[SCAM] IPUServices.com What a fool many people was believing in IPUservices.com

By now, most if not all everyone knows IPUServices.com is a big scam. IPUServices.com pocketed over $200,000 ($200K USD) in cash, and left quietly, and in additional to their many attempts to get more existing members to convert to Division Manager or Regional manager by sending them email, it was just a selective groups of members or users that are active and have not convert to Regional or Division manager yet. Many big sign of SCAM but people still fell for it. The last attempt IPUServices.com had was created the APP for android and selling it for $2 EA, that’s a bigger sign of SCAM.

The majority of the people uses EGOPAY and similar payment methods where it’s irreversible, no such thing as dispute to get your money back. Once you send money to someone using EGOPay, it’s a one way transaction, and you will never able to get the money back, because EGOPay and similar payment merchant processing do not involve with dispute, once you send it, it’s gone. No doubt EGOPay and similar payment processors such as that will be force to close soon, or no longer be able to operate in the US.

It was funny to see a lot of people in the forum still believes in the program and then the forum just disappeared. I wonder how those people feel? “sucker” indeed. Did you learn your lesson? I hope you did. Never ever trust any online investments, they will trick you with words, with cash, lure you in, trapped you, make you work hard while all they do is just sit in front of their computer thinking of new ideas to get more people in and trapped them and manipulate them to pay you money for products or investments people thinks will get. Whether it’s $1 $5 $10 $150 $500 $1000 … do not fall for it. You are better to get a job and enjoy the job laugh smile work, because you know you will get paid 100%, not this crap, especially IPUServices.com where initially they claimed coingeneration.com a scam which it was and it still is, and ipuservices.com is nothing like that, guess what? they fooled you and you cannot do anything about it.

OK so what now? Not much you can do. The registration owner of the website is anonymous or using someone’s hacked identity, they are very careful on the computer they’re using being anonymous behind multiple line of proxy to remain anonymous so that even authority trying to capture them would be extremely difficult. What we’re looking at here is $200K (200.000,00 USD) that IPUServices.com scam pocketed and ran away. Not sure if this amount is good enough for authority to step in. IPUservices.com owners are probably already enjoying the $200,000 they pocket and already started a new scam, somewhere, somehow, some websites, new methods and again they will succeed and the people fell for it suffers for being “stupid”. The least that you can do now is if you have receipts of payment your made to payment processors such as egopay, let egopay know about the scam, if you paid by STP and Payza, you can dispute or at least report of the SCAM and they will frozen the account. Tough luck for Bank Transfer, Western Union, Perfect money and so on, your money is gone, no such thing as dispute or complaint, only one way transaction. In addition you can contact the webhost server and domain registrar and report of scam but again they uses hacked identity of someone else. Post some messages about IPUServices.com SCAM on forums and blogs and chat room, so that people are aware.

Finally, please do not fall for any project programs that promise you money based on your investments or even you spend time running certain program. It’s better to get real job! Do not fall for this again, remember it will not be exactly the same or even similar, new scam online will emerge! If you still want to do it, use only Paypal Payza or payment methods that can dispute, and ensure to dispute within 30 days or 45 days otherwise your money no longer disputable, but again, don’t try anything like this again, you lucky that you only loose $150 or so dollars, not a lot more or may it impact your quality of life!

How IPUServices.com Scam fraud people money file complaint to prosecute them now six figure amount of cash stolen from hard working people

How IPUServices.com Scam fraud people money file complaint to prosecute them now six figure amount of cash stolen from hard working people