My teamviewer account got hacked

Just late last night, about 1AM Eastern Time USA (Pennsylvania), as I walked down the stair way at home. I noticed the media computer in the living started blinking. I came closer and took a look. Someone is controlling it through team viewer. The person whom controlling it opened my %appdata% folder and also opened a zip file of multidoge and multibit, these are Bitcoin wallets. Now I know it’s not just a regular hacker, but a hacker aim to find cyptocurrencies wallet to hack. I immediately ended the team viewer session on that computer and scrambled to shut down all teamviewer on my network home computers. All teamviewer sessions ended. I did not get a chance to check for the hacker’s teamviewer or ID or if that’s the way I got hacked, or could be he got my  teamviewer account login email / password.

My first concert was for my Bitcoin wallet. I went ahead and recovered the back, and sent all the Bitcoin to a new wallet. Backed up and encrypted my new wallet again.

Then second concern is all my login name password online account could be compromised. So I changed all account password to all the frequent websites that I go to daily.

It go so late, I think I got all the necessary data backed up, and jumped to bed like 30 minutes later, I though I would be up all night, but I didn’t it was pretty quick. I didn’t think much about it since I got my bitcoin backed up, and slept through til 730am and now up, continuing to check all my computers, will surely change all password, and thinking of encrypting my whole hard drive. Stay tuned, will have more update.

Teamviewer account session got hacked bitcoin dogecoin stolen attempted

Teamviewer account session got hacked bitcoin dogecoin stolen attempted

More scam coming soon from cointellect

Ok so who’s still a believer of cointellect? 50%? 10%? 1%? 0%? I don’t have a good idea, but my best guess is below 10% for the new investors and 1% for the people that had encountered these types of ponzi scheme before. Cointellect is the exact concept of after it closed, it make up all kind of stories, such as new website for stocks and selling high end Bitcoin ATM machine. Now cointellect is doing the same thing, passed the ball to another business as they say, but does it even exist? probably not.

So quick question, will anyone ever going to get paid? flat out straight answer NO, if they pay, it would be to new investors to trap them again like the older investors. Chances are no one will invest.

So what happened to the old owners? and staffs? – do they even exist? probably not. There are a hacked identity out there being use to commit crimes online, and it’s not easy to trace. For sure the owner in this case did not use real information, rather hacked identity belong to someone else.

Good day mining enthusiasts,

After a bit of a rough patch CoIntellect CEO has decided to retire from the current project, along with the COO Helder Rodrigues and Customer Support Team Manager Dayang Milic.

CoIntellect will now be fully owned by its Chinese division, the same division in charge of the mining setup and sector of the company.

We thank all our users and ask you all to just hang on a bit longer as we finish developing our new miner in order to resume mining under the x11 algorythm.


As of now, users who requested refunds will have their accounts suspended, therefore all balances will be held and not available for payout.

To avoid any suspensions, we advise our users to close any disputes made on credit card payments.

Further updates will follow once we
finalize the process of ownership and equity transfer.

Best Regards,
CoIntellect Staff

Published at Apr 28, 2015 2:51:29 AM

Ebay Seller beware of competitors hiring Ebay Buyer to buy and give negative feedback

I came across a post today on ebay forums in regard to Ebay Seller receiving negative feedback from buyer, but it turned out that the buyer was hired by another sellers (competitors) to ruin the reputation of another seller. The sad thing about this is that Ebay isn’t taking any action to prevent this from happening to the sellers. I understand it could be hard not easy, but Ebay need to figure this out as a company with many intelligent folks to work on logics to prevent this from happening. At this point, it’s still happening and will continue to go on until legitimate seller got tired and quit or seller will battle each other to ruin each other reputation.

Here’s a good example I found posted on ebay forums. The Ebay buyer name “michamicm7noh” off course it’s fake, you can obviously tell by the name, who would want to get such ebay name right? well scammer does. Also look at the ebay profile of this user “michamicm7noh” new user and also only have 2 positive review and if you clicked on Feedback left for other, you will see that this buyer gave strange feedback to sellers, both negative.

