[SCAM] The ongoing fraud from coingeneration.com btc-o-matic.com

Coingeneration.com has been famous for its scam strategies on making up stories and news. Unfortunately many new members are blind and didn’t take the time to research on the internet furthermore before jumping into their scam HYIP program. As a result coingeneration.com kept on making money off of unfortunate members whom fell victimized to coingeneration.com online fraud investment strategies. The strategies I’ve mentioned many times, including the fake threadmanager software making it so real that people believe in the investment in future power computing. The chat room has been shut down for a long time already because coingeneration.com scam has been exposed. Mostly ignorant members does not realized what happened in the past users with broken promise fake stories news to kill time. Kill time so that coingeneration.com can withdraw all the money to their bank and cash out, and repeat the whole process again with new bank account.

Furthermore, on top of repeating the cycle, coingeneration.com now collecting people personal data which includes driver license ID card, passport, credit card, bank statement or bill statement and more. Off course many people will not fall for this, but there are some that will fall for this. All coingeneration.com need is just a few people to submit these information is enough for them to use it and buy new domain name hosting and run a new scam under the victim’s personal information. That is why it’s so hard for authority to track down, but eventually they will get captured with enough scam $ fraud being reported to the authority. Sadly people don’t report them because they still believe in the program or just afraid they will loose the money or not worth it and so on. As a result the scam continue to steal as many money from people as they can before they pull the plug and disappeared, and nothing anyone can do about it.

At the same time, coingeneration.com already started new scam, some visible and not visible. The visible scam from coingeneration.com are the dgstock.com btc-o-matic.com and newsbtc.com have something to do with the scam as well. As newsbtc.com written a short article and if someone pay attention to the way it was written, it tied back coingeneration.com news published each time, professional written by an educated person, and unfortunately this educated person use his knowledge to scam others instead of helping. So be careful. Most likely newsbtc.com have something to do with coingeneration.com btc-o-matic.com they’re the owner probably.

Below is a message one of the coingeneration.com found members sent to me, to share. The coingeneration.com thread had risen to $150 per thread, this sounds familiar doesn’t it? IPUServices.com? yes indeed. So now it’s only been a few months before coingeneration.com domain will get expired and will disappeared from the internet. Therefore coingeneration.com will pull more tricks and trap to get as much as money as they can before the website closed down in a few months. Sadly again, a lot of people doesn’t know this fact, it just a few months from now the domain of coingeneration.com will expires. Renewing it or not I believe coingeneration.com will look at the activities of profit, if they continue to get victims and profit, they renew, if not they will let it expire. BTC-O-MATIC.COM is a joke, a scam taking advantage of Bitcoin ATM activities innovation to scam people. I wonder if anyone stupid enough to buy their Bitcoin ATM machine. It’s funny when I see the BTC-O-MATIC.COM atm machine in action, or should I say a ghost place where they installed the BTC ATM machine, with no one around, the store or place is like a ghost house, what sort of money can they make with that ATM machine on such an unknown tiny little coffee shop don’t even exist. Maybe it was a scam? off course it is.

Name: H
E-Mail: dj
Subject: And of course 1 Thread costs now 150$.
Message: Hi, i wrote a very nice letter-ticket to the CG stuff. Because as founders we have only one option, just to buy new threads, now they increased the price to 150$.

This is what i have written:

Of course this site is already a scam for a long time by now. Of course you continue to tell us stories colored in very bright tones. Of course some of us are still believe in this sheet, including me. But now you find a new trick to kill time to persevere in this SCAM. Congratulations, also here there is written that one thread costs 50$ (https://coingeneration.com/thread/), you increased it to 150$ over night. You have changed the rules right in the middle of the game. This was a tactics like the founder bullshit made 6 months ago. I am so curious what kind of of new weapons can you discover against you own SCAM.