The first thing to do with a new Windows laptop pc computer is to remove Internet Explorer

If you have kids, older parents, the elder or people don’t uses computer much, or does not know much about how dangerous it could be to be online without knowing your computer is protected from hackers. The first thing to do with any windows computer is to remove internet explorer. If any companies, business, whatever does not allow you to use other browser other than internet explorer, maybe it’s time for you to consider stop doing business with that company or business.

Internet explorer had been known to be the worst internet browser ever, even if microsoft working hard at it, updating patch after patch, since it’s so well known and being uses widely, hackers are aiming to break it, more and more hackers are finding ways holes to get into your computer via internet explorer browser. So please remove it. Protect your kids, your elder, and people don’t know much about computer and being online.

Here’s quick way on how to remove internet explorer browser from your computer.

  1. Go download Chrome or Firefox first, use internet explorer if you have to in order to download. Otherwise download the setup/install of chrome and firefox onto the usb drive first.
  2. Click on Start or go to control panel
  3. Under Turn on or Off windows features
  4. Uncheck Internet Explorer, click ok and wait for it to complete removing.
  5. Reboot your computer.

You’re good to go. Your computer will take time to learn that you have a new internet browser, just give it sometime for it default your new browser.

how to remove internet explorer browser form your computer in a few clicks

how to remove internet explorer browser form your computer in a few clicks