This ebay account “michamicm7noh” recently gave a negative feedback to one of the seller in regard to a iphone 5 6 headset, this is a very popular device being sold on ebay, although it’s probably from China cheap made, so it’s cheap made, and cheap sell, and chances are it will work, some may not, but the majority should. Basically it’s the same headset being sold in store as well, not just on ebay.  The seller appear to be listing its product as legitimate and as truthful as possible, such as unbranded/generic cheap china made, and so on. So people should understand what they’re buying. The seller for this item appears to have the cheapest price on ebay for the item. As a result, purchases were from this seller sold more than others, and so other competitors start to play dirty game.

The dirty game began. There are plenty of forums out there such as blackhat world, thebotnet and so on, will hire people with ebay account to perform a purchase and give negative feedback after the purchase to ruin the seller’s reputation. Believe me, there are a lot of ebay user would be willing to this by getting paid even $5 $10 $50 plus the cost of the products to give negative feedback to the seller, to ruin Ebay seller business, sad but true. On top of that, some ebay user are fake, meaning the account was created by stolen identity which being sold all over the internet, created many ebay account and start to perform this task to buy and give negative feedback to the sellers.

Hackers for hire, Scammer for hire, whatever you want to call it. For this particular case, the buyer probably never received the item, it was shipped to some person with their identity including their credit card got stolen and use to purchase this item, or real credit card purchase to give negative feedback and get reimbursement from a competitive sellers whom hired them to do this to hurt the other seller. The seller whom got the negative feedback can contact ebay to investigate but most likely ebay will not take action, because most of the time Ebay side with the buyer, sad but true that Ebay most of the time side with the buyer.

Bad ebayer website posted this information about this user as example fraud scam, you can find more detail on bad ebayer website:


Buyer: Michael Sterling
Buyer’s User ID: michamicm7noh
Michael Sterling
Mesa, AZ 85202
United States

This buyer does not have paypal account. So maybe that’s the thing, ensure you only accept paypal purchase paid, just help a little.

The seller in this case now have to live with the negative fake feedback, ebay isn’t taking action to fix. The seller also reported that all of a sudden more similar buyer started to buy stuff, seller doesn’t know what to do. Apparently seller selling same items being sold by many others, but at a much lower price, as result competitor will find ways to ruin the seller reputation by getting as much negative feedback as possible, the only way is create fake fraud ebay account or by hiring people ebay account to do this.

Airplane cockpit bullet proof locked could be potential dangers

I don’t know much about how airplane cockpit door work, but as far as I know this door now a day is bullet proof and next to impossible to break down during in flight. Next to impossible to break down because nobody on board would have weapons to break it down, and even if there’s a federal agent with guns, can’t easily shoot it down either.

So again I’m don’t know much about the operation process, but I’m sure it is possible that if there are more than one pilot, one can lock out the other pilot by either systematically denied access to get back in, such as the pilot from the outside entering the code to get in, but inside the other person have a few seconds to denied it, and kept on denying it. If the door have a physical handle, then it’s worst, even if outside have to the code to get in and fast enough to open the lock, but the physical handle lock it, makes the automatic code entries useless because is locked with a lever from the inside.

So with all these being said, what happened to GermanWing airplane that crashed confirmed appears to be a co-pilot suicide want to bring all 150~ people on board with him. The co-pilot also been confirmed had a history of mental illness problem, and GermanWing said that all their pilot goes through passing grade of mental medical test, apparently not this co-pilot. So who is held responsible? I say start with GermanWing or the airline industry, what kind of medical test saying PASSED when this co-pilot clearly have mental illness.

Now back to the door airplane cockpit door issue. How to improve? well some say get pilot diaper, it’s a joke, but not funny, this case pilot doesn’t need to leave their seat, well what if the other pilot trick him and kill him or injured him to commit this act? same thing. Some recommend to build a toilet inside the cockpit, but again not really feasible. How about training and extensive medical illness test? Well to me, the real solution is remote flying, meaning if the plane is in trouble and strange activities detected the remote location would get notified and a remote pilot can override the pilot up in the air by locking it, then have the plane circling up the sky until things has been rectified, and if possible have the remote pilot land plane nearest airport.

Final words. Rest in peace GermanWing flight that crashed into France remote mountain, please help us solve the mystery and prevent this occurrences.

The dangers of the internet giving out your personal information such as where you live.

This is another example of what happen when you deal with people online or people you don’t really know, just on the internet giving out your home address to meet, let alone giving out your Driver License and Passport have it leak on the internet is just simply crazy.

