Dell now accept Bitcoin as payment method

Guess what in the world of Bitcoin? Yes Dell announced late yesterday that they will be accepting Bitcoin as payment method from their online store and probably anywhere Dell physical store. Indeed Bitcoin is going mainstream.

Ever since Fed Gov auctioned the 30,000 BTC to the public. A lot of blogger and credible news media predicted that Bitcoin price will take a hard hit, was expecting $400 but not below $400. Well guess what? it didn’t impact it at all. The reason? they said because the person whom won the 30,0000 was an investor whom believe in Bitcoin so he purchased all of it, and announced that he will use it toward his Exchange business, so call Exchange like coinbase and btc-e Thanks god! huh? yeh.

If you’re interested in following up with credible news on Bitcoin. It’s best to book mark your news feeds to google news bitcoin as keyword. Example this link here Do not bookmark a blog that you think have all information about bitcoin, these blogs or news are not credible ones, they reproduced and sometime scam and fraud like This is fraud and scam because they wrote a positive review on If anyone smart enough and I was expecting the journalist to do a thorough research before publishing it but he didn’t. wrote a positive review boosting, but the truth is tied to has been scamming people for money with fake promise, news, updates, and ironically the news updates on appears to be coming from a person whom blog on Up to this day, knowing that is a scam that open stealing people’s money for this project and still have it up and showing