[SCAM Fraud] IPUServices.com released latest news another attempt to get more users members lies about payout!

Let start off by talking about Payout. If many people recall, IPUServices.com indicated that they will pay when your earning reach $50, well guess what? Many people reached $50 and even higher for their own earning and from their referrals earning. And NO, these members confirmed that they didn’t get paid. These members reached their $50 + did not see any options to select for payout, other than the $1 payout they always see which tied to referring a members that convert to Division or Regional manager commission! Ah that’s another story below, it’s a SCAM.

OK now let’s talk about that Payout button only appears where the $1 is. This is the Payout when you refer a member(s) and that member(s) convert to Division manager by paying $150 or so, you will get $50 commission and it will appear there. But Wait!!!! – not so fast! started couple months ago, IPUServices.com no longer pays that amount to you! it was confirmed by many members, they requested the payout never got it, they contacted IPUServices.com help desk, never got a respond, wondering why the forum was closed? – yes that’s the reason, because too many complaint, so let’s talk about the forum next. But, to end this particular subject on payout! as of couple months ago, no Payout was fulfilled!, complaint posted on the forums, IPUServices.com did not respond to question about payout request, to omany complaint, the forum was closed.

Now let’s talk about the forum. IPUServices.com claimed that the forum was created for communication, yes true, but IPUServices.com never pays attention to the forums? WHAT? really? are you serious? – yes, their claim. What professionalism is this? The forum was closed a month ago, without any email notification ahead of time, just all of a sudden disappeared. Forums had complaints, to pick top complaint, to name a few. The complaints were: members requested payout that they’ve earned through referrals conversion to Division manager $50 members never got paid, members complaint email to support was not answered or the answer was like a kid responding, members asked about the promise of payout $50 about free webpage website for division manager to set up managing their referrals, all those related questions were ignored and were most popular in the forum, now the forum is closed, members are now blinded, this is so unfortunate for the new members have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. Bottom line, forums closed due to many complaints and the truth about IPUServices.com SCAM Fraud, stealing people money, lies! and more lies! coming final attempt to get more money from members buying Division regional manager with Egopay and payment processors that cannot be reversed. So don’t be a fool! do your research.

In conclusion, make your own judgement based on the facts. IPUServices.com mislead information about $400,000 Payout! very wrong, I cannot say there isn’t any payout, but to be fair, that $400,000 was money from members converted buying division manager position, only partial was paid about 5% of the $400K, the payment were consistent and fast during the first month before launching the software. After the software launched, payout stopped, people complaints in the forums visible to other members and visitors, not forums died removed, people blinded and risk their $150 wasting time and get nothing back. At the moment if you’re a new members or even an old members and you email support and ask about upgrade or buy referrals, they will respond, if you ask about something else, they will ignore you and never respond. This is their final attempt to get more money.

Finally, the forecast of a company buying their processing power? ERRR!!! total BS! IPUServices.com website is crap! have no https, fake client software doesn’t do anything beside # counting and some match based on computer spec. Let me be nice here. IPUServices.com can go on and on saying nice thing, nice forecast, saying they will pay soon to all members, dividend pays and stuff, if you believe that, you must be an idiot, sorry to say. IPUServices.com can say anything they want to get anyone to pay money to them will never be able to get it back. Nothing anyone can do about it. Only idiot now will pay IPUServices.com money, and unfortunately there are still a lot of you out there have money to waste and don’t care about the $150 risk, yeah but let say there are hundreds of you out there, will make IPUServices.com super rich with all the money. So please, do your research!

Lastly, the # figures below published by IPUServices.com all crap. $400,000 Payout? lied! that amount tied to members purchased division manager that IPUServices.com pocket >90% and no ! no refund payment cannot be dispute or reverse. 100,000 members? yeah but probably only 10 members right now running the software. Company buying their power? NO not true, why would any company paid IPUservices.com unprofessional business operate by kids to compute power? – all these news update are scheme to attract more members to buy Division manager, referrals, regional manager. IPUServices.com will milk money as much as they can, no one can do anything about this. More scheme coming soon to motivate people, IPUservices will announce new released of LInux, MAC etc. they will say that they paid division manager or members but not all due to various problem, lots more tricks to pull from their sleeves.

IPUServices.com SCAM Fraud stole members money making excuses mislead information attempting to steal more money

IPUServices.com SCAM Fraud stole members money making excuses mislead information attempting to steal more money

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Subject: IPU Services – Status Report

We have reached our goal of 100,000 users – all is up, running, and earning money.

We have surpassed $410,000 in payouts, and they are growing astronomically – thank you all for your patience, it is finally beginning to pay off!

Both the WINDOWS and the ANDROID Versions of our software are available on our website at www.ipuservices.com/downloads.php. The MAC and LINUX Versions will be released on or before February 15, 2014. Sorry for the delay, but they are worth the wait.

Some issues to be aware of –

“Loading…” – The constant loading issue was a glitch in our main processing server. We believe we have this issue fixed for good, and your software should be loading up & running immediately.

“Payza No Longer Servicing Customers in the USA” – Over 80 % of our funds were in Payza when they decided to stop servicing customers in the USA (we are located in the USA) Payza has advised that these funds will be released, but, until that time, there will be some delays in payouts. We consider this an issue that has been addressed and is under control, and we appreciate your patience in this regard.

“Forum Removed” – The forum was created to be a means of communication between users, and was never intended to be a support forum. In fact, it was never monitored by IPU Services. Unfortunately, there were questions being posted, then complaints that the questions were not being answered – it simply turned into a disaster. Support is via email, and the forum has been permanently removed.

There are only 4000+ referrals still available for purchase at $3 each – all members are allowed to purchase at this time.

We will be announcing details of two large purchasers of our computing power, which will effectively triple our income in the coming months.

Division Account Quarterly Earnings / Partnership – We will be making our first quarterly dividend payment to all Division Account on March 30, 2014. Although the exact figure is not know, it is nice to know we have been profitable within the first year.

There are fewer than 100 Division Accounts yet available – this will be our “last call” for these higher-earning accounts – Buy Now!!

Thank you, as always – this has been a wonderful adventure so far

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