This story is the so call “woman in Craigslist attack” basically the seller, pregnant woman, awaiting the buyer to come in the house, the buyer stabbed the seller ripped open her stomach pregnant with 7 years old fetus … need I need to describe more? let stop here and go back to the main point. The main point is doing online business meeting people at your house is not a good idea, you will never know what that person can do or will do on that day or in the future. If you have to do transaction face to face, it is best to meet at a public area where people are around such as gas station, star bucks, or to be safe, close to the Police station.

How to protect yourself? No not with guns! No not hiring a big guy or security guy or a scary guy to go with you to do transactions! but avoid it if you can. You can do ebay, amazon, but not classifieds such as craigstlist to meet in person.

Furthermore, I’m seeing a lot of people now a day giving out personal information, not just their home address and phone #, but also taking photos or copies of their Driver License and Passport send it via email to someone or some business that are in no position would need your Government ID, and to name a few: PERK TV, HYIP, Scammer fraud online business that open today and close tomorrow. There are other documents that can be use instead of your government ID.



PERK TV does not have the right to obtain your Government photo ID or passport you are at risk if you already sent

As more and more people are reporting Perk TV anti fraud system cancelled their reward for no specific reasons, most reasons are not legitimate at all and some reasons are just so lame such as opening an email from a different address, login from another computer different computer IP like your friends house and so on. Perk TV cancelled reward of people hard earning money and asking for government ID such as passport and Driver License in which the authority said it’s not a thing to do.

The authority such as Police department does not recommend make a photocopy of your car driver license or passport and send to Perk TV because it’s a violation on Perk TV side, eventually the authority will catch up and get PERK TV to court. Perk TV isn’t a business that would need to hold a copy of people’s Governmen ID or car driver license. Perk TV may use it for fraud later in the future and nobody can do anything about it because it’s too late, on top of that your government ID and passport can be sold to terrorist to travel and harm people around the world. Now if Perk TV is financial related business or have some kind of connection to the government then it might be ok to send a copy of your ID to them. Apparently PERK TV isn’t any of those to be trusted with your Government issued ID, as it can be sold and leak for terrorist activities around the world including the ISIS, Taliban and so on. If you already sent your ID to PERK TV, you may want to contact the authority and talk about Perk TV obtaining your Government Passport or ID.

OK now let’s back to business. So we know that Perk TV is being iffy lately and it can only get worst and worst. The alternative are out there, such as Swagbucks. However the same could happen to swagbucks like Perk TV as more and more people come onboard and some people may find ways to maximize their earnings and could violate terms of service, but if you just download the app and then watch, then you’re fine. There are at least six Swagbucks related apps that earn your points for watching videos passively. You’ll find it.

The bottom line is, not just Perk TV, Swagbucks, and probably many others out there, will take advantage of their program to collect your personal information. These online business already have your personal information, but now they want to collect your Personal Identification such as Car Driver license and Passport, it’s a very bad idea! Only banks or financial institution would kept a copy of your driver license or Passport whatever needed for identity. If you go to the POLICE station or contact the Government about PERK TV obtaining people’s identity for sure you they will say you just got your identity stolen and can be sold to terrorist. So please people take action and if you submitted your Passport or Car driver License to Perk TV, you better contact the authority to investigate. You should only show your ID, not make a photocopy of your Driver License or Passport and send to PERK TV, it’s like making a copy of your credit card back and front and send it to your trusted neighbor, but can you trust? how do you know they will be there the next day?

Perk TV doesn’t need a copy of your Driver License, ID, Passport to confirm your identity, there are many other ways. If you’re ignorant enough not to know, let me name a few.

  • Internet ISP bill, a copy of this information is not as invasive as Government ID. This ISP (Internet Service Provider) should be enough to proof identity and internet IP being use to access PERK TV services.
  • Phone Bill, Cable Bill, Utilities Bill and other bills, again, not as invasive as Government issued ID.
  • Mail a confirmation letter to member’s home address, and members return letter back to confirm.
  • Need I need to mention more? Again those that already mailed your ID to PERK TV you better contact the authority and perhaps the NSA to let them know. Are you that desperate to make a couple $2 a day and risk loosing your personal identity to hackers and possibly sold online everywhere and could get on to the terrorist hand to make a copy of your identity for their own use of terrorist activities?



