with this ebay ebayer buyer “faqhirp”. Ebay buyer “faqhirp” purchased an item on 10/16 then today 11/17 a month later, the buyer said the item don’t work. The item stopped working a couple days later. Well! this doesn’t makes sense, immediately you can see that the buyer receives the item on 10/20 per say, a couple days would be 10/22 where the buyer should have contact the ebay seller of any issue, why wait until one month later? 11/17 something doesn’t add up doesn’t it? yeah, smell fishy!

This fishy smell normally tied to scam and fraud taking advantage of ebay return policy or forcing the seller to give some refund. Sadly a lot of seller have no choice but to give the refund in order not to get the negative feedback. Indeed very sad, bad for the seller, this type of buyer on ebay really killing the seller. Either way the seller taking the loss, whether it’s negative feedback or refund large amount of money, not knowing what really happen to the merchandise. The item could be defective, but 30 days later? and the story don’t make sense?, or was it damage by the buyer, or was it a fraud?

This is just another example of a bad ebay member “faqhirp” in Irvine CA, please be careful folks, this has been logged in ebay community forum. Just sharing for everyone. I don’t like fraud and scam.

faqhirp ebay buyer scam fraud

faqhirp ebay buyer scam fraud