[SCAM] IPUServices.com more lies trick coming soon

First let me start by saying, Do Not Immediately believe words email news published from IPUServices.com Take time to understand, take time to do research, otherwise you will be sorry! It will impact your quality of life, impact your computer performance, being hacked and identity being stolen, be vigilant! These online so call themselves as a company, but really they are not! Many of those fake one such as Coingeneration.com you will at least see virtual office locations, virtual phone # and actual person actually answering the call but they’re just a virtual assistant answering many different # calling, up to thousands. They seem real because of those virtual office building address and phone#. However on the other hand from IPUServices.com even worst!

IPUServices.com have many broken links, in addition to the forum being off, no support whatsoever. Some new users or members email support they may get immediate answer if it’s something simple or related to buying membership, basically anything related to buying or investing more money, or giving IPUServices.com money they will answer and take your money. After that, once you gave them the money $150 or so or more, they will probably never answer or respond to your question again ever, you will be left in the dark and will be seeing more of this news letter or email status report that they’re sending out to motivate you more and more so you can get more people in, and those people will get more and more people in. IPUservices.com said a lot of things they didn’t commit to do so, such as software ready to make money, mislead the members. IPUservices.com biggest lied were the payout. The payout they said when members reached $50, that never happened. The only payment IPUServices.com ever paid was referrals that convert into division manager then $50 commission given, but that was short live, only a couple of months they paid to get people motivated to buy purchase division manager. The dollar figure they show $400K + those are the amount they pocket or profit keep to themselves, not pay out! Once again! The $400K + that you see they mention payout! are not payout, they pocket those money and keep on adding up.

I highly recommend people to do research on the internet. IPUServices.com contact support chat forum no longer exist, they removed it. Now they just playing with the members by manipulating the members. The members are in the dark, and IPUServices.com taking control of the members. Only “idiot” to say would invest money with IPUServices.com that $150 better to spend it on nice dinner with family or love one, enjoy it more than giving it to IPUServices.com which you will never get it back. It is impossible to get it back. IPUServices.com will take full advantage of all the known issue with HYIPs such as Payza to make it as a good reason to cannot pay, and so on, and will make it as a reason to many other things such as delay, cannot commit due to the problem! professional? NOPE, not at all.

Which company would be stupid enough to invest in IPUServices.com? if a real company goes in and visit IPUServices.com, would the company really going to invest into computer processing power on IPUServices.com? You got to be kidding me. Even a small business would be smarter than that to look at IPUServices.com website and just run away! IPUServices.com is a joke, the software client is a hoax! Java crap doing nothing but counting and calculating #.

IPUServices.com SCAM Status Report to fraud more members invest in a non existing project ponzi scheme

IPUServices.com SCAM Status Report to fraud more members invest in a non existing project ponzi scheme

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Subject: IPU Services – Status Report


There are fewer than 75 Division Accounts yet available for purchase – this will be our “last call” for these higher-earning accounts – Buy Now!!

Division Account Quarterly Earnings / Partnership – We will be making our first quarterly dividend payment to all Division Account on March 30, 2014. Although the exact individual earnings figure is not known, we are proud to know we have been profitable within the first year.

The MAC and LINUX Versions of our software will be released on or before February 15, 2014. Sorry for the delay, but they are worth the wait.

End-Of-Year Financial Statements have been posted on our website.

Some Payouts Delayed – Payout Button – This feature will be fixed /corrected shortly. Payza has disabled USA users and is holding a significant amount of our funds. We are obtaining a replacement shortly and immediately advise.

There are only 4000+ referrals still available for purchase at $3 each – all members are allowed to purchase at this time.

Thank you, as always – this has been a wonderful adventure so far!

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