Perk TV cancelled Rewards for Verizon Fios Static IP

I have came across many forums and blogs that talks about Perk TV, and there has been a lot of negative comments about Perk TV, although there are some positive.

Let start with the positive comments, well kind of. A few people are saying it’s the Perk TV farm people are destroying the infrastructure of Perk TV. Meaning running multiple devices (5) some using fast forward or some kind of macros similar to Perk to auto click YES still watching or simply by resetting the cache and data from their phone every 1 hour or so to prevent popup asking for YES. These are the folks that are trying to maximize the earning by finding loop holes and so on. I think this is true that these people are really destroying PERK TV business, eventually the points earned will be less and less and eventually will go away. The same # of advertisers stay consistent, but the # of Perk TV devices or people watching it increased, therefore the earning has to be decreased to keep up with the advertisers paid to watch.

Now the negative side. A lot more people felt the opposite of the above, and in addition to the point of this blog.

  • A lot of people feel that Perk TV are getting paid from advertisers consistently and more and more advertisers are being added as many already seen it by watching the app trailers, movies trailers, popular videos and so on. There are always new video clips, this proven that Perk TV are making more money but appears to be paying members watching it less.
  • Now come the reward cancelled. Reward cancelled due to many reasons and it include for no reason, kind of, Perk TV reserve the right to cancel your reward due to whatever they will not say. Many reasons are legitimate and some are not. When members tried to resolve, sometime it takes days and weeks, and the Government Identification for some people it’s ok, for many think its private information should only be given a copy to law enforcement and government agencies. Showing your ID is different from making a photo copy and send it to someone, in this Perk TV.
  • VPS and Proxies should get reward cancelled, many would agreed. However static IP given by your ISP should not be.
    • Lately a lot of members whom are using Verizon Fios business account with static IPs, meaning a group of static IP was given by Verizon Fios range from 10-60 for example, 455.45.45.10 to 455.45.45.60 and each apartment have one static IP assigned or per office or desktop computer router etc. Basically each user have their own unique static IP. Somehow PERK TV does not like this or got flagged and Reward Cancelled, there are folks that ran into this problem with $50 reward cancelled and was never able to resolve, Perk TV simply say they need the person’s Government ID for verification. The user didn’t do anything wrong, it’s the IP address that got flagged.
    • Others with static IP might experience same problem and Perk TV is not helping to resolve. Perk TV system for reward cancelled for many of these members are simply ridiculous and they’re not changing their anti-fraud system for this, and in fact there are more and more anti-fraud being added and many of legitimate members are being impacted.
    • The sad thing about this is that some members been Perk TV for months to get $50 and when reward requested, it got cancelled and the members spent numerous hours waiting days and weeks and in the end gave up, loss $50 and so many valuable time with Perk TV get nothing in reward. These are concerns Advertisers to Perk TV should look into, otherwise it’s scam fraud on Perk TV stealing member’s earning.
Perk TV cancelled member's reward earning for using static IP given by ISP such as verizon fios business static IP

Perk TV cancelled member’s reward earning for using static IP given by ISP such as verizon fios business static IP

Ferguson Police shot by sniper?

2 police officers shot after police chief resigns

OK folks let not jumped into conclusion. It doesn’t help, but apparently two police officer were shot, one in the face, and one in the shoulder, both critical condition. The two police officers were not even from from Ferguson or Ferguson Police officers.

This just proof how some uneducated people could be; either so much hatred or just plain murderer saying they’re doing god’s work to take revenge and protects others.

Mistake had happened, and I don’t think that everyone is perfect. Let move on. Those email that tied to racist should never have surface, no body is perfect. At a work place, at home, in the white house, where-ever, there’s always joke. Unfortunately joke can get serious especially when scenarios such as this, in which the prosecute team will tried to uncover many things and including all emails.

As a result, the Police department has its wrong doing, which goes back to the chief and back to city mayor and eventually walk its way up the chain as more and more officials will need to resign.

Is it a win for the trouble maker? yes, is it a win for the people? NO.

Trouble maker don’t like police, some even call them as pigs.

