By now it’s pretty clear to everyone just might be a ponzi scheme

Even called a ponzi scheme! IPUServices appears to be will be providing a much more better approach legitimate business than, this was mentioned in a money making opportunity forums discussions by many users whom had used and similar services, and had already communicated to IPUservices about its services, so for many people at whom purchased 100 threads that cost $5000 that’s a lot of money, might consider as that money is gone, it is a large amount! feel sorry for those that purchased 100 threads or more by using their friends and families computers thinking they’re growing rich soon, but as of now, it seems like they’re growing broke. Apparently Digital Generation DG have no update posted and no one really knows what the staff are doing and how many staff are there, some folks still have high hope, they’re willing to wait for a month, but after a month then what? it’s not much of a person can do, if this is a a really ponzi scheme then the whole community need to work together and file a claim as a group, not individually, as a group then the FBI can get involve and start digging and start charging whoever related to join including those virtual offices in San Francisco coingeneration digital generation whoever renting it, perfectmoney, payza, paxum, and more, including the webhosting companies and domain name registrar, whoever related or had provided services to will get their hand slapped and charged and probably get shut down like Liberty Reserve, Payza pretty smart, it back out before felt apart, it has begun!. The more time the FBI or whoever spend time on the investigation the more money it will cost and the outcome will not be nice to whoever master mind this ponzi scheme if it is a ponzi scheme, at this time more than 90% people say it’s a ponzi scheme, at the beginning was 50% now it’s growing bigger and bigger pretty soon 99-100% then it’s all over. Let’s hope that’s not the case!