[SCAM] cryptodouble.com fake payout proof

DO NOT INVEST on cryptodouble.com, it is a scam since last week. However there are quiet a few people didn’t do their homework or research got tricked and sent cryptodouble.com large amount of cryptocoins. These are the people didn’t take the time to look at the payout in detail. There isn’t any payout for Bitcoin, for Dogecoin, XPY etc. in large amount. However the Investment kept on flowing in with Dogecoin, XPY, Bitcoin, Litecoin in large quantity. You are basically given cryptodouble.com free money, and nothing you can do about it they’re not paying you.

The website was created by anonymous person, or someone that uses fake identity, or stolen identity. Stolen identity can purchase domain name, web hosting, including Cloudflare, and many others. Stolen identity can use to create online virtual bank account adding fund and start spending under someone else identity. The owner in this case is behind thick layer of proxies always changing to create these types of websites to scam people. Chances are the scam owner will never get caught because of short duration online and using fake stolen identity to operate these scam. None ISP can trace, very hard to trace.

The authority most likely will not get involve because of virtual currencies and not in excess of $1million can be proven. Tough luck for the victims of cryptodouble.com your money is gone. You and many thousands others got fooled by cryptodouble.com

If you’re thinking of investing on these types of ponzi scheme scam like cryptodouble, it’s better to invest in cointellect.com as they appears to be alive for a longer time can be traces just in case of scam.