[Not Paying] Coingeneration.com DG DigitalGeneration CG playing old game again

The painful truth many people realized but still fell for it. In this case, coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG repeated itself and doesn’t care, in fact, the absence of Support Admins in chat room added more concern for the investors or members. Many people had given Coingeneration.com a second chance to to make it work and paid members invested, unfortunately it died sooner than expected, within less than 2 months everything falling apart again. Not paying, fake Gateway status, Green but not paid, Orange for recharge for over a week which doesn’t make sense for recharge account, look at the payza been Orange for months. When question raised to Admins Support_DG, they don’t know the answer, they can only guess, those Support_DG are useless.

Months ago, Coingeneration.com came up with new plan, the plan was to manipulate its members to have no choice but to spent all the available balance for withdraw to buy Stocks and become “virtual” or “fake” founders of the company, by the way coingeneration.com isn’t a company, everything about them is fake, fake company address or virtual office, at one time they even photoshop pictures of a rented building as their office and feel no shame. There are a lot more, but let stop here for now.

So what will happen next? No one really know what coingeneration.com planning to do, but they always thinking of new ways to scam its members, if not scam then manipulation method, not directly then indirectly. Everyone have a choice but then the way coingeneration.com making up new stories, new methods, new reasons for problems kept on getting better and better, no doubt the members are being manipulated. Speculation indicate that the account balance or available money to withdraw by members are growing and growing like a while ago, six months ago, then eventually coingeneration.com will come up with new strategies to take your money, stole your money to be exact, and then starting paying $1 for every $1000 you have in your available balance.