For the people, they need better police force that supposed to do what they sworn to do. However mistake can happen and can be dealt with in court, fair and square. However if those email found indeed tied back to the department as being racist, it’s a different story and will be dealt as a separate case.

To me, the police office had been cleared for wrong doing, that’s done. However the department is not. The department wrong doing could bring back the Police officer for retrial to redetermine the case again.

As for the trouble maker, they use this advantage as a reason to hurt more police office and other authority, this include violent against police officer as we’ve already seen, there will be more violent such as these in that area and around the countries.

[due to asia holiday] not paying and unresponsive

Update: *** appears to be Asian or Chinese business *** they’re celebrating one week of new year, indicating they should be back today Monday beginning of a new week. I’m not sure how will they fulfill backlog if they don’t even have a skeleton crew or at least check support email once in a while a simple away message would be helpful, but total silent.

Just like many people predicted. This Android IOS App review is a fake,, paying people to write fake review on Google App and Apple Itune IOS App. Most like this got reported and a few members already know they will not last long. Some people did get paid nicely at the beginning, but just like any other funny business online, it will not last long.

People are reporting that they spent money to download the app for like $2, and expect to get paid $3, that’s $1 profit for each app reviewed. The review has to be 4-5 stars and related to the app, not just any review. Well folks apparently a lot of people fall for this, but it didn’t last long paying has been halted and support is unresponsive. SCAM shouldn’t be a surprise to many people. The website is very unprofessional, like those Turnkey scripts make money quick scam scripts kind of thing. Unfortunately due to the referrals % a lot of members went on the internet spread it all over and got people to join and invest money to make 30% profit easy for writing reviews. SCAM now, and there will more like it around the corner.

It’s sad for those that don’t see this. It’s sad for those people who will be buying these apps that had fake review both on itune and Android. Here are list of Apps that have fake reviews. So don’t buy these apps, it has fake high rating reviews.


Music Download Pro – Mp3 Downloader, Player for SoundCloud®

Cash Register

SmartSwipe – Credit Card Processing – Swiper – Machine – Terminal – Scanner – Wireless – Readers – A

Rise Wars Lite [ Risk game ]

Free Play with Farm Animals Cartoon Jigsaw Game for toddlers and preschoolers

Let It Pass!
iCarb Carbohydrate Counter

Milo’s Free Safari Cartoon


Partner Treff Online

Block Clans – Gun Survival PE

Monster Stones

Battle Dome – Survival Shooter

Freddy -Block Survival Shooter

Space Wars – Star Survival PE

Block Wipeout – Survival Game

Dungeon Arena – Survival Block

Spleef -Survival Block Shooter

Splegg – Egg Survival Game PE

Mega Walls – Block Survival 3D

CastleWars – Battle Survival

MorseLight Pro

Newborn Baby & Mommy Care Doc

Bitcoin will crashed to below $100 in March 2015 due to government auction of 50 thousand Bitcoin?

If you’ve been following Bitcoin news lately, you would know today US Government announced another 50 thousand Bitcoin to be auctioned to the public. How much Bitcoin does the US Government have anyways? We probably don’t know, but it appears that they have a lot of Bitcoin to be auctioned a little bit each time, every so often. Why don’t the government also auction marijuana? well see that’s the thing government accept Bitcoin existent.

Based on historical data, anytime there’s a big auction like this, 50 thousand Bitcoin, it will surely hurt Bitcoin price slowly. At first the people get panic selling, then some will short sell days before happening, then finally whoever won the auction will most likely sell it little by little and thus causing Bitcoin price to tumble.

So what will the Bitcoin price be after the auction completed on March 2015? – most speculated to be below $100, then a surge in buying will risen up the price of Bitcoin again. Single digit is possible, but it will not be $50 because at this price we would see big surge in purchasing Bitcoin and will cause the price to go up $100 to $200 real fast. However there could those with amount of purchasing power to buy and sell to make a profit, similar to arbitrage.

It is also possible, and hopefully it is, that one of the Bitcoin exchange business such as Bitstamp and Coinbase will enter the auction and win it, otherwise it will fall into the wrong hand and could do harm to Bitcoin. I’m not saying that Coinbase will not do harm, but I feel much safe and better if one of the well known Bitcoin exchange won it, especially coinbase which had been doing a lot of improvements and development to publicize Bitcoin.